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Source:Dinar Chronicles|By Kat

In November,2020,Charlie Ward presented a video on Med Beds but then the vid was deleted from utube.

202011月,查理·沃德在 Med Beds 网站上发布了一段视频,但后来这段视频被从 youtube 上删除了。

I recently found it again and enclose the link with this blog.


As well I enclose a transcript of the video by Losha.Losha is a channel and this is her website:

此外,我还附上了 Losha 的视频文本。Losha 是一个频道,这是她的网站:



Plasma&Tachyon Energy Holographic Med Beds/Secret Space Programs


Keep this very important INTEL in mind:


In a 2-16-21 video,Charlie Ward reported that"Once the Quantum Financial System is turned on


lots of things will change.


Immediately that happens


it takes the power away


from the de*ep state and the ca_bal


which then means


we've got access


to the Med Beds."


My focus is on


the wonders and miracles


that are soon to be showering all.


We are flying in to the 5D+Quantum world.


Truly a blessed time to be alive.


This is Kat,over and out.





Med Beds Quantum Energy Healing System 11-18-20


Med Beds Quantum Energy Healing System

Med Beds 量子能量治疗系统

Med Beds-Quantum Healing Technologies-A transcription


by Losha


A Message from the Intergalactic Alliance of Light Beings


This message has been channeled for you by Canadian psychic medium Tracey Milne.

这条信息是由加拿大灵媒 Tracey Milne 传达给你们的。

Greetings,dear Earth Star angel,I am KaiMeara.In today's transmission we wish to tell you about one of the first technologies that will be released to the world's population with the announcement of NESARA and GESARA.If you are not sure of these terms we recommend you watch our video on this first.

你好,亲爱的地球之星天使,我是凯米拉。在今天的转播中,我们希望告诉你们,随着 NESARA GESARA 的宣布,世界人口将获得的第一批技术之一。如果你不确定这些术语,我们建议你先看看我们的视频。

Along with new,free energy systems supplied by the Tesla coils,and new anti-gravity and replicator devices,you will also be receiving brand new Holographic Medical Beds,or Med Beds.These new Med Beds will come with some very unique features including diagnostic support,surgical repair,and cellular and DNA reconstruction and rejuvenation.In short,they will become an integral part of your health care and health maintenance,changing everything within your health care industry as you know it.

除了由特斯拉线圈提供的新的自由能源系统,以及新的反重力和复制器装置,你还将获得全新的全息医疗床,或医疗床。这些新的医疗床具有一些非常独特的功能,包括诊断支持、手术修复、细胞和 DNA 重建和复原。简而言之,它们将成为你的医疗保健和健康维护不可分割的一部分,改变你所知道的医疗保健行业的一切。

These med beds,when used in conjunction with trained medical supervision and automated medical stations will provide you with a variety of options and methods to return your physical vessel to optimal health.


These beds represent a quantum leap in the business of health care all over your beautiful world...because there are currently enough of these beds to begin roll-out in every country that wants them.Just imagine,a health care package with no chemotherapy,no toxic chemicals,organ removal,or having to live long-term with scars,disease,and disfunction.


If you are thinking this all sounds too good to be true,or like something out of a sci-fi movie,we understand your reservations.However,we would ask you to remember that"hiding in plain sight"is one of the Deep State and Secret Space Program's favorite tactics.


For a very long time,the Deep State has been showing you technology beyond your wildest dreams,like in the Avengers and the Kings Men movies.Just because you think you are watching fantasy is on you,as far as the dark ones are concerned.As far as they know,they have been showing you the truth,you just haven't been asking the right questions,or demanding the right answers.


It's a nasty trick that's been perpetrated on you,and it's one of the dynamics that is about to change in a dramatic way with the announcement of NESARA and GESARA...as these new technologies will be released as part of that exciting and life-enhancing package.

这是一个卑鄙的把戏,这是一个动态,即将发生戏剧性的变化,随着 NESARA GESARA 的宣布...这些新技术将发布作为一个令人兴奋和生活提高的一揽子计划的一部分。


Kat Note:I enclose 3 film clips from films that show us Med Beds.


I can remember watching each and thinking,"WOW how cool,wouldn't that be great?!?"


It IS great.They EXIST.The deep state was tricking us into thinking it was"Sci Fi."


THE FIFTH ELEMENT,1997-The Creation of Leeloo






Future Medical Pod from Elysium




Passengers-Aurora Saves Jim


The de*ep state have been hiding miraculous tech in plain sight.


As Gene Decode said,"The ca_bal have been living high and mighty on technology a million years ahead of us.All that is going to be released with NESARA/GESARA."

正如 Gene Decode 所说,"秘社在科技方面比我们先进了一百万年。所有这些都将通过 NESARA/GESARA 发布。"

In 9-10-21 interview with Charlie Ward,Jason Shurka told us about the lasers in the D.U.M.B.s that can evaporate Soldiers on the spot.

9-10-21对查理·沃德(Charlie Ward)的采访中,杰森·舒尔卡(Jason Shurka)告诉我们 D.U.M.B.s 中的激光可以当场蒸发士兵。

As well,Jason told us about the underground train system that connects all the continents that runs on Tesla Technology.You can hop one of these trains in Los Angeles and arrive in London half an hour later.


That train was shown in


MIB Men In Black International-Clip 02-Secret Subway and London Headquarters

MIB 黑衣人国际-剪辑02-秘密地铁和伦敦总部



Now,on to the details of these Quantum Therapy Med Beds,which come in three different varieties,holding three different functions and varieties that are currently available for roll-out.


Number one,the Holographic Med Bed,is a diagnostic and treatment Bed.


Number two,the Regeneration Bed,works in concert with your DNA and stem cells to regenerate old tissue or missing organs.

第二,再生床,与你的 DNA 和干细胞协同工作来再生旧组织或缺失的器官。

Bed number three is a Regression and Rejuvenation Bed.These help to rejuvenate your cells offering age-regression therapy as well as therapy that helps you to suppress unwanted memory.


As you may have already guessed,these technologies did not originate on Earth,having been given to your Secret Space agencies,for the benefit of humanity.It was an unfortunate choice that those in charge of making moral decisions,decided to keep this technology to themselves.We are pleased to confirm that this error is now being rectified and the right people are now working behind the scenes to ensure the roll-out of these technologies to the public at large.


All three beds work on a quantum level using vibration and frequencies,3-D scanners and refracting lenses,as well as surgically precise lasers for both opening and closing wounds.


They also have a multitude of diagnostic and monitoring technologies that keep the practitioner fully informed throughout both diagnostic,and repair sessions.


Utilizing tachyon particle and plasma energy this machine works with the human vessel for maximum repair with minimal invasion.All three Med Beds work with similar technologies,they have just been adapted for three different uses and treatments.


Bed number one...the Holographic Med Bed.These Beds can perform live scans of the body for diagnosis as well as treat any illnesses with much greater accuracy in far less time and with far less invasion to the human vessel.


These Med Beds will scan every part of your body for diagnosis and interpretation,including your skin,muscles,bones,organs,glands,neurological and hormonal efficiency.It can also perform a blood analysis and a DNA analysis,which looks for and is able to correct,any hereditary markers for certain illnesses providing a quick and painless analysis of the entire physical system.Any surgery needed will be done immediately,including appendix,heart surgery,and C-sections.

这些医疗床将扫描你身体的每一个部位,以便进行诊断和解释,包括你的皮肤,肌肉,骨骼,器官,腺体,神经和荷尔蒙效率。它还可以进行血液分析和 DNA 分析,寻找并能够纠正某些疾病的任何遗传标记,从而对整个身体系统进行快速而无痛的分析。任何需要的手术都会立即进行,包括阑尾手术、心脏手术和剖腹产。

Holographic Med Beds come equipped with such features as:air-tight see through operating shield to reduce germs and claustrophobia;comfortable limb rests,liquid spray anesthetic,laser scalpels,laser mirrors;vital signs sensory and display;diagnostic and analysis identification;and computer-controlled surgical arms.


These Med Beds are built with a very advanced,but strictly limited,artificial intelligence that needs human connection to work,as a precautionary measure that ensures cooperative coexistence.


The computer used to operate is very similar to an MRI machine,however,instead of magnetics and radiation,these Med Beds use plasmatic energy to work with you on a subatomic and vibrational level.Since this is a vibrational universe and you are a vibrational being,this is a very homeopathic approach to healing which offers multiple benefits with little to no side effects...other than shock,amazement and delight!


No more long waiting times,no more endless testing,or trying medicines that don't work.Say goodbye to chemotherapy and say goodbye to people dying from stroke and heart disease.


Med Bed number two...the Regeneration Bed...these Beds will prove especially useful for anyone in need of an organ transplant,organ replacement,missing or severed limbs,and skin graft for third degree burns.


Using similar technology to the first Beds we mentioned,these Beds focus on working directly with your DNA templates using a harmonic resonance field,that is still present within your body's cellular memory.As many of you know,your body holds a cellular memory as is evidenced by your"phantom limb"syndrome.

使用类似的技术,我们提到的第一个床,这些床专注于直接与你的 DNA 模板使用谐波共振场,这仍然存在于你的身体的细胞记忆。正如你们许多人所知道的,你的身体拥有一个细胞记忆,正如你的"幻肢"综合症所证明的那样。

These beds will be able to change the lives of many,many people and the applications are endless...and this is just to get you started off with...your entire health care system is about to change and become a health support and rejuvenation system.Are you excited,dear one?


The final Med Bed is for age and memory regression.This Bed will help people who suffer from traumatic memories,PTSD and help them to release their mind from the horrific montage of images and their heart from the depths of despair.


[Kat Note:This is the Med Bed that has been healing the Soldiers who become severely traumatized by what they see when they go into the DUMBs to rescue the children.Unspeakable horrors and depravity.]

[Kat :这是一张医疗床,它一直在治疗那些士兵,他们在进入DUMBs营救孩子时所看到的东西给他们带来了严重创伤。难以言喻的恐怖和堕落

This Bed will also help to return you to a more youthful appearance and feel tightening skin and muscle tone and improving all of your senses,especially in the area of sight,sound and taste.Working with your own DNA templates and multiple refractory lenses,as well as your body's natural internal clock,we are able to perform these procedures pain-free,with the biggest adjustments coming from your mind and heart,because you now feel so fabulous!

这张床也将帮助您回到一个更年轻的外观和感觉紧张的皮肤和肌肉张力,改善你的所有感官,特别是在视觉,听觉和味觉领域。使用你自己的 DNA 模板和多种耐火透镜,以及你身体的自然生物钟,我们能够执行这些程序无痛苦,最大的调整来自你的头脑和心脏,因为你现在感觉如此美妙!

Again,these Beds use plasmatic energy not radioactive materials,focusing instead on recalibration and regeneration whenever possible.This enables you,the user,to return to optimal health in very little time.


Just think what this kind of technology will mean for you,for your family,your friends...all of the children just rescued from the tunnels...and for every person suffering needlessly from fixable medical conditions.


So,get ready dear ones because you are all about to take this magnificent quantum leap together...all countries who have signed on with the GESARA agreement...which is up to 205 countries,will benefit from this opportunity.

所以,做好准备,亲爱的朋友们,因为你们即将一起进行这个伟大的飞跃,所有签署了 GESARA 协议的国家,也就是多达205个国家,都将受益于这个机会。

If this news excites you,please share it with other like-minded people...for the more you have to focus on that is good,the quicker we can bring it forward into your reality.


We thank you for taking the time to listen to this message.


In Love and Light,I am KaiMeara,speaking to you on behalf of the Intergalactic Alliance of Light Beings.


Until next time,Namaste.




Crystal Palace,by Gilbert Williams




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