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I have been having a heavy heart in recent days.


It has started to dawn on me that a couple of members of my own soul family are on the other team,they have been compromised by the dark to the degree that they will need to have a soul reset,if they haven't had it already.


It is becoming clear to me that the anger,pain and resentment that I have been feeling is not all mine,it is my spiritual connection with them that made me feel this way.


The light forces of the Jupiter Command don't take the decision to have a Cabal member be sent to the Galactic Central Sun lightly,because it is the most extreme measure if no other options are left.


For a soul family's joint evolution however it is a serious problem if members are missing,and obviously the development of an individual divine spark from the blank state to sufficient maturity takes ages,much much longer than the 26,000 years or so the quarantine of Earth has lasted and much longer than the millions of years the galactic wars have been raging.


A large part of soul families facing this issue is those that had members incarnate in Orion for a prolonged duration,because that was the center of the dark empire and the primary anomaly.


To my relief I learned that the Cosmic Central Race has created a solution for this;I imagine it to be kind of a singular spacetime bubble that offers those specific souls that were reset the opportunity to get back to the level of development they were at without the anomaly and darkness infecting and spoiling them and without the development of the other soul family members being stalled all the while,but that is my current interpretation.


I have also been having issues with Source/the Divine,because if there is anyone responsible for the fall from grace of the primary angels of the creation,the biggest pain in the ass of this universe we know now as the Chimera,it is Source itself.


Maybe I'm wrong and there is no one really to blame,but Source has a lot of explaining to do to all of us.


The underground Chimera have been playing multidimensional hide and seek,for which there is plenty opportunity in the interior of the planet,but bit by bit they are being caught nonetheless.



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