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萨南达|伟大的时刻Dear sons and daughters of planet Earth! I am Sananda!

亲爱的地球的儿女们! 我是萨南达!

It is with great gratitude and joy that I am once again here today. Much gratitude, for noticing yet another step Gaia is taking towards her ascension. This open portal has been a great leap forward within Gaia’s experience. As I said a short time ago, there is a point on the planet, like a large landmark that is external to the planet and stuck to the center. This landmark is very close to the perpendicular, and it’s only a few steps away from matching this point, to the process where the Light will arrive with its greatest possible intensity. Do not understand this as a shift, within the planet’s own axis; it is a shift in the planet’s orbit in relation to the central Sun.

我怀着极大的感激和喜悦,今天再次来到这里。非常感激,因为注意到盖亚在提升中又迈出了一步。这个开放的入口已经成为盖亚体验中的一个大跃进。正如我刚才所说,地球上有一个点,就像一个巨大的地标,位于地球之外,紧贴着地球的中心。这个地标非常接近垂直,它离这个点只有几步之遥,在这个过程中,光会以最大的强度到达。不要把这理解为行星自身轴线内的一个移动; 这是行星轨道相对于中央太阳的一个移动。

Let’s say that Gaia is moving, to arrive at the shortest distance between herself and the Central Sun. Not only Gaia, her Galaxy. The whole Galaxy where your planet is contained, is contained within the Galaxy of the Central Sun, and this whole Galaxy will receive this intense Light. Each planet in its own way, its own way, its own need for growth and evolution. Earth will be the beginning of the process, effectively speaking, of the change of its inhabitants, not the planet. Gaia is already living the Fifth Dimension, it is practically all created in the Fifth Dimension. Everything is ready to welcome you.


Then, soon the most important process will begin, within your vision, which is the ascension of each inhabitant of this planet. It won’t be an easy process, it won’t be a process where everyone claps their hands, where everyone leaves happy. It would be wonderful if on this great day of the great awakening of humanity, everyone would open their consciousness, everyone would vibrate the Light, everyone would accept in their hearts the evolution. It would be a milestone in the universe, because you would effectively be taking the first step to ascend to the Fifth Dimension. But unfortunately; and I hope you have this certainty too, not everyone will receive this with glory and joy.


There will be crying, there will be despair, there will be anger, it will be a mixture of feelings that will be emanating around your planet. But I would like to remind you of this: what is in greater volume on your planet? It is the waters, not the land. And your oceans are already populated by beings of very high vibration, taking care of every little animal, or every huge animal, that exists in your oceans. They are all being properly accompanied and prepared for ascension.

会有人哭泣,会有人绝望,会有人愤怒,会有混合的情绪在你们的星球上散发。但是我想提醒你们: 在你们的星球上,什么东西的体积更大?这是水,不是陆地。你们的海洋已经充满了非常高振动的生物,照顾着你们海洋中存在的每一个小动物,或者每一个巨大的动物。他们都被适当地陪伴并为提升做好准备。

So, realize that the energy that is vibrating in your oceans is far superior to the energy vibrating on earth, on the surface of the planet. And when I say every being, understand this literally. Every living molecule in the vastness of your oceans is being treated and prepared for ascension. I can’t say that 100% of the animals will go to the 5th Dimension, because many were created and deformed for this dimension you live in, to bring you fear, dread, disgust, disgust; so not all animals will go. Only those whose origins are from our stellar brothers, and are origins of the Light.

所以,要意识到在你们的海洋中振动的能量远远优于在地球表面振动的能量。当我说“每一个生命”的时候,要真正理解这一点。在你们浩瀚的海洋中,每一个活着的分子都在被处理和准备提升。我不能说100% 的动物会进入第五次元世界,因为许多动物是为你所生活的这个维度而被创造和变形的,给你带来恐惧和厌恶; 所以并非所有的动物都会进入。只有那些起源于我们恒星兄弟的人,才是光的起源。

The animals that have had their consciousness changed, to aggression, to attack, are also being treated. And when they evolve to the Fifth Dimension, they won’t take anything that they lived with here on this planet, in this dimension, the Third Dimension. So an immense and extremely fruitful work has been going on for some time now. We didn’t start today, exactly so that the necessary degree of energy would be reached, to counterbalance with all the negative energy that will be generated on the surface of the planet.


We don’t mean to frighten anyone, but we can’t come here and say to you, “Look, everything will be wonderful! Everyone will clap their hands, everyone will hug, everyone will praise God!” No, it won’t be like that, unfortunately, because evil cells still populate many inhabitants of your planet. So I would say, that such a separation of the chaff from the wheat, will become intense and increasingly clear and crystal clear. Let’s say that when the planet reaches that critical quantum of the shortest distance between it and the Central Sun, a great mass of energy will arrive on this planet; and this mass of energy will reach every inhabitant, no matter if they are in the air, inside the Earth, in the water, it doesn’t matter.

我们不想吓唬任何人,但是我们不能来到这里对你们说: “看,一切都会很美好的!每个人都会鼓掌,每个人都会拥抱,每个人都会赞美上帝!”不,不会是那样的,不幸的是,因为邪恶的细胞仍然居住在你们星球上的许多居民中。所以我想说,这样一种把谷壳从麦子里分离出来的做法,将会变得强烈,越来越清晰,越来越清晰。比如说,当地球到达它与中央太阳之间最短距离的临界量时,大量的能量将到达这个星球; 这些能量将到达每一个居民,不管他们是在空气中,在地球内部,还是在水中,都无关紧要。

Many are hiding in the depths of the oceans, in the depths of the Earth, in extremely compact refuges, protected against anything. But I say that this energy respects no obstacles, this energy finds nothing to stop it from passing. Because it is Light, it is full love from Father/Mother God. So nothing stops it from penetrating. So it is a great illusion for those who think that they are protected deep inside and that they will not be affected; everyone will be, everyone without exception. And each one will absorb this Light according to his consciousness, according to his heart.

许多人隐藏在海洋深处,地球深处,在非常紧凑的避难所,受到保护,免受任何东西的伤害。但是我说这种能量不尊重任何障碍,这种能量找不到任何东西来阻止它通过。因为它是光,它是来自父神/母神的全部爱。所以没有什么能阻止它穿透。因此,对于那些认为自己在内心深处受到保护,不会受到影响的人来说,这是一个巨大的错觉; 每个人都会受到影响,没有例外。每个人都会根据自己的意识,根据自己的心灵,吸收这道光。

Those who have an enlightened heart, this heart will almost explode with so much Light, and it will be that moment when this explosion of Light will dissolve, explode, eliminate any blockage that still exists in your soul. There is no way to avoid it, there is no way to protect yourself. And each one will see his truth, each one will feel in his chest, all that his soul has effectively left a trace of in his existence. They will not be easy visions, they will not be calm moments, each one will have their moment of catharsis, each one will have the moment to see that everything that today you condemn, you point the finger at, you criticize, you judge, your soul did. And where is your power of judgment? How can you judge a brother, if your soul has committed the same act?


Then you realize that seeing the truth is necessary, for all of you to forgive yourselves. There is no judgment. The truth is not there to be seen, to be judged. It will come to be understood and forgiven. It is a great moment of forgiveness, it is a great moment when this forgiveness means looking at yourself in the mirror and saying, “It is done! There is nothing to do!”. One has to ask forgiveness of all those whom one’s soul has harmed. And this feeling will indeed, if asked for from the heart, set you free, bring you the relief you need to continue the journey, because this will be the first step. And then you will be ready to continue the journey, another real journey, a journey without blocks, without subterfuge, where each soul will have all that it once had. Now don’t expect to use the powers, all that your soul once had, and by poor learning repeat the same mistakes again. This will not prevent you from living the lessons.

然后你意识到看到真相是必要的,为了你们所有人原谅你们自己。没有评判。真理不是用来被看见、被评判的。它会得到理解和宽恕。这是一个宽恕的伟大时刻,这是一个伟大的时刻,宽恕意味着看着镜子里的自己,说: “一切都结束了!没什么可做的!”.一个人必须请求所有那些被他的灵魂伤害的人的原谅。而这种感觉,如果是发自内心的请求,确实会让你获得自由,带给你继续旅程所需要的解脱,因为这将是第一步。然后你们将准备继续这个旅程,另一个真正的旅程,一个没有障碍,没有托词的旅程,在那里每个灵魂将拥有它曾经拥有的一切。现在不要期望使用你的灵魂曾经拥有的力量,并且通过糟糕的学习再次重复同样的错误。这不会阻止你学习这些课程。

So the time of consciousness is coming, the time of truth is coming, and of knowing exactly, every point of your soul where you can act in the world. Now the decision of how you will use everything you get back from your soul is your decision. The lessons will keep happening, and I’ll tell you something else, they won’t come tomorrow, they will come instantaneously. So it is up to each one of you, each evolved soul, to stay on the road, using all the power, all the consciousness that your souls, because they are evolved, have, to help those who come after, to help your brothers. Because they are your brothers. It doesn’t matter that you are a soul from another planet, it doesn’t matter where your soul comes from. You have lived here for a long time, you have made family here, your genetics are from here, so there is no way to say that they are not your brothers.

所以意识的时代来临了,真理的时代来临了,并且准确地知道,你灵魂的每一个点,在这个世界上你可以行动。现在,如何使用你从灵魂中得到的一切的决定就是你自己的决定。课程还会继续进行,我还要告诉你们一些其他的事情---- 它们不会在明天到来,它们会在瞬间到来。所以这取决于你们每一个人,每一个进化了的灵魂,留在路上,使用你们灵魂所有的力量,所有的意识,因为他们进化了,去帮助那些后来的人,去帮助你们的兄弟。因为他们是你的兄弟。你是不是来自另一个星球的灵魂并不重要,你的灵魂来自哪里也不重要。你在这里生活了很长时间,你在这里建立了家庭,你的基因来自这里,所以没有办法说他们不是你的兄弟。

So it will be up to you, evolved soul, to lend a helping hand to those who are arriving eager for help. But if you forget all that and use all that you have regained for your own benefit only, it is as I said, it will all happen instantly and for sure, you will be separated to the chaff. No, there is no judgment, there is only the result of actions. So it will be a fantastic period at the same time, because you will find yourselves empowered. Now let you know how to use those powers, because whoever uses them improperly, it won’t be tomorrow, it will be instantaneous. There will be no time for correction. Let’s say you are walking only forward; every step you take has no turning back.


So if you take a wrong step, it’s over, you have given your souls an ultimatum. So it is a moment not only of joy, it is a moment of pure consciousness. And it will be that pure consciousness, which will take each one of you into the Fifth Dimension. There will be no more time for mistakes, no more time for acting inappropriately within the intent of going to the Fifth Dimension. You will have powers in your hands, so use them for the good of the Whole, otherwise you will be sealing your fate. And no, once again I remind you, this is not for us to do. Let’s just say we are all sitting back, just watching each alm walk.


So it won’t be an easy time, it won’t be a time of just joy, it will be a time of pure consciousness, where with every step you take, you raise your vibration and you get closer to the Fifth Dimension. But there is no turning back. Every wrong step, unfortunately you will be sealing your fate. So start thinking consciously, about everything you want to live, everything you want to practice after the great awakening.


There is no going back, there is no way around it, there is only intention. And that will define whether or not you stay on that road to the Fifth Dimension. There is no going back. Every step you take only goes forward, there is no turning back. So know how to take the right step, know how to take each step with confidence and with love; and nothing, nothing will stop you.


**Channel: Vania Rodriguez

* * 频道: Vania Rodriguez

**Translation to English by EraofLight.com

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