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High-placed federal law enforcement sources dropped a bombshell,claiming the renewed push to impeach the president is rooted,in part,in President Trump's move to pull the United States out of the conflict in Syria—and stop untold millions in dirty cash from flowing into the deep state's pockets.


"This isn't about the Kurds,it's about the cash,"one FBI source said.


And that cash is no chump change;it's millions and millions of dollars flowing into the coffers of crooked politicians and deep-state pockets worldwide.


Federal sources paint a dark picture here,alleging crooked politicians and their benefactors are fuming.For years,it is alleged,deep state players have been raking in millions in illicit profits through the manufacturing and distribution of narcotics in Syria.


But that profitable network could stop producing its riches for U.S.players if the cease-fire Trump negotiated continues and if Trump's plan to remove U.S.personnel from Syria commences.


Back here in the U.S.,Trump faces a new and angrier wave of angst from DC players and politicians who have launched an even more-rabid push to remove him from the White House.

回到美国,特朗普面临着来自 DC 玩家和政客的新一波更加愤怒的焦虑,他们发起了一场更加疯狂的运动,要把他赶出白宫。

"There's panic,"one source said."There are a lot of connected people making a lot of money through their contacts in Syria and that is going to dry up fast."


The byproducts of such anxiety:Crooked U.S.politicians pushing fabricated allegations against Trump to impeach,  ISIS prisoners being released by frustrated deep-state players as payback,and even an emergency Middle East road trip by speaker Nancy Pelosi and senior members of Congress to Jordan,which also happens to be a major trafficking route for Syrian drug distribution to Saudi Arabia,United Arab Emirates,and Iraq—some of the largest markets in the world for Syria's meth pills.

这种焦虑的副产品包括:虚伪的美国政客推动针对特朗普的捏造指控进行弹劾,深陷困境的国家玩家释放 ISIS 囚犯作为报复,甚至发言人 南希·佩洛希和国会高级成员紧急中东之行前往约旦,这恰好也是叙利亚毒品运往沙特阿拉伯、阿拉伯联合酋长国和伊拉克的主要通道,而这些国家是世界上叙利亚冰毒最大的市场之一。



Trump has sabotaged a golden goose for the deep state,knowingly or not.


With the deep state dogging Trump with faux scandals in an attempt to remove him from the White House at every turn,you have to wonder if Trump's foreign policy in Syria is targeting the millions of dollars that politicians and their deep-state connections are lining their pockets with,in the U.S.and other countries too.


The network,the money and the amount of illegal narcotics coming out of Syria are massive.Syria is supplying the entire Middle East with a very potent pill form of meth called Captagon.Syria's Captagon is being trafficked through Europe and Africa.But Syria is also producing the ingredient to make other forms of meth worldwide,another Syrian product line being trafficked with huge profits even here in the United States.

来自叙利亚的网络、资金和非法毒品数量是巨大的。叙利亚正在向整个中东地区提供一种名为 Captagon 的强效药丸。叙利亚的 Captagon 是通过欧洲和非洲贩卖的。但是叙利亚也在世界范围内生产制造其他形式冰毒的原料,另一个叙利亚生产线甚至在美国也有巨额利润被贩运。

Also,ISIS fighters are not only using this drug but their bosses are profiting from its distribution and using the proceeds to expand the global footprint of the terror conglomerate.That's another wrinkle in this sorted,secret story.

此外,ISIS 武装分子不仅使用这种毒品,而且他们的老板也从分销中获利,并将收益用于扩大恐怖集团的全球影响力。这是这个分类的秘密故事中的另一个问题。

The FBI and DEA have shared frustrations about fighting factions in the State Department to clamp down on millions of pills being manufactured in Syrian labs.Efforts to track and stop the worldwide distribution have resulted in a tug of war inside D.C.In June,the FBI tipped off Greek authorities about a Captagon shipment the U.S.Feds tracked out of the port of Latakia,Syria.The Greeks intercepted a shipment of lumber shrouding 33 million Captagon pills with a street value of$700 million.

美国联邦调查局和美国药品管理局都对国务院内部打击叙利亚实验室生产的数百万片药物的派系斗争感到沮丧。努力追踪和阻止全球范围内的分配导致了华盛顿内部的拔河比赛。今年6月,联邦调查局向希腊当局通报了美国联邦调查局从拉塔基亚追踪到的一批 Captagon 货物。希腊人截获了一批包裹3300 Captagon 药丸的木材,价值7亿美元。

"That's one shipment worth$600 to$700 million,"one federal source said."This is a multi-billion dollar operation."


And Trump just shut it down for many U.S.players.Again,perhaps as a way to stick it to the same folks who are trying to take him down.


Regardless,we are getting a glimpse into a money war behind the political war unfolding in D.C.


In December,a Syrian freighter en route from Latakia to Libya was intercepted near Crete with 3 million fenethylline pills worth$113 million.Syrian-made Captagon pills,known locally as Abu Hilalain—aka the father of two moons because each pill bears a logo of two crested moons—were impounded in France in 2017.

去年12月,一艘从拉塔基亚前往利比亚的叙利亚货船在克里特岛附近被拦截,船上装有价值1.13亿美元的300万颗芬乙线药丸。叙利亚制造的 Captagon 药丸于2017年在法国被扣押。该药丸在当地被称为"阿布·希拉兰"(Abu Hilalain),因为每颗药丸上都印有两颗带有羽冠的卫星的标志。

In 2016,the International Narcotics Control Board(INCB)flagged concerns after Syria's import of pseudoephedrine,a legally traded nasal decongestant that can be used to make highly addictive and powerful methamphetamine,though not Captagon,skyrocketed.Tablets destined for Gulf countries are regularly seized in Lebanon—once from a Saudi prince—sometimes having been moved across the Syrian border.In Jordan,47 million Captagon pills were reportedly confiscated in 2018,according to Jordan's Public Security Directorate.And the Maryland-based National Center for Biotechnology Information now describes Syria as the"premier producer and exporter of counterfeit forms of Captagon."

2016年,叙利亚进口的伪麻黄碱引起了美国国际麻醉药管制委员会的关注。伪麻黄碱是一种合法交易的鼻腔减充血剂,虽然不是 Captagon,但可用于制造高度上瘾性和强效的甲基苯丙胺。在黎巴嫩,运往海湾国家的药片经常被没收,有一次是从沙特王子那里没收的,有时是从叙利亚边境运过来的。据约旦公共安全局称,2018年约旦没收了4700万片 Captagon 药丸。总部位于马里兰州的美国美国国家生物技术信息中心安全委员会现在将叙利亚描述为"最大的伪造品生产国和出口国。"

The drug,which gives a faster high than traditional amphetamine,has for years been a favorite among ISIS fighters.But its export from the country,through ports like Latakia that are controlled by the Bashar Assad government,suggests that the Syrian regime might now be turning to fenethylline sales internationally to bolster its treasury.At the very least,suggest experts,it might be allowing corrupt officials to carry out trade in the illegal substance to keep them loyal.

这种药物比传统的安非他命更快地产生兴奋感,多年来一直受到 ISIS 武装分子的青睐。但是叙利亚的出口通过像拉塔基亚这样由巴沙尔·阿萨德政府控制的港口,表明叙利亚政权现在可能转向向国际出售芬乙线来支撑其国库。专家建议,至少,它可能允许腐败官员进行非法物质交易以保持他们的忠诚。

"It is plausible to think that with this amount of money involved,corruption and rent-seeking is a widespread practice,"says Maziyar Ghiabi,a lecturer at Oxford University and expert on Middle East drug politics."And with shrinking sources of revenue,all the more logical."

牛津大学(Oxford University)讲师、中东毒品政治专家马齐亚尔吉亚比(Maziyar Ghiabi)表示:"有理由认为,在涉及这么多资金的情况下,腐败和寻租行为非常普遍。""随着收入来源的萎缩,这一切都变得更加合乎逻辑。"

Captagon,Biocapton and Fitton were the brand names for drugs whose main active ingredient is fenethylline,which was legal in the U.S. until 1981,when its addictive properties saw it categorized as a Schedule 1 drug alongside heroin and cocaine.When legal in the 1960s and'70s,it was used to calm hyperactive children and for patients suffering from narcolepsy and depression.By 1986,it was banned in most countries.Yet as with most narcotics,the ban only drove production underground,with southeastern Europe emerging as the manufacturing hub.Faced with increasing international pressure,production shifted to the Middle East after 2011.Until then,Syria had no history as a manufacturer or exporter of the drug—unlike Afghanistan,another nation at war that has been a poppy exporter for decades.


While the extent of the Syrian regime's direct role in the export of the drug is hard to determine,a combination of the war,crippling international sanctions and the destruction of much of its regular economy have forced the government to look for new ways to make money.Werner Sipp,the INCB president,said in 2016 that"very high amounts of pseudoephedrine and other precursors ordered by Syria"had subsequently disappeared.He warned that narcotics from those ingredients might be manufactured and produced for exporting."The INCB asked Syria for an explanation but hasn't received one yet.

尽管很难确定叙利亚政权在毒品出口中的直接作用,但战争、严厉的国际制裁以及对其大部分正常经济的破坏,迫使叙利亚政府寻找新的赚钱途径。2016年,麻管局局长维尔纳西普(Werner Sipp)表示,"叙利亚订购的大量伪麻黄碱及其它前体"随后消失了。他警告称,来自这些成分的麻醉品可能是为出口而制造和生产的。"Incb 要求叙利亚作出解释,但至今没有得到解释。

There's a reason why fenethylline is Syria's export of choice.It's one of the most sought-after narcotics in the Middle East.In Saudi Arabia,the pill,which contains caffeine and quinine,a painkiller,is more popular than cocaine,weed,heroin or ecstasy.Captagon is also becoming increasingly popular in the United Arab Emirates,Qatar and North Africa.While a batch of 200 sells for about$70 in Lebanon,in wealthy Gulf states a single pill can fetch between$10 and$20.READ MORE:

这就是为什么芬乙线是叙利亚的首选出口产品。这是中东最受欢迎的毒品之一。在沙特阿拉伯,含有咖啡因和奎宁(一种止痛药)的避孕药比可卡因、大麻、海洛因或摇头丸更受欢迎。Captagon 在中东阿拉伯联合酋长国、卡塔尔和北非也越来越受欢迎。在黎巴嫩,一批200片的药片售价约为70美元,而在富裕的海湾国家,一片药片的售价在1020美元之间。阅读更多:

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