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An attempted coup against U.S.President Donald Trump has failed and several senior U.S.politicians,including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff,are likely to be arrested or executed as a result,MI6 and Pentagon sources say.That is why Pelosi,Schiff,plus Foreign Affairs Chairman Eliot Engel,Homeland Security Chairman Bennie Thompson,and Rep.Mac Thornberry,the ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee,and others made a sudden trip to Jordan and then Afghanistan,the sources say.


The politicians sought protection in Jordan because Antoinette Gardiner,the mother of the current King of Jordan,is from a satanic bloodline who"converted"to Islam and changed her name to Muna,according to Pentagon and other sources.

据五角大楼和其他消息来源称,这些政客在约旦寻求保护,因为约旦现任国王的母亲安托瓦内特·加德纳(Antoinette Gardiner)来自一个撒旦血统,她"皈依"了伊斯兰教,并改名为穆纳。


However,Jordan's government was unwilling or unable to provide protection,so they flew to Afghanistan in a failed attempt to drum up U.S.military support there for their coup,the sources said.


It is worth noting that last week former Defense Secretary James Mathis and former head of U.S.Special Forces Admiral William McRaven both publicly criticized Trump and were widely quoted as doing so by the corporate propaganda media.

值得注意的是,上周,前国防部长詹姆斯·马西斯(James Mathis)和前美国特种部队司令威廉·麦克雷文(William McRaven)都公开批评了特朗普,并被企业宣传媒体广泛引用。

Mathis,after criticizing Trump,warned that"hyper-partisanship"would either lead to"anarchy"or"the rise of an ambitious leader,unfettered by conscience,or precedent or decency,who would make himself supreme."



McRaven,who led the fake raid against Bin Laden in 2011,was quoted as saying,"As I stood on the parade field at Fort Bragg,one retired four-star general grabbed my arm,shook me,and shouted,'I don't like the Democrats,but Trump is destroying the Republic!'Those words echoed with me throughout the week."


The coup attempt was prompted by"the execution of powerful anti-Trump Congressman Elijah Cummings,"who was"found guilty of enabling child sex trafficking,"Pentagon sources say.


Pelosi was also prompted to flee the country by the death of her brother,former Baltimore Mayor Thomas D'Alesandro III,the sources say.


The trail of intrigue is now implicating Pope Francis,MI6 sources say."The Pope's bodyguard,Vatican Head of Police Domenico Giani,just resigned over the financial corruption scandal and associated leaks,"they say.


"We will eventually find the financial forensics that led back to him,in connection with assassinations attempts against people involved in the creation of the new financial system,"they added.


The role of the Pope in Argentina's"dirty war",in which over 20,000 people were tortured and murdered,is also being investigated,they point out.


The Pope and the P2 Freemasons who brought him to power were responsible for this dirty war,as were September 11,Fukushima,and many other mass murder incidents.

教皇和把他推上权力宝座的 P2共济会成员应对这场肮脏的战争负责,就像911事件、福岛事件和许多其他大规模屠杀事件一样。

They also brag that the now executed Barack Obama was their man.


Francis will visit Japan(a country where only 0.5%of the population is Catholic)from 23 to 26 November to try to support the slave regime of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.


Meanwhile,Francis will seek to continue the cover-up of the fact that his predecessor,Jesuit leader Peter-Hanz Kolvenbach,in a call recorded by the NSA,claimed that he was Satan and head of Fukushima.

与此同时,弗朗西斯将继续试图掩盖他的前任耶稣会领袖彼得-汉斯科文巴赫(Peter-Hanz Kolvenbach)在美国国家安全局(NSA)录制的一通电话中声称自己是撒旦和福岛核电站(Fukushima)负责人的事实。

Francis was warned that he would be the last pope to cover up these and other monstrous crimes against humanity committed by the Vatican.


The other thing that Francis will do is to prepare for the announcement of a false Messiah cultivated by the P2 Freemasons.This is a person with stigmata who is trained for this role,say P2 Masonic sources.

方济各要做的另一件事是准备宣布一个伪弥赛亚由P2共济会培养。这是一个受过专门训练的人,P2 Masonic消息来源说。

The Vatican also sends its top assassin to East Asia around this time to cover up his criminal activities in the region,the sources said.


In this context,it is interesting to note that North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un rode a white horse on the holy Mount Paektu last week.

在这种背景下,值得注意的是,朝鲜最高领导人金正恩上周骑着一匹白马去了神圣的 Mount Paektu

The North Korean Central News Agency predicted:"There will be a major operation to hit the world again with a marvel and take a step forward in the Korean revolution."



A sudden move(with U.S.military approval)to unify the Korean Peninsula may well be what Kim is planning.


It is also worth noting that Emperor Hirohito was always pictured as a descendant of the Sun God when riding a white horse during WWII,so this picture of Kim also seems to indicate he is setting himself up as the true Emperor.


Of course,Japanese Emperor Naruhito,who is hosting hundreds of international VIPs for his enthronement ceremony on October 22nd,is of a different opinion.


In any case,Asian intrigue aside,the dragnet is closing on the satanists worldwide,as a Pentagon pedo task force of Navy Seals and Marines liberated thousands of children from Californian underground bases to deprive the deep state of adrenochrome,the Pentagon sources say.


Children are tortured and murdered before their blood and adrenal glands are removed in order to extract the stimulant adrenochrome,according to multiple whistleblowers.


Also last week,the U.S.Department of Justice arrested 337 pedos across 38 countries including the UK,France,Italy,the U.S.,Germany,and Brazil after a dark web,Bitcoin child porn site hosting 250,000 videos was shut down,the Pentagon sources say.Of course,it is just a matter of time before the arrested pedophiles rat on their satanic bosses.


The net is also closing in on the cabal following the arrest in India of drug maker Ranbaxy founders Malvinder and Shivinder Singh,who have begun snitching on the Clinton Foundation,the sources add.

在印度逮捕了制药商 Ranbaxy 的创始人 Malvinder Shivinder Singh,他们已经开始告发克林顿基金会,网络正在接近阴谋集团,消息人士补充说。

The ongoing negotiations by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to testify against his satanic bosses in exchange for leniency is yet another continuing threat to the cabal.


The U.S.withdrawal from Syria has forced Israeli politicians like him to realize they have to cut a deal,because Israel no longer has the U.S.military at its beck and call.


The reality on the ground is that the messianic Israeli project is coming to an end.


A Persian(Iranian),Arab,and Turkish war or intense negotiations will now determine the fate of the Middle East.


The Israelis will have to reach an accord with one of these factions to ensure the survival of their country.


The most likely candidates are their fellow Semites the Arabs.


In fact,Egypt has now come out against Turkey on behalf of the Arabs,meaning they are Israels best hope.



In any case,Russian diplomacy,backed by a tacit U.S./Russian military alliance,will probably make intense negotiations the most likely outcome in the region.


A lot of intrigue is going on in other parts of the world as well.


However,since this is being widely reported elsewhere,we will just note that there are riots and social unrest in France,England,Spain,Ecuador,Peru,Chile,Lebanon,Hong Kong,etc.


The ultimate backdrop to all this unrest is uncertainty at the highest levels of power;that is,at the top of the financial system.


A European royal says this Bloomberg interview with Federal Reserve Bank of St.Louis President James Bullard discussing regime change at the Fed is actually a sign that control of interest rate decisions has moved from a manual rate setting by the Committee reactive to the global economy to recursive complexity theory using A.I.


In other words,AI detects repeating patterns in order to make decisions.


This essentially what modern weather forecasters do when predicting things like hurricanes.



However,a global currency reset to stabilize the entire system will have to wait until the old system destabilizes further,the source says.He predicted the reset would take place in the year 2020.


In the meantime,uncertainty levels,as measured by the frequency of key words in the media,are at levels never seen before,surpassing 9/11,the Lehman shock,the fall of the Soviet Union,etc.


In other words,it looks like the old system is going to have to collapse before the new can be ushered in.




This does not mean all the news is bad,though.For example,there are now undeniable signs the U.S.military has begun the process of disclosure.


They have been publishing patents for technology like free energy that will totally revolutionize how we live.



Now it looks like an actual demonstration of this science-fiction-like technology will take place on October 30th,according to a U.S.Air Force Academy tweet.



We are also hearing that diamond prices are plunging worldwide because previously hidden carbon technology is about to be released.


Remember,diamonds are made of carbon,one of the cheapest and most plentiful materials there is.


Carbon scientists tell us that diamond windows,tableware,etc.will soon be made available to the public.



Even more exciting,medical technology to make us immortal is being released.


For example,a three-drug combination that can increase lifespan by 50%has been announced.


While the article below says this works for fruit flies,it affects a basic mechanism in our bodies that is identical to that seen in fruit flies.



Let that sink in a bit technology for free energy,space travel,and immortality is being made available publicly.


These are very real signs that a new age has begun.




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