萨拉博士|2020/8/1 向国会和五角大楼提供的机密 UFO 简报揭露了什么?

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7月23日,《纽约时报》(New York Times)发表了一篇文章,描述了著名天体物理学家埃里克•戴维斯(Eric Davis)博士向美国国会和五角大楼提交的机密 UFO 简报。戴维斯从1996年开始研究”开箱即用”的科学现象。

萨拉博士|2020/8/1 向国会和五角大楼提供的机密 UFO 简报揭露了什么?

On July 23,the New York Times released an article describing classified UFO briefings delivered to the US Congress and the Pentagon by Dr.Eric Davis,a prominent astrophysicist,researching"out of the box"scientific phenomena since 1996.The authors of the New York Times story,Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal,provided few details of the briefings other than Davis'sensational claim that UFOs(aka UAPs)involved"off-world vehicles not made on this earth".

723日,《纽约时报》(New York Times)发表了一篇文章,描述了著名天体物理学家埃里克戴维斯(Eric Davis)博士向美国国会和五角大楼提交的机密 UFO 简报。戴维斯从1996年开始研究"开箱即用"的科学现象。《纽约时报》这篇报道的作者莱斯利基恩(Leslie Kean)和拉尔夫布卢门撒尔(Ralph Blumenthal)除了戴维斯耸人听闻的声明——不明飞行物(ufo)涉及"地球上没有制造的外星车辆"——之外,几乎没有提供任何有关简报的细节。

The New York Times article was quickly picked up by other major media such as the Huffington Post,Popular Mechanics,and popular news sites that included Yahoo News.More recently,Scientific American called for a resumption of scientific studies on UFOs in a very telling sign that mainstream scientists are finally paying attention.


Senator Marco Rubio was informed about the classified briefing given by Dr.Davis to staffers from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence,which Rubio currently heads.He subsequently arranged for his Committee to give a bipartisan vote of approval(14-1)for the Intelligence Community to write up a comprehensive report on UFOs/UAPs in 180 days after the Bill's passage into law.

参议员马尔科·卢比奥(Marco Rubio)获悉了戴维斯博士向参议院情报特别委员会(Senate Select Committee on Intelligence)工作人员所做的机密简报。卢比奥目前担任该委员会主席。随后,他安排其委员会进行两党投票,批准情报界在该法案通过成为法律后180天内编写一份关于不明飞行物/不明飞行物的全面报告(14-1)

Significantly,the Director of National Intelligence was instructed that the"report shall be submitted in unclassified form,but may include a classified annex".This means that the report is intended to be released to the general public.


What is missing in the New York Times article and subsequent news stories are the precise details of what Davis briefed members of Congress and Pentagon officials.It can be assumed that the briefings involved information derived from a 15-page leaked transcript/summary of an October 16,2002 conversation between Dr.Davis and Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson,who retired as the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency,only a few months before the meeting.

在《纽约时报》的文章和随后的新闻报道中缺少的是戴维斯向国会议员和五角大楼官员介绍情况的精确细节。可以假定,这些简报涉及的信息来自一份15页泄露的文字记录/摘要,记录了20021016日戴维斯博士与退休的国防情报局(Defense Intelligence Agency)局长、海军中将托马斯·威尔逊(Thomas Wilson)之间的谈话。

I covered the Davis and Wilson leaked document in a three-part series(available here,here and here).Put simply,the document revealed Wilson's failed efforts in 1997 to gain access to an Unacknowledged Special Access Program,which he had learned involved a corporation studying a retrieved UFO/extraterrestrial craft.Wilson had hoped Davis could shed light on what was happening in the corporate reverse engineering program.

我在一个由三部分组成的系列文章中报道了戴维斯和威尔逊泄露的文档(可以在这里、这里和这里获得)。简而言之,这份文件显示,威尔逊在1997年曾试图进入一个未被承认的特殊访问项目,但失败了。他获悉,该项目涉及一家公司,研究一个回收的 ufo/外星飞行器。希望 Davis 能够解释一下企业逆向工程项目中发生的事情。


While it is highly likely that parts of the 15-page document were included in Davis'classified briefings to Congressional staffers and Pentagon officials,we don't know what conclusions Davis had reached about what Wilson had confidentially shared with him.The leaked document focused on Wilson's experiences,rather than what Davis knew about the topic.


Consequently,an interview given by Davis on May 10,2019,five months before his briefing to Congressional staffers,where he gave his evaluation of UFOs and extraterrestrial life becomes highly significant.The interview gives us a very good idea of what Davis told Congress and the Pentagon,which has now been made an issue of national importance due to the New York Times story,and the looming Intelligence Community report destined to emerge in early 2021.

因此,2019510日,在他向国会工作人员做简报的五个月前,他接受了 Davis 的采访,在那里他对 ufo 和外星生命的评估变得非常重要。这次采访让我们对戴维斯告诉国会和五角大楼的事情有了一个很好的了解,由于《纽约时报》的报道以及即将在2021年初出炉的情报界报告,这个问题现在已经成为一个具有全国重要性的问题。

In fact,a strong case can be made that Davis'briefings will be used as the fulcrum of a UFO/UAP disclosure narrative that will emerge in early 2021 with the release of the unclassified intelligence UAP report to Congress.This is where there is much in what Davis told Congressional staffers and Pentagon officials that raises alarming red flags that a"limited hangout"is being prepared over classified programs involving the retrieval and reverse engineering of crashed UFOs.

事实上,一个强有力的例子是,戴维斯的简报会将被用作 UFO/UAP 披露叙事的支点,这种叙事将在2021年初随着非机密情报 UAP 报告提交给国会而出现。这就是 Davis 告诉国会工作人员和五角大楼官员的很多内容,这些内容提出了一个警示性的危险信号,即针对搜寻和逆向工程搜寻坠毁的不明飞行物的机密项目,正在准备进行一次"有限的外出活动"

萨拉博士|2020/8/1 向国会和五角大楼提供的机密 UFO 简报揭露了什么?

While the truth will be told of the non-Earthly origin of some retrieved UFOs,the successful reverse engineering of such craft by major aerospace corporations will be hidden from the public,along with the existence of visiting extraterrestrial life.

虽然一些被找到的 ufo 的非地球起源的真相将会被告知,但是主要的航空航天公司对这种飞行器的成功逆向工程将会对公众隐瞒,同时还有访问外星生命的存在。

What follows is my analysis of Davis's comments in the interview he conducted with Alejandro Rojas from Open Minds TV,which is available both in audio form on YouTube and as a rough transcript from an automated translation.I have corrected Rojas'rough transcript using the original interview in my extracts below,which include the YouTube timestamps[YT].

接下来是我对戴维斯与 Open Minds TV 的亚历杭德罗·罗哈斯的访谈的分析,访谈有音频形式,也有自动翻译的粗略文本。我已经用下面摘录的原始采访记录修改了罗哈斯的粗略文字稿,其中包括 YouTube 上的时间戳(YT)

In discussing the origins of the three videos showing UFO craft videotaped by Navy pilots in 2004 and 2015,and officially acknowledged as genuine by the Department of the Navy,Davis declares such advanced technology has not been developed by any government or nation:


[29:28 YT]In a matter of three to five seconds,you're not basically talking about human technology.There is no Russian or Chinese or North Korean or Iranian or anybody else.No,NATO or any other Alliance,or non-Alliance country,non-Allied countries have any sort of technology that can perform the way these Tic Tacs were found to be performing….

[29:28 YT]在三到五秒的时间里,你基本上不是在谈论人类的技术。没有俄罗斯人、中国人、北朝鲜人、伊朗人或其他任何人。不,北约或任何其他联盟,或非联盟国家,非盟国有任何类型的技术,可以执行的方式,这些 Tic Tacs 被发现正在执行..

The things we're seeing are not shaped in the usual typical way that we humans would shape them.So you,you got to come up with another hypothesis and the only hypothesis is something unknown.And then its got a good chance that it's not human technology….


Davis goes on to assert that the UFOs are operating on a new physics and humanity currently doesn't have the means to replicate this:


[37:44 YT]In other words,they don't,the objects don't follow the aerodynamic rules of engineering.Okay,they just don't.Okay,and that's driven by physics.And they are not saying that they're breaking the laws of physics.So don't quote me on anything having to do with why they're operating on a new physics,we have an event,or no,they're breaking the laws of physics,it is possible to operating on the physics we haven't invented or haven't discovered yet.That's possible,we don't know.So anyway,the point is,is that these things are operating there you go way outside the envelope of our engineering and physics technologies.And,and I can guarantee you that no laws of physics are broken whatsoever.


Davis declares that the UFOs and their advanced flight capacities are not something that can be manufactured given the present level of technological development on Earth:


[38:58 YT]And these things don't look like anything that we can manufacture on Earth.So we don't have the manufacturing or industrial technology for it.We don't have engineering for it.In other words,the blueprints and designs to get something…shaped like air fighter-sized piece of candy mouth mint and get that to fly through the air stably.And do the wonderful things that they do in the years reported by the F-18 pilots associated with the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group.

这些东西看起来不像我们能在地球上制造的任何东西。所以我们没有制造和工业技术。我们没有相应的工程设计。换句话说,蓝图和设计得到的东西...形状像空中战斗机大小的一块糖嘴薄荷,让它在空中稳定飞行。在尼米兹航空母舰打击群的 F-18飞行员报告的这些年里,他们做了很多了不起的事情。

Davis is then asked about the truth of reports of UFO crashes and whether the craft have been retrieved for classified studies.He answers:

随后,记者询问戴维斯关于 UFO 坠毁报道的真实性,以及飞船是否已被收回用于机密研究。他回答道:

[1:14:32 YT] Yeah,there have been crashes.The super powers on the Earth have had their share of crashes.And they have recovered the vehicles from their crashes.


Davis goes on to explain how the truth about classified studies of recovered alien spacecraft is kept from most public officials:


[1:15:30 YT]So yeah,they have that technology.We do too.And it's a very super sensitive topic.Because it's something that your listeners,you're probably going to be shocked at…probably a minute fraction,it's like less than 1/1000th or 1/100,000th of the people with the"need to know"access,"need to know"authorization,and security clearances to be involved with that type of work,are the only ones that know.The vast majority of the rest of the government really doesn't know.And that's why one hand,like the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing…


Davis was likely referring to the process whereby even senior military officials like Admiral Wilson,with high level security clearances and"need to know"authorization,was still denied access to classified studies of retrieved non-Earthly spacecraft.


Davis elaborates on the complexity of the security clearances system in finding the truth about what's happening in unacknowledged special access programs:


[1:16:16 YT]Because of the stovepipe thing that goes on in compartmentalized programs…you just can't knock on doors and say,Hey,here's who I am…I got clearances,but not the right ones.I don't have a need to know.But I want to know,so can you tell me….You're going to be lied to,because that's,that's the rule.You don't want to tell the enemy anything,when this guy is knocking on your door asking you about UFO crashes,could be an asset for the Soviet Union or the Russian Federation,or the Chinese PLA,or the nincompoops over in Iran and North Korea and so forth.

[1:16:16 YT]因为在分割的项目中存在烟囱一样的问题......你不能挨家挨户地说,嘿,我就是这样的人......我有权限,但不是正确的。我不需要知道。但我想知道你能告诉我..。你会被骗,因为这是规矩。你不想告诉敌人任何事情----当这个家伙敲你的门询问关于 UFO 坠毁的事情----可能是苏联或者美国,或者中国人民解放军,或者在伊朗和朝鲜等地的傻瓜的资产。

So,you know,even if it's an American,you still don't want to answer that question because you don't know who they are.And you're not supposed to be revealing that information.So it takes a lot of hard tracking and digging after working.And it can take years and years and years.And then you develop the security clearances and the authorization for you to know that appropriately…allow you access to that information,then you find out hey,yeah,it's there,it's true.


On the other hand,sometimes the information does come out on its own.But it doesn't come out in the way that UFOlogy likes to fantasize about it.It comes out only to specific people,who have specific talents or skills,who have security clearances,they may not have the need to know.But they could have the need to know if they were presented with that requirement.

另一方面,有时候信息会自己显示出来。但是它并不像 UFOlogy 喜欢幻想的那样出现。只有那些有特殊才能或技能,有安全许可的特定人员,他们可能没有必要知道。但是他们可能需要知道他们是否面临这样的要求。

At this stage in his interview,Davis comments on the Disclosure Project witnesses that Dr Steven Greer arranged to come forward in 2001 in a ground-breaking Press Conference.According to Davis,most of Greer's witnesses were crackpots and just"noise"when it came to identifying the genuine signal in the available public information on retrieved UFOs:

在这个阶段的采访中,戴维斯对"披露项目"的证人评论说,史蒂文·格里尔博士在2001年安排了一次突破性的新闻发布会。根据戴维斯的说法,大多数格里尔的目击者都是疯子,当涉及到辨认可获得的 ufo 公开信息中的真实信号时,他们只是"噪音":

[1:21:05 YT]A good majority of them were crackpots,they were phonies.But there was a small number of them that were the real deal.And so he successfully picked up a very small number of them,and got some information.And now,as to the veracity and quality of that information.That's another story.


But he did get some interesting information.…the information was not…verifiable.In other words,once people looked into it,they said,yeah,this is realistic.Whereas a good chunk,a good chunk of his disclosure witnesses.You know,they had middle of the road guys,they had some information,but it was too purple.It was just anecdotal.


And then you had the guys that were real liars.He's got a chunk of liars out there…I don't know how much effort he spent on vetting any of those people.And I'm not going to name names of who they are.It's not important,because…the fact that they have no real information means it's noise.We're dealing with signal,we're interested in signal and science folks,not the noise.Check the noise.


Next,Davis went on to elaborate on Greer's witnesses who claimed to have first-hand knowledge of crash retrieval operations:


[1:22:25 YT]So,he did have a small signal of people that had verifiable information….They came forward,they gave him information that was freely given to him.But it was after the fact,it was never expected that it could be acted upon.The people that gave him information…weren't directly involved with the crash retrieval at all.They actually were either peripheral,or they heard it from somebody reliable.So the vertical information was high quality,but they were not first-hand people.

[1:22:25 YT]所以,他确实发现了一个小信号,那就是人们拥有可证实的信息.....。他们挺身而出,给了他免费提供的信息。但是在事实发生之后,从来没有预料到它会被付诸行动。那些给他情报的人...根本没有直接参与搜救坠机事件。他们实际上要么是边缘人物,要么是从可靠的人那里听来的。所以纵向的信息质量很高,但他们不是第一手的人。

Davis is here suggesting,for example,that Clifford Stone,a 22 year US Army veteran,who was interviewed by Greer and claimed to have had first-hand knowledge of multiple crashed UFOs retrieved by the US military,was a crackpot and liar.There are many reasons to dispute Davis'information when it comes to Stone's testimony who has been successfully interviewed many times over several decades,and has maintained the same story with consistency and sincerity.



Davis provides no evidence that Stone or other Disclosure Projects witnesses are lying or crackpots,consequently his assertions need to be considered as unverified or misinformed.This is a major red flag that Davis testimony may be part of a "limited hangout"that is being unveiled to the American and World publics through the New York Times,arguably the most important media organ of the CIA and the Deep State.


The most significant aspect of Davis's interview is his assertion that UFO crash retrievals were part of a small unsuccessful program that was terminated in 1989,around the time the famed whistleblower,Bob Lazar,emerged with his experiences claiming something very similar had occurred during his time at the S-4 facility at Area 51.

戴维斯采访中最重要的部分是他断言 UFO 坠毁回收是一个小型失败项目的一部分,该项目于1989年终止,当时著名的告密者鲍勃·拉扎尔出现,声称他在51区的 S-4设施期间曾发生过非常类似的事情。

To be continued in Part 2




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