X22报告|第2987集: 经济指标红色闪烁,核战即将爆发

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X22报告|第2987集: 经济指标红色闪烁,核战即将爆发

Ep. 2987a – GND Is Backfiring, The [WEF] Goes All Out, Economic Indicators Flashing Red

GND 事与愿违,[世界经济论坛]全力以赴,经济指标红光闪烁

Ep. 2987b – [JB] Has Brought Us To The Brink Of Nuclear War, Trump – WWIII Can Be Avoided Easily

[ JB ]把我们带到了核战争的边缘,特朗普-第三次世界大战可以轻易避免



The Green New Deal is backfiring on the [WEF], so this means they are going to go all out and try to push the agenda on the people now. The economy is about to shift. The Fed is already shifting gears, we hit the tipping point. The economy is flashing red.

绿色新政(Green New Deal)对世界经济论坛产生了反作用,因此这意味着他们将全力以赴,试图把议程推到人民身上。经济即将转型。美联储已经开始调整政策了我们遇到了引爆流行。经济正在闪烁着红光。


The [DS] is now in the process of removing [JB], he has become a liability and they will continue to pressure him and eventually as the truth and facts come out he will most likely start to lose it, he will then most likely be taken out by the 25th Amendment. Trump sends a message that we are on the brink of a nuclear war and it needs to stop and there is a very simple solution. The peace maker is throwing is hat into the ring to stop WWIII.



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