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A fascinating new Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MoFA)report circulating in the Kremlin today noting that an occurrence in which a procedure is tried in order to see if it works correctly,as defined in Americanvernacular,is called a"test run",states such an occurrence appeared yesterday in the United States when US Department of Justice(DoJ)forces loyal to President Donald Trump stunningly slammed with a criminal enterprise indictment their nation's largest bank JPMorgan Chase—the proverbial atomic bomb of indictments solely used to target only the largest of criminal organizations—and in this case sees Michael Nowak,a JPMorgan veteran and former head of its precious metals trading desk and Gregg Smith,another trader on JPMorgan's metals desk being charged with masterminding a criminal scheme to manipulate the price of gold and silver—stunningly is an indictment filled with aggressive language embraced by prosecutors that reminds legal experts of indictments utilizing the RICO Act—a law allowing these prosecutors to take down"criminal enterprises"like the mafia by charging all members of the organization for any crimes committed by an individual on behalf of the organization—in this particular case seems to be these prosecutors using a sledgehammer to kill a gnatunless,that is,this JPMorgan criminal enterprise indictment is being used to fine tune the intricate legal tactics Trump's loyal forces will need to use in prosecuting the"Deep State"operatives who tried to overthrow Trump—an overthrow attempt so bungled and inept,it now even sees the final case prosecuted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller's"witch hunt"leftist minions collapsing into a comical farce—as evidenced by their appearing yesterday in the courtroom of US District Judge Dabney Friedrich to astonishingly claim that she misinterpreted an indictment brought against a Russian company charged with funding a troll campaign to manipulate the American public during the 2016 presidential race—which in turn left Judge Friedrich"baffled"and this Russian company's attorney shockingly stating that"even 18 months in we still don't know what we're charged with"—but saw Judge Friedrich making clear to Mueller's leftist minions that she has no intention of catering to any suggestion to slow proceedings and this case would move toward the proposed 6 April 2020 trial date—with her further stating:"We are not going to let this case go for another year…I think if I left it up to you all I would be trying this case in 2021"—which is exactly what the"Deep State"wanted all along,as they knew this joke indictment was doomed from the start,and didn't want it to explode in their faces during the 2020 election.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

俄罗斯外交部今天在克里姆林宫发布了一份引人入胜的新报告,报告指出,按照美国方言的定义,为了检验程序是否正确而进行的试验,被称为"试运行"美国司法部(DoJ)昨日对忠于唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)总统的犯罪企业提出了令人震惊的指控,称该行是美国最大的摩根大通(JPMorgan chase)——众所周知的原子弹起诉只针对最大的犯罪组织——在这起案件中,摩根大通资深人士、前贵金属交易部门主管迈克尔·诺瓦克(Michael Nowak)和格雷格·史密斯(Gregg Smith)摩根大通金属部门的另一名交易员被控策划了操纵黄金和白银价格的犯罪阴谋。令人震惊的是,这份起诉书充满了检察官支持的咄咄逼人的语言,提醒法律专家利用《反诈骗腐败组织法》(RICO act)提起诉讼——该法允许这些检察官通过指控该组织的所有成员代表该组织犯下的任何罪行,来打击黑手党等"犯罪企业"——在这起特定案件中,这些检察官似乎是在使用大锤杀死一只小虫——除非,也就是说,这项摩根大通(JPMorgan)的犯罪事业指控被用来微调特朗普的忠诚势力在起诉试图推翻特朗普的"深州"特工——一次如此拙劣、无能的推翻尝试——时需要使用的复杂法律策略——现在,特别检察官罗伯特穆勒(Robert Mueller)"政治迫害"(witch hunt)左翼追随者起诉的最后一个案件,甚至演变成了一场滑稽的闹剧。这一点可以从他们昨日出现在美国地区法官达布尼弗里德里希(Dabney Friedrich)的法庭上得到证明。弗里德里希令人震惊地声称,她曲解了一家俄罗斯公司的起诉书。这家俄罗斯公司被控在2016年总统竞选期间资助一场"喷子"(troll)运动,操纵美国公众。这一指控让弗里德里希法官和这家俄罗斯公司的律师感到"困惑"令人震惊地说,"即使在18个月内,我们仍然不知道我们被指控的罪名是什么"——但弗里德里希法官向穆勒的左翼部下明确表示,她无意迎合任何拖延诉讼程序的建议,本案将朝着拟议中的202046日开庭的方向发展——她进一步表示:"我们不会让这个案子再拖一年......我认为,如果我把它留给你们所有人,我会在2021年审理这个案子"——这正是"深州"一直想要的,因为他们从一开始就知道这个起诉注定要失败,不希望它在2020年的选举中让它在他们的脸上爆炸。注:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词

According to this report,the well documented"Deep State"plot to overthrow President Trump was overseen by the Obama-Clinton Regime's known communist party member CIA Director John Brennan—who presided over America's supposedly premier foreign intelligence agency that beyond belief spent decades trying to develop a mind control drug—and spent uncounted hundreds-of-millions-of-dollars attempting to train cats,dogs,dolphins,and even birds-from pigeons to crows-as field operatives—all to the grave neglect of their country and its national security because,in 1962,they failed to notice that the former Soviet Union was deploying nuclear armed missiles in Cuba—in 1979 they failed to notice that the former Soviet Union was about to invade Afghanistan—and,in 1991,they managed to accomplish the greatest intelligence failure of the 20th Century by their failing to notice that the former Soviet Union was collapsing—but who,in fact,did manage during this time to become the world's largest drug cartel.

根据这份报告,有充分证据的推翻特朗普总统的"深层国家"阴谋,是由奥巴马-克林顿政权的知名共产党党员、中央情报局局长约翰·布伦南(John brennan)监督的。布伦南领导着据称是美国首屈一指的外国情报机构,令人难以置信的是,他花了几十年时间试图开发一种精神控制药物,并花费——狗、海豚、甚至鸟类——从鸽子到乌鸦——都是外勤人员,他们严重忽视了自己的国家和国家安全,因为1962年,他们没有注意到前苏联正在古巴部署核武器导弹;1979年,他们没有注意到前苏联即将入侵阿富汗;1991年,他们成功地完成了20世纪最大的情报失败,因为他们没有注意到前苏联正在崩溃,但实际上,他们在这段时间成功地成为了世界上最大的毒品卡特尔。

By one knowing that the CIA is a global drug cartel managed by godless communist idiots,this report continues,it makes it understandable why they ignored President Putin when he warned them about the 9/11 attacks two days before they occurred—thus making it more than understandable when,just days ago,American intelligence experts knowing the truth about the CIA said their latest Russian spy story looks like another elaborate media deception—and directly stated"the tale of Oleg Smolenkov is just the latest load of high-level BS dumped on us by intelligence agencies"—which references a minor Russian bureaucrat who was fired from his government job,then turned up living outside of Washington D.C.in a million dollar mansion.


The unnamed sourced CIA fairy tale version of Oleg Smolenkov,this report explains,comically claimed he was a high-level official having direct access to President Putin himself,but had to be extracted from Russiaover fears President Trump would reveal his identity—a provable lie as truthful CIA operatives revealed they decided to extract him in 2016 before Trump was even elected—but for all of whose supposed high-level connections with Putin and the Russian government,leaves American intelligence experts asking such obvious questions as:"If he was indeed so highly placed,why then was the United States so seemingly ill-informed regarding many of Russia's foreign policy actions,particularly in Syria or Crimea,when Russia forcibly annexed the peninsula from the Ukraine?"—and—"If this asset was indeed so highly placed,how is it that Russia was able to hack the Democratic National Committee servers and extract their emails without the CIA's advance knowledge of the alleged Russian activities?".

这份报告解释说,来源不明的中央情报局童话版奥列格·斯莫伦科夫(Oleg Smolenkov)滑稽地声称,他是一名高级官员,可以直接接触普京总统本人,但由于担心特朗普总统会泄露他的身份——这是一个可以证实的谎言,因为中央情报局特工在2016年透露,他们在特朗普当选总统之前就决定把他救出来——但是,尽管他们被认为与普京和俄罗斯政府有高层关系,美国情报专家还是"如果他的地位确实如此之高,那么当俄罗斯强行吞并乌克兰时,美国为什么对俄罗斯的许多外交政策行动,尤其是在叙利亚或克里米亚的行动,似乎如此缺乏了解呢?"ーー以及ーー"如果这项资产的地位确实如此之高,那么俄罗斯是如何能够黑进民主党全国委员会(Democratic National Committee)的服务器,并在中央情报局事先不知道俄罗斯所谓的活动的情况下提取其电子邮件的呢?".

The truth about"boozy nobody"make believe spy Oleg Smolenkov,however,this report details,shows him having worked with Hillary Clinton funded Fusion GPS along with Western spies Christopher Steele,Joseph Mifsud,Alexander Downer and Stefan Halper to concoct the dossier used in the overthrow attempt of President Trump—the ringleader of whom in this operation was Halper,who has decades of experience in illegally manipulating US presidential elections—and among whose most revelatory points in this fairy tale to note about are:

但是,这份报告详细描述了他与希拉里·克林顿资助的 Fusion GPS,以及西方间谍 Christopher SteeleJoseph Mifsud,亚历山大·唐纳和 Stefan Halper 合作,编造了推翻特朗普总统的档案

The silly extradition of the"spy"was a face-saving maneuver by U.S.intel operatives needing to pretend their bogus source was legit and by Kremlin disinformation operatives needing to pretend their guy wasn't running a disinformation operation that snagged Brennan et.al.


The Russia hoaxsters are using the same playbook from last year when they outed Stefan Halper after Nunes started asking questions about him:1)Claim the"spy"is in mortal danger,2)blame the investigator for the"spy's"peril,then 3)straight up out the endangered"spy."


And the fact that the Russia hoaxsters are running the same media leak playbook against the exfiltrated"spy"as they ran against career dirty trickster Stefan Halper ought to tell you something about the potential relationship between those two individuals.


Top CIA coup plotter Stefan Halper has decades of experience manipulating US presidential elections.

美国中央情报局(CIA)高级政变策划者斯蒂芬哈尔珀(Stefan Halper)有数十年操纵美国总统选举的经验。

In the aftermath of having to watch their Oleg Smolenkov"spy"fairy tale go up in flames last week,this report notes,these same anonymous CIA communist idiots struck back yesterday in an article titled"Exclusive:Russia Carried Out A'Stunning'Breach Of FBI Communications System,Escalating The Spy Game On U.S.Soil"—wherein"its authors never cited a single fact and provided zero evidence of the Russian citizens violating any US norms and laws"—but who did make the world shaking claim no one in history has ever known about that intelligence services actually try to decrypt the secret communications of their adversaries—a mind boggling revelation,however,that had these deluded unnamed former CIA sources quoting 1960's intelligence exploits only found today in John le Carré fictional spy novels—such as(seriously,you can't make this up)their"revealing"that believed to be Russian spies parked outside of CIA and FBI headquarters in cars packed with electronics to intercept communications,as well as other believed to be trench coat wearing Russian spies following FBI agents all around the US to listen to their communications,too—all of which,and more,stands in stark contrast to the reality about 21st Century spying technology even young school children know—such as the fact that a cover identity that would have been almost bulletproof only 20 years ago can now be unraveled in a few minutes—and is why Russia,just like the United States does,relies on satellites and sophisticated electronic listening aircraft to gather up intelligence—such as the Tu-214R that can intercept signals hundreds of miles away from cell phones,planes,military vehicles,radios,etc.—instead of parking trench coat wearing"spies"outside of other nations'intelligence headquarters—thus making it understandable when earlier today Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova responded to this latest fairy tale by laughingly stating:"We are now entering a very interesting period,which is called one year before the US presidential election…Throughout this period,we,regretfully,will hear and see lots of interesting stories,sudden revelations,amazing predictions,or,on the contrary,some diggings from the past".

本报告指出,在上周眼睁睁地看着奥列格斯摩伦科夫(Oleg Smolenkov)"间谍"童话被付之一炬之后,这些匿名的中央情报局(CIA)共产党白痴昨日在一篇题为《独家新闻:俄罗斯对 FBI 通讯系统实施了一次'惊人'的破坏,加剧了美国国土上的间谍游戏》(Exclusive:Russia Carried a'Stunning'Breach Of FBI Communications Systemincreasing The Spy Game On u.s.Soil)的文章中进行了反击。在文章中,"作者从未提及任何事实,也没有提供任何证据证明俄罗斯公民违反了美国的任何规范和法律"这些不知名的前中情局消息来源引用了1960年的情报漏洞,直到今天才在约翰··卡尔虚构的间谍小说中找到,例如(说真的,你不能编造这个)他们的"揭露",相信是俄罗斯间谍,停在中情局和联邦调查局总部外面,车里装满了电子设备,以拦截通讯——以及其他据信穿着风衣的俄罗斯间谍,也跟随美国各地的联邦调查局(FBI)特工,监听他们的通讯——所有这些,甚至更多,都与21世纪间谍技术的现实形成了鲜明对比,甚至连小学生都知道这种技术——例如,20年前还几乎无懈可击的掩护身份,现在可以在几分钟内被揭穿,这就是为什么俄罗斯,就像美国一样,它依靠卫星和先进的电子侦听飞机来收集情报——比如图-214r,它可以截获数百英里外的手机、飞机、军用车辆、无线电等信号。今天早些时候,外交部发言人玛丽亚·扎哈罗娃对这个最新的童话故事笑称:"我们现在正进入一个非常有趣的时期,即美国总统大选的前一年......在这段时间里,我们将听到和看到许多有趣的故事、突如其来的遗憾、令人惊讶的预测,或者恰恰相反,过去的一些发现。"

Eagerly awaiting President Trump's destruction of these vile"Deep State"coup plotters,this report concludes,are tens-of-millions of his fellow citizens growing increasingly angrier over what these radical socialists have done to their leader and the nation—which now includes those tens-of-thousands of them who stood in miles long lines yesterday to hear Trump speak in,of all places,the Democrat Party stronghold State of New Mexico—and who are being joined today by thousands of the richest peoples in California gathering to secretly meet and shower money on Trump in numbers so large not all of them can see him because no room is left—all of whom know that when a RICO Act criminal enterprise conspiracy charge is leveled against even a single one of these coup plotters,the rest of them will go down to ruin,too.

这份报告总结说,正急切等待特朗普总统摧毁这些邪恶的"深州"政变策划者的数千万美国公民,对这些激进社会主义者对他们的领导人和国家所做的事情越来越愤怒ーー现在包括那些昨天排着几英里长的队伍听特朗普在各个地方演讲的数万美国人,民主党的大本营新墨西哥州——今天,数以千计的加利福尼亚州最富有的人们加入了他们的行列,秘密会面并向特朗普投入大量资金,人数之多并不是所有人都能看到他,因为已经没有空间了——所有人都知道,如果《反诈骗腐败组织集团犯罪法》(RICO Act)对这些政变策划者中的哪怕是一个人提出阴谋指控,其他人也会走向。


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