X22报道|第2849集: 央行推进通货膨胀扩张法案,深层政府上钩

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[ DS ]掉进了陷阱。出于恐惧和恐慌,[DS]现在正在计划和采取行动。中期选举作弊的计划不会奏效,他们需要改变战术,这就是他们正在做的。

X22报道|第2849集: 央行推进通货膨胀扩张法案,深层政府上钩

Ep. 2849a – [CB]/[DS] Moving Forward With The Inflation Expansion Act, Right On Schedule

[ CB ]/[ DS ]推进《通货膨胀扩张法案》 ,如期实施

Ep. 2849b – [DS] Took The Bait, The Stage Is Set, [DS] Power Implosion

[ DS ]上钩,舞台就绪,[ DS ]动力内爆



The people are feeling the inflation, the percentage might say one thing, but people can feel it when they go to the store. The inflation expansion act is going to bring down the [CB] system.

人们感受到了通货膨胀,这个百分比可能说明了一件事,但是人们去商店的时候可以感受到。通货膨胀扩张法案将会摧毁[ CB ]体系。


The [DS] fell right into the trap. The [DS] is now planning and acting out of fear and panic. The agenda for cheating in the midterms is not going to work, they [DS] needed to change tactics and thats what they are doing. They took the bait and shifted the narrative. The Pit exposed CCP, they interfered in the US elections. Thats what this is all about, the overthrow of the US government. The [DS] is headed right into the storm.

[ DS ]掉进了陷阱。出于恐惧和恐慌,[DS]现在正在计划和采取行动。中期选举作弊的计划不会奏效,他们需要改变战术,这就是他们正在做的。他们上钩了,转移了话题。竞技场暴露了中共,他们干涉了美国的选举。这就是这一切的意义所在,推翻美国政府。[ DS ]正朝着暴风雨的方向前进。


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