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We've covered the creation of the Illuminati and the subsequent executions of the French revolution,the Russian revolution,the WWI,and the take-over of the American money system with one single goal in mind:the destruction of existing governments and religious institutions in order to create a one-world government based on a satanic Luciferian ideology.


However,after the WWI their one-world government trap,the acceptance of the League of Nations had failed,again.Instead,the Council on Foreign Relations was set up,under which the Illuminati continued to function in the United States and thus controlled every level of federal government and most importantly,America's mainstream media in order to brainwash and destroy the unity of the American people.


All they needed was another world war,the WWII,but this one had to be planned with more anticipation towards the desired outcome;a one-world trap.So,instead of directing Satanist Karl Marx to write'Das Kapital'and the'Communist Manifesto',this time the Illuminati gang directed the Nazi-sweethearts Rudolph Hess and Herman Goring to write'Mein Kampf',which was actually a follow-up of Karl Marx's book'A World without Jews'.Then they attributed the authorship to a man who had been secretly groomed from birth for the position of Fuhrer:Adolf Hitler.



Of course,it was the Rothschilds who financed a wide circulation of the book and the subsequent touring of Germany with Hitler's famous rabble-rousing speeches.After gaining the support of the masses it was a small step for the Rothschilds and the Warburg's to finance the rest of Hitler's rise to power.Still,there was no reason for a war.


Remember how the Illuminati engineered the Russian pogroms,slaughtering millions of innocent Jews so they would flee to the United States where they were welcomed with open arms by the same people who had ordered the murders with a specific goal:creating solid minority Democratic voter blocks.And at the same time,they had created a world-wide hatred for Russia.


The conspirators thought they could use the same unconscionable trick and inflame the new Hitler-led German people into a murderous hatred for Jews.How did they manufacture this artificial hate?The Rothschilds,the Schiff's,the Warburg's and other Illuminati masterminds had craftily inspired and coached Hitler into blaming the Jews–their racial brethren–for the hated Versailles Treaty and the financial ruination that followed the war.The rest is history.



The horrors and atrocities created a new world-wide hate for the German people,but there still was no cause for war.Then Hitler was incited to demand Sudetenland and other territories.But what did the trick was the orchestrated pact between Hitler and Stalin to attack and divide Poland between them.And there we had our new world war.


In the meantime,across the Atlantic Ocean,important players had been put into position just the same.The Illuminati conspirators regained full control of the foreign relations machinery;their ingenious war machine and means to achieve a one-world government,when in 1932 they had landed an unscrupulous traitor in the White House:Franklin D.Roosevelt.



With Roosevelt in place the conspirators could finally bring the solution to a major obstacle in their one-world plot.The Illuminati/Rothschild gang was fully aware that the world would not accept the Russian communist regime as the great threat terrorizing the world,unless they would be officially recognized by the United States.


Presidents Harding,Coolidge and Hoover had refused,but with the crafty Illuminati stooge Roosevelt in place,that problem was solved in a swift manner.Without even asking consent from Congress,he unlawfully proclaimed recognition for the Stalin regime.As the conspirators had figured,the world followed their lead,and that automatically launched the greatest menace the world has ever known.


Again,I refer to the series of Edge of Wonder.


With Roosevelt in the White House,surrounded by members of the Council on Foreign Relations and other Illuminati traitors,the communist threat was constantly fueled,thus throughout the world.Using the Pearl Harbor atrocity to hurl America into the WWII came from the same masterminds.Roosevelt's secret meetings with Stalin at Yalta are known.And so is the delivery of East Europe to Moscow,together with his colleague stooge president Eisenhower.And last,but certainly not least,he planted the housing of the one-world government trap in the United States and Rockefeller generously donated the land in New York City for the construction of a building to house:The United Nations.


In the midst of the WWII the framework for the United Nations had been prepared by the conspirators.They handed it over to Roosevelt and all the other CFR traitors to give birth to this one-world scheme.The United Nations charter was written by Alger Hiss and a few other CFR stooges.This charter was copied word for word from the Communist Manifesto,the Russian constitution,written by Satanist Karl Marx.Then a phony U.N.conference was set up in San Francisco in 1945.All the so-called representatives of 50-odd nations promptly signed the Charter.Then author Alger Hiss flew to Washington where the mostly corrupt Senate signed the charter without so much as reading it.



The American people were completely tricked into accepting the United Nations as a holy of holies,the ultimate institution for peace.Even after the true facts were revealed about the creation of the UN and the author Alger Hiss was unmasked as a Russian spy and traitor,the American people continued to believe in UN.


They kept faith in the UN even after the revelation of a secret agreement between Hiss and Molotov that a Russian would always be the head of military secretariat,or in other words:the real master of the UN.Even after was revealed that the UN policy during the Korean and Vietnam wars was that General MacArthur's battle plans had to go first to the UN to be relayed to the Russian general Varsilius,head of the UN military.Conveniently Varsilius was given a leave of absence by the UN so that he could take command of the North Koreans and Red Chinese who were fighting the UN police action under General MacArthur.Let that sink in:the master of the UN is fighting American boys under UN command.You can't make this up!

即使在希斯和莫洛托夫之间的秘密协议被揭露之后,他们仍然对联合国抱有信心,该协议规定,俄罗斯人将永远担任军事秘书处的首脑,换句话说,他们是联合国的真正主人。即使在朝鲜战争和越南战争期间,联合国的政策是麦克阿瑟将军城的作战计划必须先提交给联合国,然后转达给联合国军事领导人俄罗斯将军 Varsilius。方便的是,联合国给了 Varsilius 一个缺席的假期,这样他就可以指挥北朝鲜人和红色龙国人,他们在20世纪90年代麦克阿瑟将军城对抗联合国警察的行动。让我们了解这一点:联合国的主人正在联合国指挥下与美国男孩战斗。你不能胡编乱造!


Did you know that the American tax payers are forced to make up the UN treasury deficit because of Russia's refusal to pay her share?Did you know that the peacekeepers of the UN have been involved in more than 70 wars,or'missions'as the peace ensuring institution calls them?How peaceful the world has been since the start of the UN,especially when communists occupied countries like Hungary,Laos and Vietnam and the UN did absolutely nothing.


Did you know that a UN law has been passed to disarm all American citizens and to transfer all our armed forces to the UN?Such a law was secretly passed by'saint'Jack Kennedy in 1961.So,in other words,American boys would be forced to serve and die under UN command all over the world;the UN being basically a satanic based communist institution who openly proclaims that its chief objective is a one-world government with a one-world church where Christianity would be prohibited.Good Lord!


With this information in mind you may now understand the reasoning behind the Trump administration pulling out of the UN Human Rights Council for reasons of hypocrisy.




And then you may also understand why the current administration wants to end funding of certain UN programs.


And then you may also understand why Trump pulled the U.S.out of the UN international arms treaty,securing the 2nd amendment of the American constitution.


Shortly after the WWII,with their one-world trap in place in the form of the UN,the Illuminati conspiracy gang were already busy preparing all the moves to hurl us into their final WWIII,creating a nuclear Armageddon.How that scheme was thwarted and what role JFK JR was playing in this scenario I'll explain to you in my next article.






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