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Faithful followers of my articles have probably noticed that I've skipped a week.There are 2 legitimate reasons for that.The 1st reason is that the article I'm working on required more research and because of the length I've divided the article in 3 parts.The 2nd reason is that I've been very busy with the launch of my new website:www.coachpaulaliebe.com.I didn't plan it that way,but the website went life on May the 1st.That date is universally known as Labor Day.Of course,I thought:"What synchronicity!"But the synchronicity went a step further when I prepared the opening statement of this article.


光照派|起源与世界控制(1/4)We have established the suspicious connection between Nazi sympathizing western industrialists and the Nazi war machine,and even the covert transfer of Nazi scientists into the US after the WWII.Wouldn't you like to know who's really behind all these dubious connections?I certainly did and my research let me to some 250 years ago,the date of May the 1st of the year 1776.What happened on May the 1st of 1776?That day Adam Weishaupt completed the revised 'Protocols of the Elders of Zion', a great day for the communist nations,but we'll get to that connection later on.


Adam Weishaupt was born a Jew,converted to Catholicism,and became a Jesuit trained professor of canon law when he embraced the Luciferian conspiracy.On orders of the newly organized House of Rothschild,the professional money lenders of the day,he defected and organized the Illuminati.In 1770 the House of Rothschild ordered Adam Weishaupt to revise and modernize the'Protocols of Zionism',a blue print for world domination through the creation of a New World Order with a satanic Luciferian ideology.This plan required the destruction of all existing governments and religions by dividing the masses on political,religious,racial,and other issues.The opposing sides where to be armed and incidents provided,causing them to fight each other and eventually destroy national governments and religious institutions.Why did the conspirators choose the name'Illuminati'for their satanic organization?Weishaupt said the word is derived from Lucifer and means'holder of the light'.They used the words'peace on earth'as bait in bringing a one-world order and so prevent all wars in the future.

亚当·维斯豪普特出生时是个犹太人,后来皈依了天主教,在接受了路西法派的阴谋论之后,他成为了一名受过耶稣会教育的教会法教授。在新成立的罗斯柴尔德家族,当时的职业放款人的命令下,他叛逃并组织了光照派。1770年,罗斯柴尔德家族命令 Adam Weishaupt 修订犹太复国主义的议定书并使之现代化,这是征服世界通过撒旦的意识形态建立新世界秩序的蓝图。该计划要求通过在政治、宗教、种族和其他问题上分裂大众,摧毁所有现存的政府和宗教。敌对双方提供武器和事件,导致他们相互争斗,最终摧毁国家政府和宗教机构。为什么阴谋者选择"光照派"作为他们撒旦组织的名字?说这个词来源于 Lucifer,意思是光的持有者。他们使用"地球上的和平"这个词作为诱饵,以建立一个世界秩序,从而防止未来发生所有战争。


After Weishaupts revised completion of the'Protocols of the Elders of Zion'he recruited and financed(well,the Rothschilds of course)some 2,000 paid followers,the most intelligent in their fields that included science,education,finance,industry,arts and letters.With these new followers he then established Masonic Lodges,Lodges of the Grand Orient,to be their headquarters.

威斯豪普特修改了《锡安长老协议》(protocols of the Elders of Zion)的内容后,招募并资助了大约2000名付费追随者(当然是罗斯柴尔德家族),其中最聪明的是科学、教育、金融、工业、艺术和文学等领域的追随者。与这些新的追随者,他建立共济会分会,大东方分会,作为他们的总部。

The main features of the plan of operation are:


1.The use of monetary and sex bribery to obtain control of men already in high places of government.Keep them in bondage by many forms of blackmail:politically,economically,public exposure or physical harm(death)to themselves and loved family members


2.The cultivation of students of high intelligence from well-bred families with international leanings.Those selected by the Illuminists were granted a scholarship for a special training in internationalism.In other words,an indoctrination into accepting the idea that only a one-world government can put an end to recurring wars and strife.具有国际化倾向的良种家庭高智力学生的培养。那些选择的启明会员被授予奖学金的特殊培训,在国际主义。换句话说,灌输接受只有一个世界政府才能结束反复发生的战争和冲突的思想

3.All the influential people controlled by the Illuminati,plus the trained students,were to be used as agents and placed behind the scenes of all governments as experts and specialists to work towards a one-world government.


4.The most vital directive in Weishaupt's plan:Obtain absolute control of the press,at that time the only means of mass communication,so the masses could be indoctrinated with propaganda about the solution to our many and varied problems:a one-world government.


At the end of the 18th century,when Weishaupt was ready to make his first move towards destroying governments,Britain and France were the greatest world powers.Weishaupt then ordered the Illuminati to foment colonial wars to weaken the British empire and organize the French Revolution to destroy the French empire.



The Bavarian government did find out about the one-world conspiracy and the planned French Revolution and even outlawed Illuminati.In 1786 the Bavarian government even published"The original Writings of the Order and the Sect of the Illuminati." and send it to all governments but the warning was ignored.Nevertheless,Illuminati became a dirty word and went underground.


Still,the French revolution broke out in 1789,exactly as scheduled by Weishaupt.Then,in order to infiltrate Masonic Lodges in Britain,Weishaupt invited John Robison,a high degree mason from the Scottish Rite.He didn't fell for the'benevolant dictatorship'scheme but kept his reactions to himself,so well that he was entrusted with a copy of Weishaupt's revised version for study and safekeeping.Quickly John Robison warned all Masonic leaders in America,including David Pappen,President of Harvard university.


This warning wasn't sufficient,because the United States was still infiltrated with the Illuminati conspiracy.How?Through Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton who had become students of Weishaupt.There is documentary proof that Jefferson was using newly organized Masonic Lodges for subversive Illuministic purposes.This proof is in the form of 3 letters written 1789 by top Mason John Quincy Adams to top Mason Colonel William L.Stone locked away in the Whittenburg Square library in Philadelphia.In short,Thomas Jefferson,founder of the Democratic Party,was a member of the Illuminati.



In order to alert other governments to their danger John Robison also published in 1798 the book 'Proof of a conspiracy to destroy all Government and Religions' but again his warnings were ignored


The Illuminati continued their activities of government destruction when one branch of the Rothschilds financed Napoleon and another branch financed Britain,Germany and other nations in the Napoleonic wars.After many years of war the Illuminati thought that all nations would be so destitute and weary of wars that they'd be glad for any solution.Rothschild stooges had set up'the Congress in Vienna'in 1815 and tried to create the first'League of Nations',their first attempted one-world government.


But the Czar of Russia caught the stench of the plot and torpedoed it.The enraged Nathan Rothschild,then head of the dynasty,vowed that one day he would destroy the czar and his family.And his descendants did in 1917.



With the Illuminati's falsification of the outcome of the Battle of Waterloo a panic on the English stock market was the result.Nathan Rothschild then bought all the stocks for a penny to the dollar,which gave him complete control of the economy of Britain and virtually all of Europe.

由于光明会篡改了滑铁卢战役的结果,结果引起了英国股票市场的恐慌。随后,内森罗斯柴尔德(Nathan Rothschild)1美分兑1美元的价格买下了所有股票,这让他完全控制了英国乃至整个欧洲的经济。

Part of that one-world plot was to create Communism as a covert weapon for their ultimate agenda;a New World Order.In the early 1850's the Illuminati held a secret meeting in New York to discuss how they planned to unite the Nihilist and Atheist groups with all other subversive groups into a new international group to be known as the Communists.Communism was intended to be their supreme weapon,enabling them to foment future wars and revolutions and eventually terrorize people into accepting their one-world scheme.Of course,it was the Rothschild who provided most of the funds to finance Karl Marx and Engels when they wrote'Das Kapital'and the'Communist Manifesto',in Soho,England.This clearly reveals that communism is not a so-called ideology,but a secret weapon and scary word to serve the purpose of the Illuminati.



While one group of Illuminists in England was directing Karl Marx in writing the'Communist Manifesto',another group in Germany was directing Professor Karl Ritter to write the antithesis.This work was later completed by the German philosopher Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche,who founded Nietzscheism,which was later developed into Fascism and Nazism and was used to foment WWI and WWII.


When you control the overall conspiracies and these two so called ideologies,you can divide and conquer until opposing camps completely destroy each other,and more importantly,all political and religious institutions.


This revolutionary program was to be directed throughout the world by the Italian revolutionary Guiseppe Mazzini,who was selected by the Illuminati.Mazzini had enticed the American general Albert Pike to join the Illuminati and eventually he became the head of this Luciferian conspiracy.



Mazzini and Pike,between 1859 and 1871,worked out a military blueprint for three world wars and two major revolutions using Communism,Nazism,political Zionism,Moslem leaders and other international movements.Pike did most of his work in his home in Little Rock,Arkansas.Pike set up 3 Supreme Councils,one in Charleston,Rome and Berlin,and had Mazzini establish 23 subordinate councils at strategic places throughout the world,the secret headquarters of this one-world government conspiracy.


How the Illuminati executed the WWI and WWII and the take-over of the United States will be discussed in our next episode.Stay tuned.




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