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软禁和限制自由只是你关押NWO -的预演





隔离是对声音分享 的监禁

Diabolical Plan behind Corona


Taking a few steps back–it is clear,it is no coincidence that the entire world is stricken by the same virus and virtually at the same time.That does not happen naturally–but can happen,as it did,when the virus is artificially implanted in every country–and that at the same time.So,there is a diabolical plan behind this so-called corona-crisis which does not even have to be a crisis,when looked at realdisease cases and death rates–not the inflated fear-inspiring ones,as has been proven by Italy and Switzerland.


The world has arrived in a'Wondrous New Age',where anything is possible no matter how ridiculous it is.With free money only with exception of the people themselves,because they are on their trajectory for imprisonment into the New World Order.By stripping step by step away their constitutional liberties.And now being quarantined they have lost their free movement,to becoming accustomed to inconvenient restrictions.Being increased gradually every time a little more till eventually they are settled in their prison cell before they realise it.


As a result,the economic activity across the globe has collapsed,GDP is shrinking at the fastest pace on record,and the economic data is worse than anytime in history.Every sector of the economy is contracting and every economic indicator is pointing south.


Think about;It was the ability to produce goods and services that gave people the ability to buy goods and services.In reality,money has no value of its own.Not even gold.It is given value depending on how many goods and services are available to buy with it.For example;Give a million dollars to ashipwrecked survivor on a deserted island and it is worthless.Give it to a man in London and he can live like a prince.


A lethal virus has struck the world;GDP could be cut in half–worse than the Great Depression.But there's a deeper story behind it,one that needs to be told.Why are Treasury bonds suddenly going down,when they should be going up?Why is cash suddenly becoming so scarce when the Central Banks are supplying hundreds of billions of dollars every night?

一种致命的病毒袭击了世界;GDP 可能会被削减一半——比大萧条还要糟糕。但这背后还有一个更深层次的故事,一个需要被告知的故事。为什么美国国债在应该上涨的时候却突然下跌?为什么现金突然变得如此稀缺,而央行每晚都要提供数千亿美元?

The money is running out.No jobs available,fewer hours for the part-timers.Temperatures are rising.This is just the beginning,as the money-printing continues and the financial calamity worsens,it will cause more and more opposition,complains,and uprising.


House arrest and liberty restriction are a rehearsal for your NWO-imprisonment

软禁和限制自由只是你关押 nwo-的预演

This will lead to more softening in the centre and hardening on the edges.Riots are inevitable as theseare instigated by the Cabal sponsored Antifa.Lawlessness is just part of the process.It gives the authorities another"war"to fight,another reason to assert their authority,and to spend more money.


The Deep State want to cull 90%of the existing populace,that is the reason whole nations are put under house arrest.They view the current restrictions as a rehearsal,and then let the people evaporate by mandatory vaccination!


It's a whole new world;the economy will never go back to the old normal.Never.Because it wasn't the least bit normal when this crisis started.This isn't about a virus;it never was;it has always been about money and power.


The coronavirus didn't cause this crisis.It only triggered it.It is as if a huge financial bubble had formed,bigger than in 1999 or 2007.It was looking for a pin,and along came Corona!The virus will come and go.But the effects of this financial blow-up will be with us for years.


Businesses stopped doing businessConsumers stopped consuming


Stocks are down 30%,with wild price gyrations,is the bottom in?Is there more damage to come?Corporate bonds–some$16 trillion worth–face a meltdown.Will some of the biggest banks and businesses being forced to default?Is a"Lehman moment"coming soon?

股市下跌了30%,价格剧烈波动,底部在哪里?还会有更多的损失吗?价值约16万亿美元的企业债券面临崩溃。一些最大的银行和企业会被迫违约吗?"雷曼时刻"(Lehman moment)即将到来吗?

Governments have begun inflating,in other words;printing new money on a scale never before seen.What will that mean?Will consumer prices soon"take off"?It will be chaos,as the markets are in crisis.


Governments add money.And still prices go down.It is the most dangerous,and potentially profitable market ever seen.Nothing like this has come along before.Most likely nothing of it will come again as long as we live.


By the time this started,the government was already lending money at less than zero%and flooding the economy with vast sums of new money.Yet,that didn't stop the biggest sell-off in history.


All over the world,businesses have stopped doing business.Consumers have stopped consuming.Wage earners have stopped earning wages.And taxpayers have stopped paying taxes.The government can say they are delaying the tax deadline,but it's not out of the kindness of their hearts,it's because they don't want to stoke mass panic when everyone realises there's no money left to pay those taxes with.What is seen is far uglier than the crisis of'08-'09.


Among things,corporate bonds are going to be wiped out.Erased from the face of the Earth.There are some very weak companies that have destroyed their own balance sheets because of too much borrowing,too many share buybacks,too many bad acquisitions financed by cheap money.Boeing.GE.Occidental Petroleum.Hertz car-rental,Hotel chains.Airlines,Shopping Malls,Travel industry,Housing,too many to name them all.A majority of these companies are never coming back.They dug their own grave during the boom years.Then as a result of the lockdown;Two thirds of restaurants will not re-open or are closed within a year.Zara with a retail chain all over the world will close 1200 outlets,BSCH bank the largest bank in the world fires 35,000 staff and the list goes on.All these employees have lost their job!

其中,公司债券将被一笔勾销。从地球表面抹去。有一些非常弱小的公司,由于过多的借贷、过多的股票回购、过多由廉价资金融资的糟糕收购,已经摧毁了自己的资产负债表。波音公司。通用电气。西方石油公司。赫兹租车,连锁酒店。航空公司,购物中心,旅游业,住房,太多了,不能一一列举。这些公司中的大多数再也不会回来了。在经济繁荣时期,他们自掘坟墓。然后由于封锁,三分之二的餐馆在一年内不会重新开张或关闭。Zara 在全球拥有一家零售连锁店,将关闭1200家门店,世界上最大的银行 BSCH 银行将裁员35000人,这个名单还在继续。所有这些员工都失业了!

More lost jobs were from leisure,hospitality,or health care.In other words,from the"service sectors,"where almost all the new jobs were created from 2009 to 2019.


How many of them will go back to work before the summer?Business Insider:


Even with dining rooms reopening in some parts of the country,it's still nearly impossible for casual-dining restaurants to generate a profit at reduced dine-in capacity.


As a result,many chains have permanently closed some stores,and some brands have decided to throw in the towel altogether.


So,when the money is running out.No jobs available,means fewer hours for the part-timers.And this is just the beginning.And as the money-printing continues and the financial calamity worsens,it will cause more and more opposition,complains,and uprising.Then,put the nation under house arrest–the current restrictions are only a rehearsal,as more is planned for.And then,mass cull the populace.Hopefully the people are going to understand the tactic of their government.Although elected by the people they don't work for the people,because they are paid for by the Deep State to complete Agenda 2030. Be certain your government is your biggest enemy.


The end of the existing global financial debt-money system


When a central bank economy is contracting it automatically creates a shortage of new debt,thus available debt-money too.Resulting in less debt-money in circulation,meaning lack of available money.In other words,it is the end of the existing global financial debt-money system.


That–and not a lack of any reform is triggering the ongoing debt and Repo crisis.Any financial systembased on debt-money,like the current will blow up anyway.No paper-money system has ever survived a full credit cycle,because paper money–is a form of primitive,credit/debt-backed money–without any discipline it is unlimited.


For at least the past one hundred-ten-years,the monetary system has been manipulated,bringing the world to its knees through financial engineering that should have been alarming on its own for every well-educated economist.But the majority of economists have been masterfully kept in the dark about the hidden agenda,despite the occasional ringing of bells by people who had gained insight into the deception.


Extensive in-depth research and analyses,has learned the whole monetary system–by design–is intentionally destructing itself.The excessive printing of fiat-debt-money has arrived in its final'reflation'stage of self-destruction,because the debt in the world has grown so excessive that the credit-system has gone into reverse mode,as now the paradox occurs;there is no liquidity left to pay back the debt.


Reflation is no longer possible and the deflationists are being proven correct.They are correct in regards to a credit system working in reverse with a negative feedback loop,stoking a deflationary death spiral.


People need to see for themselves what is going on


There is just one small problem;what will happen to the currencies of these central bank issuers,who apparently also are caught up in the negative feedback loop?–This is the main and most pressing financial question that has ever been faced.Will the fiat currencies survive and thrive during the deflation or will these be seen by the masses for what these are,IOU's of bankrupt issuers at the very centre of the credit crisis quagmire?If you answer this question incorrectly,you have finished your own financial destiny.


The key question is against what assets will these fiat currencies"deflate"?The answer of course is as it has always been;"gold".–The foundation of any stable currency is nothing else as being supported by valuable reserves.It is a requirement for the future of any currency and of vital importance,to secure the national wealth even in rough times.


In times like these,real wealth does not disappear.Gold,Silver,prime land and estate,factories,brands,inventions,technology,skills–none of these things go away.But they change hands."Rich"people,if they are not careful,suddenly become poor.And a few smart investors create fortunes that is going to last,for many decades.


People need to see for themselves what is going on,or risk being caught up in a great national tragedy.Although still is known what is going to happen in the near future.But remember;When the going gets rough,governments get rough,too.Huge new taxes,capital controls,the nationalisation of important industries,bank takeovers to save them,devaluations,and asset seizures.While the value of the money itself inevitably goes down.There's no mystery to this.It's a pattern that goes back to the Roman Era.


As proof observe the ongoing misère,how everything is going crazy,the real insanity is that the Central banks have bailed out the Banks every night since Sept.11,2019 and now the banks need$3.7 Trillion/every night!The debt-repo market is seriously in panic.Almost every repo operation is oversubscribed dealers are scrambling for liquidity,while the central bank is submitting billions in securities,which is ominous because of the liquidity shortage.


Lies,money,corruption,greed,and human madness.The scale of all made mistakes is massive.Big enough to cripple everyone's financial well-being and eventually the financial stability of the whole world.It is getting very ugly for the big banks,as readers of FWC-articles about the Repo market may have understood.

谎言、金钱、腐败、贪婪和人类的疯狂。所有错误的规模都是巨大的。大到足以削弱每个人的金融福祉,最终影响整个世界的金融稳定。对于大型银行来说,情况正变得非常糟糕,fwc 有关回购市场的文章的读者可能已经理解这一点。

Fake money and central control will destroy the economy,but they can still boost stock prices,and keep people unnecessary Corona Virus quarantined.It's a virus with a Facebook page,a Twitter account,and a PR firm.It has gotten more press coverage and more views,than any ailment ever visited the human race on planet Earth.

虚假货币和中央控制会破坏经济,但是他们仍然可以提高股票价格,使人们不必要的科罗娜病毒隔离。它是一种病毒,包括一个 Facebook 页面、一个 Twitter 账户和一家公关公司。它得到了更多的媒体报道和更多的观点,比地球上任何一种人类疾病都要多。

And now,every crisis,every calamity,and every disaster,caused by the governments themselves,will be met with more money-printing,and more war.The war on terror,the war on COVID-19,the Mortgage Finance Crisis of'08-'09,and what they are able to create more.Each time,the central banks and governments go back to doing the only thing they know how to do;the single thing that increases their power and enriches their friends–running the printing press.Remarkably,each bailout plan is designed to enrich the Rich over the back of the people.


The biggest unsolved problem is a failed economic system.Negative interest rates and fiat money have taken power away from real savers and real bankers and concentrated it in the hands of the cabal,who own both the central banks and the Fortune 500 companies,and are engaged in a giant self enrichment programme.They have used their money to buy control of the media,so that the political system has degenerated to the point of dysfunction.


And each time,they make the situation worse.And,when the money goes,everything goes.Because,money represents time,and life.And when people can't trust it,they lose faith in their institutions,in the system,in the government,and in each other.


Fortunately;there is far better solution at hand much more transparent and simpler.It is the implementation of GESARA with the QFS,introducing asset backed sovereign currencies.

幸运的是,现在有更好的解决方案,更加透明和简单。它是与 QFS 实施 GESARA,引入资产支持的主权货币。

Mass awakening is urgently required


Resulting from the fake Corona pandemic with needless house arrest and prohibited protests,people are waking up as they realise their authorities are liars and oppressors with their false quarantine,phony face masks and social distancing requirements.They begin to understand the government isbribed by the Global mafia as they work against the interest of the people who have elected them and pay their salaries.It is time,to realise your Government is your biggest enemy,and they only can be over powered when the majority of the populace is awake and united!


If awake people really want change,they have to come together,lock arms and showing in one voice that they stand against those that rip their society apart.We people stand against those who have divided us,we stand together against those that are doing us harm.We the people are united as ONE that is why Q has mentionedHOW as the answer because how means by the people for the people.How do we get there?People must be awake and say it is enough.Remember;there is more of us,than there is of them.The MSM will tell us otherwise.But when people are awake they see and understand what is going on,and realise that the Deep State doesn't want this to happen.They may try an all out assault on us,but we'll make sure it is the opposite it will be an all out assault by the people on them.It must be the people;the people will make the final push.

如果清醒的人们真的想要改变,他们必须走到一起,紧紧地抱在一起,用一个声音表明他们反对那些撕裂他们社会的人。我们人民反对那些分裂我们的人,我们一起反对那些伤害我们的人。我们人民团结如一,这就是为什么 q 提到如何作为答案,因为如何意味着人民为人民。我们怎么去那里?人们必须保持清醒,并说这就够了。记住,我们比他们多。男男性接触者会告诉我们不是这样的。但是当人们清醒的时候,他们看到并理解正在发生的事情,并且意识到深层状态不希望这样的事情发生。他们可能会对我们发动全面进攻,但是我们会确保事实正好相反,人们会对他们发动全面进攻。必须是人民,人民将作最后的冲刺。

People shall unite and sound as one voice.The Government the MSM all what they say will not work,the few will become the many.The many will have the most powerful voice,and can do this peacefully.They will simply keep saying it is enough!And.that is The Great Awakening this is the Power of the people.Listen to Q as we are heading in that direction,it is about bringing society together,that will unite all of usinstead of separating us.Then,with this action everything that the DS has done against the people will be destroyed.

人民应该团结起来,发出同一个声音。政府对MSM的一切言行都不会起作用,少数人会变成多数人。许多人将拥有最强有力的声音,并且可以和平地做到这一点。他们只会不停地说这就够了!还有。这就是大觉醒,这就是人民的力量。当我们朝着这个方向前进的时候,请听 q 的声音,这是关于将社会团结在一起,这将团结我们所有人,而不是将我们分开。然后,通过这个行动,DS 对人民所做的一切都将被摧毁。

The Deep State and MSM worst nightmare is coming true,the silent majority is now becoming awake and united,the world will soon see that we actually are united and not divided.What people are witnessing now is the withdrawal from the DS-Dictatorship by the people.There will be more of these events as people are seeing the truth.

深州和 MSM 最可怕的噩梦正在变成现实,沉默的大多数正在变得觉醒和团结,世界很快就会看到我们实际上是团结而不是分裂的。人们现在看到的是人民退出党的专政。随着人们看到真相,将会有更多这样的事件发生。

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