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C/morona Virus,Q,What You Need to Know in the Days to Come.C/morona VirusqWhat You Need to Know in the Days to Come

It's 25 degrees with a wind chill that goes right through you so what better time to light a fire,stay indoors and do a newsletter.In other words,I am just chilling out.First because it is on so many people's minds we need to deal with what we will call the moronavirus due to censorship and how people are dealing with it.Let's keep it simple.Solving this problem is simple.Find out who created this virus and who created the previous virus.Also look up who holds the patents on all of these viruses.Hold them accountable.End of plagues.It is also wise to know how these plagues fit into the global elite's plan for population control and world dominance.They must also be held accountable for their eugenics programs.Those in reactionary mind will be in constant reaction void of critical thinking which is right where they want you.Toilet paper madness.The real pandemic is fear,throwing the world populace into survival,locking you into the first three chakras survival sex and power as well as reactionary mind.That is how they control you.This does not mean living in denial many of these threats are real.Use critical thinking as to the origins of these problems for the solution.




As a disclaimer we are not doctors and are not giving medical advice we are sharing our own personal stories.There are many solutions from masks,gloves,isolation to energetic or frequency medicine.Oxygenated water,gans water,natural vitamin,C,D,B,E,heavy metal and liver cleanses,foot baths etc.all are beneficial.We have to do our own research outside the box because the box has failed in creating optimum health.We also need to know the plans of those who seek total dominance in every aspect of our lives.I urge everyone to watch these videos of researchers who are connecting the dots.

作为一个免责声明,我们不是医生,不提供医疗建议,我们分享我们自己的个人故事。有许多解决方案,从口罩,手套,隔离到精力充沛或频率药物。含氧水、甘斯水、天然维生素 CDBE,重金属和肝脏清洁剂、足浴等都是有益的。我们必须跳出框框自己进行研究,因为框框无法创造最佳健康状态。我们还需要知道那些在我们生活的方方面面寻求完全支配地位的人的计划。我敦促大家观看这些研究人员连接点的视频


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