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阿斯塔|准备好我的士兵Dear brothers and sisters of planet Earth!I AM ASHTAR SHERAN!


It is with great joy that I come once again to spread the feeling of victory and to demonstrate to you,that we are closer than ever to the great events.Be assured,nothing is out of control.Everything is happening as it has been meticulously planned.Every event,every move on the big board that is this planet,has been planned down to the last millimeter,and is being 100%successful.Every day,the more it seems that your world is going crazy,the more it seems that people are going crazy,because everything seems out of whack;everything seems much worse than it has ever been,and as we have often said,the veils have fallen,there are no more masks to drop.


So what you see today has always existed,has always happened,but it was all hidden under the rug,in an attic,or in a basement,forgotten over time.Don't see all the changes as negative,you have to see the truth;the truth that has been suppressed and carefully hidden for millennia and millennia.Only then,by seeing the truth,will you believe.So don't you understand that the wildly exacerbated attitudes,the absurd and horrifying discoveries,all the political wheeling and dealing to try and quickly cover up your own mistakes,all the media wheeling and dealing to show that your world is over,that there is no hope;it's all part of an exaggerated program of fear,and I would say desperation by those who know that they have already lost power over the planet.


So I tell you,don't be surprised at anything,because not everything that is happening is real,a lot of it is just news.If you go to investigate,to confront,you will not find what is being said.Of course the vast majority of you who are here listening to me are not tuned into the news,but I would say that the great mass of the planet still is.And with this news,this same great mass emanates more and more fear.And it is to this end,that more and more lies will be told,until despair and lack of faith is embedded in everyone's heart.


Are we watching everything from the sidelines?Of course not,every step they are taking,we are taking 10 steps beyond theirs.So very soon,this submission to the media will be over.The only weapon they still have on the planet is this one.There are no other weapons.And there we can say,and let's not underestimate it,that this is a powerful weapon,but soon it will fall silent;and then all this false power will fall away.But at that moment your planet will boil.


Not the planet itself physically,the human minds will boil.Because not everyone will be able to absorb the truths,they will be cruel and extremely painful for the great majority,who today place all their beliefs in puppets disguised as good guys and who have spent their whole lives enticing minds in order to manipulate them.To discover that you are being manipulated is difficult,it is revolting;that is why I say that your minds will boil over.And it is at that moment,that you who already have the truth,the knowledge,the wisdom about everything that has effectively been done on this planet for eons,will not be able to allow yourselves to succumb.It is you who will keep the pillars of this planet standing;it is you who will act,effectively,as pillars of light.


So realize that you must not be shaken,so that the planet continues on its path to ascension.There is no telling what to do,nor how to receive all that will happen.Each one of you is already sufficiently oriented on how to do it.


So I would say,it would be interesting,each one of you,to write a few lines.How do you do it?What do you do in case of emergency?Call someone,call the number…Then I suggest that you make a primer:what to do when the truths come out?And list everything you know,everything you already know,and everything you will need to do.And I'll tell you a little bit more,each one of you should make your own list.Why?Because each of you is more comfortable doing one thing than the other.So it is not a cake recipe;stand up,sit down,lie down,it doesn't matter,each one will have to find his or her own balance point.You may have one who will do nothing,just sit on the earth and stay connected to Gaia;and for him that is enough.And there will be those who will pray,pray,pray,keep their minds busy praying,to think of nothing.Who is wrong and who is right?There is no wrong or right,each one will have to have his own way to keep himself a pillar of light.


So do it,make that little list,and let it go,because in the hour of despair,you will remember nothing,you will be so stunned at what will happen to those around you,that you will forget what you have to do.And you will get caught up in the wave of despair and boiling over.So make a list and leave it ready.In that moment take this list and follow it,faithfully,without skipping a step.And never ever forget that we are all here to support you,to hold you,and to protect you.This we can say,is the first line of the list:Bring near me all the Beings of Light that are around me.And say the name of each one you know or want to be around you.That's the first line;the rest comes after.


So as Commander of this whole fleet that is around your planet,in this great process of the ascension of this planet,I advise:My soldiers,be ready!The time of the lull is ending,if you think times are hard enough,you haven't seen anything.So just believe,believe,and trust.And our army of Light and Love will keep this planet balanced,will keep every pillar of light on this planet standing,thus helping each brother to find his own inner peace.


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