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Ep 2542a–Economic Truth Is Coming Out,Infrastructure Bill Has Nothing To Do With Infrastructure 

Ep 2542a-经济真相大白,基础设施法案与基础设施无关

Ep 2542b–The Level Of Corruption In Our Country Is So Severe There Is Only One Way 

Ep 2542b-我国的腐败程度如此严重,只有一条路可走

The people are now seeing the truth,the infrastructure deal has nothing to do with infrastructure,it is about pushing their agenda,preparing the country for the great reset.Each time the[CB]pushes their agenda the people can see it and the picture becomes clearer.



The[DS]is now pushing everything they have,all assets are now deployed.As the[DS]pushes their agenda the people see them encroaching on their rights,they see how they are dictators.Each move the[DS]makes will make it worse for them.The system is so corrupt that there is only one way.The storm is approaching and they know it,and they are moving as fast as they can to control the people,they are preparing blackouts,riots,all for the storm.Trump and the patriots have planned this from the beginning,this is war an information war and it will not end until the[DS]is brought to justice.





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