X22报道|第2669集: 这将通过经济传播,基础工作已经打好

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X22报道|第2669集: 这将通过经济传播,基础工作已经打好

Ep. 2669a – People Are Figuring It Out, This Will Spread Through The Economy

Ep. 2669a-人们正在研究,这将通过经济传播

Ep. 2669b – The Groundwork Has Been Laid, Pieces Are In Place, Think Mirror

第2669b 章-基础工作已经打好,各就各位,想想镜子



As the economy implodes the [CB] has no place to hide, the people will experience what real inflation is like. As time goes no this will spread and get worse and people will seek an alternative. This is already happening and it will spread across the globe.



The [DS] is panicking, they are fighting for their lives. They know they lost but they are pushing everything they have at the patriots in the hopes that the patriots will make a bad move. Trump is putting all the pieces in place the groundwork has been laid. Everything the [DS] has done to Trump is actually what they have done, think mirror, payback is coming. Trump is about to gain incredible amount of leverage, controlling the flow of information is key. Tick Tock.

[DS]陷入恐慌,他们正在为生存而战。他们知道自己输了,但他们正在把所有的东西都推给爱国者,希望爱国者会做出错误的举动。特朗普正在把一切准备就绪,基础工作已经打好了。[ DS ]对特朗普所做的一切实际上都是他们所做的,想想镜子,回报即将到来。特朗普即将获得难以置信的影响力,控制信息流是关键。滴答。


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