X22报告|第2809集: 大重启/绿色新政事与愿违,当你把动物逼入绝境时会发生什么 

2022年6月27日11:21:29最新动态X22报告|第2809集: 大重启/绿色新政事与愿违,当你把动物逼入绝境时会发生什么 已关闭评论3192字数 1374阅读4分34秒阅读模式


X22报告|第2809集: 大重启/绿色新政事与愿违,当你把动物逼入绝境时会发生什么 

Ep. 2809a – The Great Reset/Green New Deal Is Backfiring, Down She Goes

Ep. 2809a –大复位/绿色新政事与愿违,她倒下了

Ep. 2809b – It Had To Be Done This Way, What Happens When You Corner An Animal, Midterms

Ep. 2809b – 必须这么做,当你把动物逼入绝境时会发生什么,期中考试

X22 报告发表于2022年6月26日


The [CB] push is now failing, nobody is buying what they are selling. The people are concerned about inflation, fuel and their jobs. They see the lies from the [JB] and the [CB]. The Green new deal push is now backfiring on them.



The [DS] is trapped like a wild animal, certain agencies are going to do stupid things. The [DS] is panicking, they have lost their grip on the people and all they have left is their foot soldiers. This is going to become very clear as the push for more riots happens. Trump has place everything in place, the weapon is now we the people and it will be used to change the course of this country. It had to be done this way, the people had to see it, the people have to feel uncomfortable, the people have to demand change.



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