X22报告|第2761集: 世界经济论坛陷入困境,C在D之前,下一阶段将伸张正义

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DS 正在为生存而挣扎,他们在为生存而挣扎。JS 发出一个信息,字母“C”,“C”出现在 D 之前,正义来了。

X22报告|第2761集: 世界经济论坛陷入困境,C在D之前,下一阶段将伸张正义

Ep. 2761a – WEF Trapped, The Globalist System Is Dying Right In Front Of Their Eyes

Ep. 2761a – 全球主义体系正在他们眼前消亡

Ep. 2761b – C Comes Before D, The Next Phase Will Bring Justice, Buckle Up

第2761b-C 在D 之前,下一阶段将带来正义,系好安全带



The people are seeing the true [CB] economy, inflation is what they have been hiding and now the people can see this. Countries are now abiding by what Russia wants, bankrupting Russia not going well. Biden looking to cancel all student debt, he is literally trying to by votes. BRICS shutdown the globalists system. WEF gets caught in a trap.



The [DS] is struggling to stay alive, they are fighting for their lives. JS sends a message, the letter “C”, C comes before D. Justice is coming. The bullhorn has been taken away from the [DS] and they panicking because the people are going to learn that they have been living in a propaganda illusionary world. The majority was always there but the [DS] tried to mask it with the their [DS] machine, this has come to and end, the next phase will bring justice.

DS 正在为生存而挣扎,他们在为生存而挣扎。JS 发出一个信息,字母“C”,“C”出现在 D 之前,正义来了。扩音器被从[ DS ]那里拿走了,他们惊慌失措,因为人们将会知道他们生活在一个虚幻的宣传世界里。大多数人总是在那里,但是[ DS ]试图用他们[ DS ]的机器来掩盖它,这已经结束,下一个阶段将带来正义。


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