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The True Hidden Masters
10 of our 12 DNA chains have been disconnected
我们12条 DNA 链中的10条已经断开
Manipulated in belief systems
Ancient Sumerian cuneiform tablets tell what we need to know
Prepare To Remember Your Past Lives

Complex Relationship with the Invisible Reality


The birth of the New World Order is said to have already been fulfilled by the Invisible Master called Yahweh, also called the bad God who contrasts with the Good God, who can only be attained through “gnosis” as concluded by the Gnostic bloodline members present on Earth. 世界正经历着前所未有的变化|最后的警钟Plato (370 BC) was the one who first used the term Gnostikos, which meant knowledge or the art of knowing, or perhaps the art of mastering known things.

新世界秩序的诞生据说已经被称为耶和华的无形大师完成了,他也被称为坏上帝,与善上帝形成对比,善上帝只能通过“灵知”才能实现,正如存在于地球上的灵知血统成员所总结的那样。柏拉图(公元前370年)是第一个使用术语 Gnostikos 的人,它的意思是知识或认识的艺术,或者也许是掌握已知事物的艺术。

The ideal leader is defined as a master of the Gnostic art. However, the original Gnostics refrained from assuming any role in government, as it was not their intention to change or control our society through social engineering and mental control. But instead to produce a balanced and capable enlightened person, who will eventually be able to create a truly enlightened society, which should be perfect enough not to be led by external alien management.


This good God contrasts with the ancient Greek god Prometheus, the Titan who stole fire from Olympus and gave it to mankind, has also been identified as Lucifer, the spirit of evil and opponent of the God in the Christian and Islamic religions, according to author and teacher John Lash.

这位善良的上帝与古希腊神普罗米修斯形成了鲜明的对比,普罗米修斯是泰坦神,他从奥林匹斯山上偷走火种并将火种赐予人类,根据作家兼教师约翰 · 拉什的说法,普罗米修斯也被认定为路西法,是邪恶的灵魂,是基督教和伊斯兰教神的对手。

According to author Uri Dowbenko, the controversy began when certain mystery schools began to misuse their knowledge through the application of behavioural manipulation, psychological programming and mind control technology. Which according to the beliefs of Judaism, Islam and Christianity are applied mind control techniques needed to keep their followers in line.

据作者 Uri Dowbenko 说,当某些神秘学校开始通过应用行为操纵、心理编程和精神控制技术滥用他们的知识时,争议就开始了。根据犹太教、伊斯兰教和基督教的信仰,这些都是精神控制技术的应用,需要让他们的追随者保持一致。

The relationship with the invisible world is very complex, as the Gnostics regard the idea of the Son of God as a delusion, insinuated into the human mind by an alien species of non-human entities or mental parasites called Archons, under the concept of Good versus Evil for ordinary people.


The point here is that the Anunnaki are not our creators, as the Illuminati would have us believe. They have only manipulated us to use us as their slaves.

这里的重点是,Anunnaki 不是我们的创造者,正如光照派希望我们相信的那样。他们只是操纵我们把我们当作他们的奴隶。

The True Hidden Masters


世界正经历着前所未有的变化|最后的警钟The true Hidden Masters, contrary to what is said in popular culture, are the good aliens, not the ones from the dark side. The good ones have no need to rule or control our lives. This goes against the universal occult laws.


However, the dark elite try to rise above these laws, they act as the guardians of the material world, that is, they are the Archons, who parasitise the most dangerous intrapsychic mind, just like most of their Islamic counterparts, used by the occult Elite and the intelligence services to deceive and manipulate us humans.


10 of our 12 DNA chains have been disconnected

我们12条 DNA 链中的10条已经断开

The disconnection of 10 of our 12 DNA chains has limited our potential. Some extraterrestrials helped genetically manipulate mankind, while the Anunnaki later crippled human genetics by disconnecting 10 of our 12 DNA strands, which enslaved mankind for the elite. These disconnected chains are classified by our scientists as junk DNA. But, in fact, we lost almost all if not most of our abilities and the two remaining DNA chains are only tuned to reproduce more slaves and stay alive on their own. When, all our 12-DNA strands are restored, we will have amazing capabilities. This will make it possible to use 100% of our brains again, whereas now for the majority of people only twelve percent of them are operational.

我们12条 DNA 链中的10条断开,限制了我们的潜能。一些外星人帮助在基因上操纵人类,而阿努纳奇人后来通过切断我们12条 DNA 中的10条来破坏人类基因,这使人类成为精英阶层的奴隶。这些断开的链被我们的科学家归类为垃圾 DNA。但是,事实上,我们几乎失去了我们所有的能力,如果不是大部分的话,剩下的两条 DNA 链只是调整来繁殖更多的奴隶和保持自己的生存。当我们所有的12条 dna 链都恢复后,我们将拥有惊人的能力。这将使我们能够再次使用100% 的大脑,而现在对于大多数人来说,只有12% 的大脑是可以运行的。

The aliens would like to have our DNA arsenal, because of our creative ability and versatility. They envy us our creativity, which makes us immortal. As the Bible says, we are created in the image of our Creator. When Jesus performed miracles, He said, “and you can do these things too”. And this is how mankind was able to function before the Anunnaki enslaved us by disconnecting 10 of our 12 strands of DNA.

外星人希望拥有我们的 DNA 武器库,因为我们的创造力和多样性。他们嫉妒我们的创造力,这使我们不朽。正如圣经所说,我们是按照造物主的形象被造的。当耶稣行神迹时,他说: “你也可以行这些事。”。这就是在 Anunnaki 奴役我们之前,人类是如何通过分离12条 DNA 中的10条来实现功能的。

Manipulated in ‘Belief Systems


In short, we live in a world of lies, manipulated in ‘Belief Systems’. But, now migrate to the ‘Knowledge System’ that will be our revelation.


世界正经历着前所未有的变化|最后的警钟The satanic Vatican created over 6000 false religions to control peoples through fear of death and hell among other things, which are pertinent lies. There is no hell, except the one we are living in now.


Extraterrestrials are hyper-dimensional beings. They hide behind the veil of our perception and can project themselves into our visible reality at will. They are not recent visitors to Earth, they have been here for hundreds of thousands of years, protected by their interdimensional reality that we cannot see because of their DNA manipulation in us.

外星人是超维度生命。他们隐藏在我们感知的面纱后面,可以随心所欲地将自己投射到我们可见的现实中。他们不是最近来到地球的访客,他们已经在这里生活了几十万年,受到他们的跨维度实相的保护,我们无法看到,因为他们在我们体内操纵 DNA。

The veil that keeps our souls imprisoned on this planet, through the reincarnation process, will be lifted in order to set humanity free, and to develop as the Creator has always intended for us.


Off-the-world technology is coming to us that will fix everything that is wrong on earth and can keep us young and healthy. – Then we learn about technologies, as healing machines that are already in operation. Of which it is said: “that they can keep us young and alive as long as we want, which could be about 1000 years before a new race reaches the next level”.

世界之外的科技正在向我们走来,它将修复地球上的一切错误,并使我们年轻健康。- 然后我们学习技术,比如已经投入使用的治疗机器。据说:”他们可以让我们保持年轻和活着,只要我们愿意,这可能是大约1000年前,一个新的种族达到下一个水平”。

In our obsession with questions such as “When will the unveiling come”, most people rarely ask useful questions about what might happen next. Some of the most fascinating developments to come relate to science and technology. What scientific knowledge might aliens possess, what technology might develop from this knowledge, and what might happen when we gain access to such technologies? Nick Pope uses his inside knowledge to explore some real-world paradigm shifting possibilities.

在我们沉迷于诸如“什么时候揭幕”这样的问题时,大多数人很少会问一些有用的问题,比如接下来会发生什么。一些最吸引人的发展与科学和技术有关。外星人可能拥有什么样的科学知识,从这些知识中可能发展出什么样的技术,以及当我们获得这些技术时会发生什么?尼克 · 波普用他的内部知识来探索一些现实世界范式转换的可能性。

Ancient Sumerian cuneiform tablets tell us what we need to know


世界正经历着前所未有的变化|最后的警钟This fascinating summary summarises everything described in previous episodes. Follow the now deceased, Jim Marrs, who uses his knowledge to uncover the entire history of the past and also tells us about the future. In one word fantastic, for more information follow this video about what is to come within the next 30 years.

这个引人入胜的总结概括了以前几集中所描述的一切。跟随已故的吉姆 · 马尔斯,他用自己的知识揭示了整个过去的历史,也告诉了我们未来。总而言之,太棒了,更多信息请关注这段视频,看看未来30年里会发生什么。

Our returning Exterrestrial correspondent Vital Frosi gives his views on the coming events below.

我们返回外地的通讯员维特尔 · 弗洛西对下面即将发生的事件提出了他的看法。

Prepare To Remember Your Past Lives


Loved ones!


As the transition comes to a close, the consciousness of those who are ready for ascension will expand to very high levels, to the point of facilitating the memory of all past lives. Not only life here on planet Earth, but life beyond.


世界正经历着前所未有的变化|最后的警钟This preparation now requires some effort, especially to understand that we are here in a school of souls. The experience in duality determines that in each incarnation you can actually live as a Good Guy or as a Bad Guy. This switching of status is what is actually taught to students of this School.


When consciousness has reached its highest levels, which will not be long, each incarnated soul that is ready for its ascension will gradually be able to remember each previous life. It will remember that in each of those lives, a different character lived. In one life it was a murderer, and in another it was murdered. In one life it was a thief, in the next you were robbed.


In one life you were rich, in another you were miserable. You were wise in one existence, and a fool in the next. In short, everything of which we can have any notion was in fact once experienced in the past.


When we understand that there are no more lessons to be had, the impression is that this school belongs to the past. But it is not enough just to have experienced it, it is necessary to have learned its lessons and to understand its duality, that is, both in the condition of the Good Guy and the Bad Guy. That is what is called duality, or polarities.


Until recently, we were taught that every evil committed must one day be reversed, that is, the same actions must be performed as before. Indeed, that is true. But it is not a punishment as you think. In fact, neither is it a Karma to be redeemed, for when we live the experiences that teach us what it is like to be in one state or another, it is the lesson we have learned.


We can compare life in 3D with a large open-air theatre. Every soul that incarnates here has a different character in every incarnation. Nothing is real in 3D. That is why we say that everything is only an illusion. As consciousness expands, we will know for sure soon enough.

我们可以将3d 生活与大型露天剧场相比较。每一个化身在这里的灵魂在每一次化身中都有不同的特征。3 d 世界里没有什么是真实的。这就是为什么我们说一切都只是幻觉。随着意识的扩展,我们很快就会知道答案。

If it is not a mistake, but always learned, we begin to understand that even if we were the bad guy in a previous life, that was in fact an experience of what it would be like to live such a life.


So, if I killed someone in a previous life, I did not get Karma as it was understood in the past. It was a lesson to learn what it is like to be a murderer. It is clear that after the discharge, my soul recognises the lived experience and then makes the soul plan to reincarnate and experience the other polarity, i.e. to be murdered.


If you have experienced both sides of the coin, the lesson has been learned. Today our consciousness can already understand this. There is no mistake, it is learning. But after the experience, the consciousness already knows that it is not necessary to kill somebody, because if it does, it will have to pay a ransom, which is called negative Karma.


Clearly understanding how the rules are in this School of Duality on a Third Dimension Planet, will lessen the impact or shock that many will feel when the strongest events soon lift the veils. The memory of our actions in what we consider to be the evil one may not be pleasant at all to those who do not yet understand that it was all a re-awakening, so that the incarnated soul fractal could learn the lessons taught in this Earth School.


Dreams bring us certain metaphors that remind us of such past deeds and actions. But it is still not enough. We have to become aware that the actions we performed when we were in the state of banditry are not real, but in fact a staging, for in 3D nothing is real.

梦带给我们一些隐喻,让我们想起过去的事迹和行为。但这仍然不够。我们必须意识到,我们在土匪出没的时候所做的一切都不是真实的,而是一个舞台,因为在3 d 世界里,没有什么是真实的。

The first lesson is always a new learning. It is obvious that after this first time, the consciousness already knows that it should not repeat such acts, because then it will generate a Karma and a need for salvation. This is what is happening now to a large part of humanity. Even if they know that they should not do certain deeds, they do them anyway. Then the consequences follow as we know them.


世界正经历着前所未有的变化|最后的警钟A consciousness that is ready to reach 5D will remember its past. It will have remembered every detail and every lesson. It will understand that they were not mistakes, but that every situation was a lesson. There will be no regrets and no guilt. Instead, there will be a certain pride in yourself, because you will appreciate the achievement and the performance in every incarnation, even in the case where you played the role of the bad element.

一个准备好达到5 d 的意识会记住它的过去。它会记住每一个细节和每一堂课。它会明白这不是错误,而是每一种情况都是一个教训。不会有遗憾,不会有罪恶感。相反,你会为自己感到骄傲,因为你会欣赏每一次化身中的成就和表现,即使在你扮演坏元素的情况下。

Before the consciousness begins to remember all these details, it is necessary that everyone becomes aware of them. Otherwise, when seeing all this information, many will go into a state of shock at once, if only for a limited time, but long enough to understand.


When we say that consciousness expands, we also mean that it will really recognise who it is and also everything it has experienced in previous lives. It will also be a moment to prove the famous phrase: “We are the Architects of Ourselves”.


Finally, we are now fast approaching the end of the teaching programme in this Soul School. The end of a Cycle is being closed, to begin a New Era. We will leave behind a world of reconciliation and trials to enter a world of rebirth. The long awaited Golden Age is already announcing its dawn. The announced New Age, finally appears on the horizon.


That moment is one of jubilation and glory, for it is also the reward for those who have earned it.


I am Vital Frosi and my mission is enlightenment.

我是Vital Frosi,我的任务是启蒙。



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