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"Biden is finished but mark my word,Obama is in the middle of this,up to his neck in corruption and fraud,this is Obama's scandal!"


"Biden and his son are stone-cold crooked"


*President Donald J.Trump-White House Press Conference Oct 2nd,2020


When Adam Schiff and the Democrat leadership made the decision to put their impeachment hopes on a 2nd party,CIA connected,Trump-hating,whistleblower,they didn't expect Trump to announce the release of the transcript before Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff had a chance to show their outrage in carefully scripted press conferences.

当亚当·希夫(Adam Schiff)和民主党领导层决定将弹劾希望寄托在第二方身上时,他们没想到特朗普会在南希·佩洛西(NancyPelosi)和亚当·希夫(AdamSchiff)有机会在精心安排的新闻发布会上表达自己的愤怒之前,宣布弹劾文本的发布。第二方与中央情报局(CIA)有联系,而且憎恨。

*It was revealed yesterday that Adam Schiff lied about when he learned about the phony Ukraine whistleblower.that should have surprised no one!


Whistleblowers don't typically come to the public's attention unless our controllers allow it.Real whistleblowers are typically always outed,persecuted,lose their jobs,are jailed on bogus charges or end up dead.More often than not their vital information is never reported to the public.


During the Obama era,whistleblowers were outed and viciously prosecuted,including US Army whistleblower Chelsea Manning,NSA whistleblowers Edward Snowden and Thomas Drake,and CIA whistleblowers John Kiriakou,and Jeffrey Sterling.I don't recall anyone on the left showing any interest in helping these people.


These whistleblowers came forward to blow the whistle on war crimes,the concern that Obama was destroying the 4th Amendment with flawed intelligence operations,illegal mass surveillance,and officially sanctioned torture,but got none of the protections provided to this fake CIA Ukraine whistleblower with a bone to pick with this president.


Most Americans are unaware that the rules for whistleblowers changed just over a month ago,about the same time that Adam Schiff was prepping his phony whistleblower to accuse the president of wrongdoing.


The CIA dropped its requirement that the whistleblower have direct first-hand knowledge of an event just prior to this complaint against Trump was made.Hearsay and second-hand information were deemed acceptable just weeks before this complaint was made.


There is no doubt in my mind that Schiff,Pelosi,Schumer and the rest of the traitors on the left conspired to lower the standard in order to take down this President.


Real whistleblowers exposing criminal activity in the government face government and media retribution and retaliation like in the case of Gary Webb.


Webb was a fearless investigative reporter,whose story was told in the big-budget film,"Kill The Messenger".He won a Pulitzer Prize for his series of articles for the San Jose Mercury and later a book titled"Dark Alliance".


He broke the story that the CIA and the US Military were smuggling tons of cocaine into the US and using street gangs across the country to distribute the drugs.Webb was persecuted,while a clueless Nancy Reagan told us to"Just say no".


Webb was mercilessly attacked by the mainstream media that refused to report the truth.He was let go by the San Jose Mercury,was blackballed in the industry,received death threats,was harassed by government agents,and his home was broken into several times.


*Gary Webb,days after telling friends he was being followed,was found dead in his home with two(2)bullets from a.38 caliber revolver in his head.His death was ruled a suicide.Today there are books,TV shows and movies depicting the very events the media accused Webb of fabricating.


The Democrats are moving forward with this bogus impeachment because they have been cornered,they are out of options,and they know that they can't beat Trump in 2020.


They are also extremely nervous about the fact that Bill Barr and a justice department team led by US Attorney John Durham,are getting to the truth about the conspiracy of senior Obama officials to steal the election from Trump,and who have continued to work since his election to destroy him.


Barr is investigating to what extent a number of countries,including Ukraine,Australia,and Great Britain,participated in Obama's FBI counterintelligence operation run by Peter Strzok.Strzok's team was digging for dirt on Trump and his campaign manager Paul Manafort in Ukraine.


The Ukrainians have admitted to cooperating in this effort,no doubt believing that Hillary would beat Trump in 2016.Jim Hoft with the Gateway Pundit reports that Ukrainian prosecutor Yuriy Lutzenkoko stated that Obama's Ambassador to Ukraine was a Trump hater who refused visas to Ukrainians who had dirt on the Obama Administration to give to Trump.


I wrote over two years ago that"NSA whistleblower William Binney had testified that the NSA illegally spies on the American people including Congressmen,Senators,Federal Judges,and even Supreme Court Justices.We know that Obama was wiretapping reporters and Rand Paul believes that they are wiretapping the Senate."


I also wrote that NSA whistleblower Dennis Montgomery leaked proof to the FBI that Trump was under surveillance back in 2015.the question that should be asked is,why was Trump under surveillance in 2015?


Montgomery found that criminals in the Intelligence agencies,led by John Brennan and James Clapper were using a system he designed that they referred to as"The Hammer",to illegally spy on Trump,General Flynn,and apparently anyone else that got in their way.


Montgomery turned over 47 hard drives of evidence and gave sworn testimony to FBI Director James Comey,FBI General Counsel James Baker,and an Asst.US State Attorney named Deborah Curtis back in August of 2015.Montgomery even said that Mueller was well aware of all of this and even provided the computers for"The Hammer"


Some other questions that need to be asked are:


*Where is Dennis Montgomery now?


*Why wasn't Montgomery interviewed by the Congress and Senate during their investigations?


*Why didn't Mueller interview Montgomery during his Special Counsel investigation?


*Why has the FBI covered-up this man's testimony for four years?


*Does Trump or any member of his team know about Montgomery?If not why not?


Michael Flynn's attorney Sidney Powell just tweeted an excellent article by Mary Fallon and Alan Jones on the American Reporter site whose article points out that the prosecution was burying exculpatory evidence in the Flynn case.


迈克尔·弗林的律师西德尼·鲍威尔(Sidney Powell)刚刚在美国记者网站上发表了一篇由玛丽·法伦(Mary Fallon)和艾伦·琼斯(Alan Jones)撰写的优秀文章,文章指出检方正在掩盖弗林案件中的辩护证据。

They also point out the absurdity that this whole operation to spy on and sabotage Trump was planned and executed by Senior officials of the Obama Administration.And this is where we are?


The Assistant US Attorney Deborah Curtis,who was given proof that Michael Flynn was being illegally spied on four(4)years ago was chosen to lead his prosecution before stepping down just 5 days ago.Will Curtis's prosecutorial misconduct heIp Sidney Powell get Flynn's plea agreement thrown out!I believe it will.


The whole time that Mueller was looking for nonexistent Trump/Russian collusion the FBI had evidence proving his innocence.James Comey,members of the mainstream media and the Justice Department have hidden this information from the public for 4 years.


When will Barack Obama be made to answer questions about the illegal surveillance that was out of control during his eight years in office and address the whistleblower complaints during his two terms?


We have a history of whistleblowers like the aforementioned Gary Webb,William Binney,Dennis Montgomery,as well as Chip Tatum,Barry Seal,Cathy Obrien,Brice Taylor,Terry Reid,Al Martin,Gunther Russbacher,Darlene Novinger,and Sibel Edmonds among many others who put their lives and careers in jeopardy because they are patriots who saw corruption at the highest levels of our government and tried to do the right thing


Fair-minded Americans in both parties must suspect that these latest accusations are ridiculous and without merit and can see that the Democrats have been trying to impeach this president since he was inaugurated!


Trump haters,however,are not fair-minded and don't care about the truth.The media has done their job with nonstop negative coverage of Trump and most people who claim to hate him can't even articulate why!


Hillary was going to take our guns,open the borders,have abortion on demand and continue to alienate and marginalize Christians with her anti-family agenda by continuing to push the LGBT agenda including inappropriate sex education for grade-schoolers,and"Drag Queen Story Hour"in public libraries that are being sponsored by Whole Foods...I'm not kidding!


All of the Democrats running for president in 2020 are bound and determined to pass a new"green tax"to save the planet from non-existent global warming.These are the dopes that obediently sat through the angry teenaged Eichmann,Greta Thunberg's bizarre scolding at the UN.


The left's agenda is Communism!


It is imperative that Barr and the Justice Department make these criminals pay for what they are doing to this country and it needs to happen sooner than later.If Trump wins in 2020 the country can't go through another 4 years of this nonsense!


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