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A sign of change?Feelings of frustration?Ulterior motives?These are all ideas that have been coming to the mind of those who have been well aware of the factual reality that UFOs are in fact real,verifiable for at least the last 3 or 4 decades.Denied,ridiculed and made out to be crazy,those who knew now see the mainstream media talking in the plenty about UFOs and are wondering why.

一个改变的信号?沮丧的感觉?别有用心?这些都是那些清楚地意识到不明飞行物事实上是真实的、至少在过去三四十年里可以核实的事实真相的人的想法。那些知道真相的人现在看到主流媒体大量谈论 ufo,他们想知道为什么。

People's newsfeed have been exploding with UFO headlines for the past 3 or 4 days.I'm not talking about one or two articles here and there,I'm talking about seeing headline after headline to the point where you can't ignore the fact that someone is going to come up to you and finally say"hey did you see that thing about how UFOs are now real?"

在过去的34天里,人们的新闻源充斥着 UFO 的头条新闻。我说的不是这里那里的一两篇文章,我说的是看到一个接一个的标题,直到你不能忽视这样一个事实,即有人会走到你面前,最后说:"嘿,你看到那个关于 ufo 现在是真实的东西了吗?"

Have a look at just a few I got,all published 3 days ago,from one quick Google search:


UFOs Are Real,But Don't Assume They're Alien Spaceships–Space.com


Former US Defense official:We know UFOs are real–here's why that's concerning–Fox News


UFOs Exist And Everyone Needs To Adjust To That Fact–Washington Post


When Two Navy Pilots Saw a UFO Shaped'Like a Giant Tic Tac'–The Daily Beast


I don't think anyone will complain about these admissions,in fact,I feel most welcome it,but there is some nuance to this discussion that is very helpful to understand,especially for those that might be a bit newer to the subject.



Some people in the UFO community who have been well aware that UFOs are real for the last 20 or 30 years are perhaps going to feel frustrated as now the public decides to listen and take the subject seriously because the mainstream media,who has given no reason for people to trust them,has finally admitted this to be true.This comes after years of denial and making fun of the subject.This is an understandable feeling,and one worthy of processing,but there is something to be inspired about here and getting stuck in this feeling simply won't serve us for too long.

在过去的20年或30年中,UFO 团体中的一些人非常清楚 UFO 是真实存在的,但现在公众决定倾听并认真对待这个话题时,他们可能会感到沮丧,因为没有给出任何理由让人们相信 UFO 的主流媒体最终承认了这一点。这是在多年的否认和取笑之后的结果。这是一种可以理解的感觉,也是一种值得处理的感觉,但是这里有一些东西值得我们去启发,并且停留在这种感觉中不会为我们服务太长时间。


As Space.com puts it,"Aliens shouldn't be the default explanation for weird stuff in the sky."And this is true,the conversation truly is about asking who is manning these craft?They have been around,studied and have been widely documented by government and intelligence agencies for years,but all this hidden from the public.

正如 space 网站所说,"外星人不应该是天空中怪异物体的默认解释。"这是真的----真正的对话是关于谁在操纵这些飞行器?政府和情报机构多年来一直在研究和记录这些数据,但所有这些数据都对公众隐瞒了。

Why now?Why is there finally admission?Perhaps it's time humanity finally hears the truth…en masse.Perhaps this is about controlling a narrative that has slowly been getting'out of control'due to the rise of independent media.Millions of people tune into the truth and insight of independent media like us here at Collective Evolution,perhaps those who kept such a tight seal on the UFO/ET subject are now attempting to once again gain the upper hand on how the UFO/ET narrative is told.

为什么是现在?为什么终于有了承认?也许是时候让人类听到真相了......大家一起。也许这是为了控制由于独立媒体的兴起而逐渐失控的叙事。数以百万计的人收听独立媒体的真相和洞察力,就像我们这里的"集体进化"一样,也许那些对 UFO/ET 主题严加封锁的人现在正试图再次在 UFO/ET 叙事的讲述上占据上风。

Why is that important?Think of it this way,for years and years now,the truth has already been out there in media,just not in the mainstream.Thousands and thousands of declassified government documents have evidently shown UFOs are real,and that has been very clear.But there is one other thing to consider:many documents,military and government whistleblowers also have disclosed that they know some of these craft are manned by ETs.In fact,they are aware that multiple races have been interacting with humanity.

为什么这很重要?这么想吧,年复一年,真相已经出现在媒体上,只是不在主流媒体上。成千上万解密的政府文件显然已经证明 ufo 是真实存在的,这一点已经非常清楚。但还有另外一件事需要考虑:许多文件、军方和政府的告密者也透露,他们知道其中一些飞船是由外星人操纵的。事实上,他们意识到多种族已经与人类互动。

"…with absolute certainty,that four species,four different species,at least,have been visiting this planet for thousands of years....There's been a lot more activity in the last few decades,since we invented the atomic bomb,and they are very concerned about that,and the fact that we might use it again,because the whole cosmos is a unity and it affects not just us but other people in the cosmos,"–Paul Hellyer,Former Canadian Minister of Defense(source)


For this knowledge to come out would mean not only would there be UFO admission but an admission of ETs.This,however,isn't happening.Instead,we have been given only a tiny piece to the puzzle,thus controlling the narrative,controlling the disclosure of something everyone has the right to know.Why?


Well,the implications of this knowledge go deep and leave no aspect of humanity untouched.We're talking changes to core belief systems,religions,and so forth.We're talking changes to the very robotic nature by which we go about daily life.Not to mention getting into the technological questions that come when we begin to ask how these crafts move and do the maneuvers they do.Can you say free energy? Kicking fossil fuel,wind and solar industries out the window for technology the government has known exists for many decades now.


There is no other way but to say this bluntly:admission of intelligence behind these crafts is too big a threat to the enslaving infrastructures we have,and thus it's important to control the narrative.



Perhaps the most inspiring aspect of this conversation is that we truly can be saying to ourselves"things are changing,perceptions are changing,our minds are opening up."Which is a good thing.


I have long discussed that the importance of the ET conversation truly lies in consciousness.The fact that humanity's curiosity about ETs has grown immensely in recent years has an underlying conversation about consciousness that cannot be avoided.I wrote about this in detail in an article titled Why Humanity Is So Obsessed With Finding Aliens Right Now.


To summarize it,we are in a deep search for what we know to be true within ourselves,and that search will expand our way of being and living immensely.It will also help evolve us out of this destructive state we are collectively in.


The core to this conversation is that yes,things are changing enough to the point where the mainstream media and authoritative aspects of our societal infrastructures,like government and mainstream media,must begin to widely admit the reality of subjects like this,but also we must be critical in our thinking about how narratives are trying to be controlled here.


The conversation does not have to stop at UFOs however.Some feel recent admissions are to pave the way for revealing the US'space force that has already been created,this may be partly true,but we must also look at the discussion of ETs and what we ALREADY know about them.


To learn more about what we do know,check out the following:


The CE Show Ep.6–WikiLeaks Document Discusses Base On Moon


Multiple Investigations Reveal Secrets About Where US Tax Dollars Are Really Going


Aerospace Insider on Aliens:'We Don't Have To Go Anywhere To Find Them,They're Already Here'



Once again,it's an inspiring time.A time where we are opening up to greater conversations and nothing can slow them down.The question is,will we actively,presently and with awareness learn from our past of trusting mainstream media and government to give us the truth they have hidden for years?Or will we seek to become self-responsible and find this information on our own as independent communities?




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