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The energies of the past Pink Super Full Moon were very intense,both in a positive way(for manifestation rituals,mediations)and in a negative way(energetic attacks).


The good thing is that the situation in Ukraine has calmed down a little;although it is far from over and military intervention is still possible.Physically you can observe the troop movements,energetically the Archons are charging Crimea and especially the border areas to Donetsk and Luhansk with electromagnetic fluid(proactive energy/fire element),which can lead to warlike situations when negatively applied.In addition,the area is shielded with Anomaly to protect it from the intervention of Light Forces.Despite this circumstance,some of these negatives energies could already be removed and meditations are still beneficial:


Second good news is that,according to my information,Prince Philip,who just passed away,was captured by Light Forces and brought immediately to the Galactic Central Sun.



As for the current pandemic planning games,the negative effects of the untested vaccines are now becoming apparent and at least a few countries are drawing some consequences:


Some new issues has been discovered regarding the test sticks as some of them seems to be contaminated with a toxic substance called ethylene oxide:


In addition,there is initial information that the Cabal is exchanging the package inserts of the test sticks to cover up dangers and that the DNA of vaccinated people is already negatively emanating on other people,so that unvaccinated people may also experience health issues.The Light Forces continue to advise Starseeds not to get vaccinated,not to get tested if possible,and to wear masks as little as possible.

此外,有初步信息表明阴谋集团正在交换检测棒的说明书以掩盖危险,接种疫苗的人的 DNA 已经从其他人身上散发出负面信息,因此未接种疫苗的人也可能遭遇健康问题。光明势力继续建议星际种子不要接种疫苗,如果可能的话不要进行测试,尽可能少戴口罩


This agenda is a global gene experiment as well as perhaps the greatest obvious crime in human history.Actually,the scenario was not planned before 2050,but due to the upcoming Event it had to be brought forward now and pulled through extremely quickly.


That's why the Cabal makes many obvious mistakes at the moment.The already visible side effects of the vaccinations were not planned this way,because it makes many people and also governments suspicious.


There are at least about 3000 major Cabal puppets pushing this agenda on the surface,Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab are 2 of them.


However,a network of lawyers in cooperation with scientists,experts and whistleblowers is already working in the background to stop this evil group.Several lawyers from German-speaking countries,but meanwhile also from Anglo-American countries,are preparing the largest class action lawsuit in history under the leadership of Reiner Fuellmich:

然而,一个律师网络与科学家,专家和举报人合作,已经在后台工作,以阻止这个邪恶组织。几位来自德语国家的律师,同时也来自英美国家,正准备在雷纳福埃尔米奇(Reiner Fuellmich)的领导下,提起史上规模最大的集体诉讼:

Things could still get difficult inside parts of the world where this NWO agenda is being implemented at full speed right now(China,Europe–digital surveillance,Green Pass etc.).

在世界上那些正在全速实施 NWO 议程的地方(中国、欧洲数字监控、绿色通行证等),事情仍然会变得困难

But this agenda can only work if these people get the whole planet under control,and that has more or less already failed:Sweden goes an own way,Russia will not take part and also in the US a turning away is already happening in some states:


People are also turning away from propaganda factory Hollywood:


In some western countries there are already visible rumblings in the military:


If not everyone joins in,the agenda will collapse.


That's why the Dark Ones are already preparing their alternative plans.


The pandemic was simulated in 2019 during the so called Event 201:


This summer a different scenario will be simulated.Its called Cyber Polygon and in a nutshell,it's about a total blackout of the Internet or rather the complete digital world(to then reset it):


Furthermore,the UFO topic continues to be pushed in the mainstream more and more clearly and openly:

此外,UFO 话题越来越清晰和公开地被主流媒体推崇:


I've mentioned before that such reports can be pushed by both sides,positive and negative.The card Fake Alien Invasion is still in play,but no matter how the Cabal will play it,it will always end up playing into the Light Forces'hands.


In this context and perhaps interesting for some Starseeds,it may be worth mentioning that the professional Remote Viewers of the Farsight Institute took a closer look at Antarctica with respect to flying saucers,secret Nazi bases,Reptilians,Aldebarans and Operation Highjump:



So,even if it doesn't look like it at first glance,things are happening and things are coming to light.The system is disintegrating,even if it seems as if in slow motion.


From a global perspective,a split is taking place now.On one side,those people who are(or want to)still stuck in the(fear)matrix and those who are moving away from it.This is all part of the Ascension Process.Those who are still stuck in it will also wake up;it will just be much rougher for them.


As Starseeds,it continues to be important to stay calm and centred,to do the missions,and as far as possible,not be infected by the ever-increasing chaos outside.



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