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圣母玛利亚|你的解放日即将到来Dearest Diana,thank you for contacting me on this auspicious day.I AM your Mother God,the Divine Mother to All.Your Father,the Divine Masculine is here with me and of course,is represented in my words to you.For yes,I would love to give a message to my Children on Gaia.


Dear Children,time is running short.The great cosmic clock has been set and is counting down to your sweet liberation from tyranny!!You are just seconds,minutes away from your freedom!!!!!


Things will begin to change in a very short time and you may be stunned.It is because much has been going on behind the curtains,much has been hidden from you and now you need to see the truth.This refers to the truth of such things as what your"leaders"and others have told you.You have been deceived these many millennia.


You may ask why your Father and I would allow this to happen.Why would we allow your"leaders"to lie to you?We set up Gaia as a"free will"planet from the start and as such,we have not interfered with the affairs of our children…until now.We did step in recently(in the last 50 years or so)after hearing the cries from our children and from Gaia for assistance.We cannot and will not give you all the deep,dark details.However,those who have been controlling you have had their way for much too long and we decided that it must be stopped so that Gaians could have their chance to Ascend.


Gaia herself called to your Galactic Family who has been monitoring her for thousands of years.She asked for their help and we gave our blessing.In turn,your Galactic Family formed what has been called"The Alliance"which is another name for a group of good hearted Souls who wished to free Gaia's inhabitants,our children.The Alliance is comprised of both Gaians&Galactics who have been working together these many years to upset the apple cart of the dark ones who have been in control.Things are not always what they seem,dear hearts.Life on Gaia has been much for difficult for you than was intended by us.These dark ones love fear and they used it to manipulate you for centuries.


The Alliance is very intelligent and they used their minds and hearts to craft a plan to break up the power of the dark ones.They have been very patient and determined in their work.Many,many,many lives have been lost in this battle for your freedom,dear hearts!Please send those Souls who gave their lives your gratitude and love.These are not the'Veterans'of the military that you know and love.These are the ones who have been working behind the scenes and under-ground,fighting a war that 99%of the world's population does not know about.Your loved ones are indeed also loved and appreciated for their service!But at this moment,I AM telling you about those who also sacrificed themselves in their dedication to the Light.


In the coming weeks and months you will be shown things that you had no idea existed and tales that you will be shocked to hear.Please know that I and your Father are with you and will assist you get through this difficult time.And as always,our Angels are on call for assistance also.This time will pass quickly!It is necessary to clean out the cupboards and sweep up before moving to a lighter,brighter plane,do you see?The dark deeds,lies and betrayals all must be exposed for healing.Only then can you as a collective YOU,our children,move on and Ascend.


Again,please give thanks to The Alliance and those who have worked so diligently on your behalf.These Souls number in the billions over many years.Even if they sacrificed their lives,they will still feel the love of your gratitude if you send it.


I AM your Mother God.I love you all more than you can ever imagine.Call on me.Call on your Father God too!I leave you now with our love and with our joy that your Liberation Day is almost at hand!!Be in JOY!


Thank you,Mother&Father God!


**Source**Channel:Dancing Dolphin



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