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织女星的伊沃|解决方案Me:It dawned on me this morning,right out of bed,that there are so many great videos on youtube and other sources of information describing what the deep state is doing to the people by having released the corona and covid viruses upon us.This one said we're all being treated like sick patients rather than healthy people.We're all being married up to the Big Pharma system of medicine,rather than making our own choices.It's psychological warfare.Do children go back to school in September or not?Do they have to wear masks or not?Why can't we just return to normal,you ask.

:今天早上,我刚起床就想到,youtube 上有那么多很棒的视频,还有其他信息来源,描述了深层状态对人们的影响,它们给我们带来了冠状病毒和covid病毒。这个人说我们都被当作病人而不是健康的人来对待。我们都与大型制药公司的医药系统联姻,而不是做出我们自己的选择。这是一场心理战。孩子们是否在九月份返回学校?他们到底要不要戴口罩?你可能会问,为什么我们不能回归正常。

These videos are great.Very well thought out and described in plain English for everyone to understand.There's only one problem:Nobody offers any solutions.What are we going to do about it?As a collective?As an individual?


I see groups forming on the internet and everyone is just trashing out their local politicians or Trump,or whoever.They're just hating on them and I have to admit I'm not fond of Trudeau because I think he's Canada's Hillary Clinton.


I watched a very good video last night that described everything that Trump has done since he got into power,which surprised the hell out of the deep state,because they tried to rig the vote as usual.It didn't work.I have a feeling I know why not.I know Ashtar has told me that their QFS computer has hacked all of our computer systems on earth and I'm assuming that they interfered with the vote rigging.Unless someone on earth came up with a way to stop them,this is my assumption and it's only an assumption.I haven't checked it out yet.Or that old excuse:"Maybe the Russians did it."Putin has always been on the right side anyway.Maybe they hacked the voting computers.Who knows?I'll link the video underneath this and I urge you to watch it.It's very clear on what Trump has done and with expediency too.He sat there with a smirk on his face while he watched his adversaries squirm,and he enjoyed it.Trump is using the NSA phone tapping records of every conversation on earth as evidence to convict these satanic pedophiles.All he does is bring the paperwork and he watches them sweat.At George Bush Sr.'s funeral,he interrupted the funeral and handed everyone the evidence on them.Then he walked out.Expediency fits.

我昨晚看了一个非常好的视频,里面描述了特朗普上台后所做的一切,这让这个深陷困境的州大吃一惊,因为他们试图像往常一样操纵选票。但是没有成功。我有种感觉,我知道为什么不。我知道阿斯塔告诉我,他们的 QFS 计算机已经入侵了我们在地球上的计算机系统,我假设他们干涉了选举操纵。除非地球上有人想出办法阻止他们,否则这只是我的假设,而且只是一种假设。我还没查过。或者那个老掉牙的借口:"也许是俄罗斯人干的。"无论如何,普京总是站在正确的一边。也许他们黑了投票电脑。谁知道呢?我会把下面的视频链接起来,希望大家能够观看。特朗普的所作所为和权宜之计都非常清楚。他坐在那里,脸上带着傻笑,看着他的对手局促不安,他很享受。特朗普正在利用美国国家安全局的电话窃听记录作为证据,证明这些邪恶的恋童癖者有罪。他所做的就是带上文件,看着他们汗流浃背。在老乔治·布什的葬礼上,他打断了葬礼,把证据交给了每一个人。然后他走了出去。权宜之计。

The fact is,this is all fine and well,but nobody is offering any solutions.What are you going to do about this?Sit tight while all your rights are being taken away?Hey,here's something to ponder.You have free will on earth.God allows you to do anything you want to,whether it's negative or positive.You have the ability to do that–it's God given.The first thing you did was you gave it away,obviously when you were too little to understand.But understand that now.You have free will.You can do anything you want because God wants you to.However,remember that if you harm another person,you'll have to rebalance the energy on that act.


So what are you going to do about the virus?Give in and keep watching fear porn every night at 6 p.m.?Are you going to start rallying in groups of like minded people who also don't comply?Remember,united we stand,divided we fall.This is what the covid 19 scam is all about–we all have to wear masks lest we infect each other.Now everyone is suspicious of each other as being a germ carrier.If this isn't divisive,what is?If you think you have to take this on just by yourself,you're not going to feel very good about that,but it there is a group of one hundred thousand people who think as you do who will take on the deep state,you're going to feel more relaxed and energized.

那么你打算怎么处理这个病毒呢?每天晚上6点放弃,继续看恐惧色情片?你是否准备开始召集那些志同道合但又不服从的人们?记住,团结就是坚持,分裂就是失败。这就是 covid 19骗局的意义所在——我们都必须戴上面具,以免互相传染。现在每个人都怀疑对方是细菌携带者。如果这不是分裂,那是什么呢?如果你认为你必须独自承担这个任务,你不会感觉很好,如果你认为你必须独自面对这个问题,你不会感觉很好,但是有一群10万人会像你一样思考,他们会进入深层状态,你会感觉更放松,更有活力。

However,remember this group has to be one that is pro-active.Not a group that just sits there and hates on all the people who they feel are doing this to them.


We are revealing the truth,the anons and the Patriots are revealing the truth.Yes.Now we need to reveal THE SOLUTION.What's the solution?Obviously who you vote for in November will be important.If you vote Liberal,you're voting the Deep State back in.They will obtain full power again.Consider that before you cast your vote please.


What do we do on a personal basis and what do we do in a group setting?What do we have to do to fight back against the deep state?How effective is protesting?How effective is rioting?These are questions that all need to be asked.


Ivo,can you help out here please?


Ivo:My love,yes,indeed I can.Please continue to get the word out and do focus on the solution,not the problem.Yes,some are not aware of the problem yet but you should also focus on what can be done about it.


Non-compliance is important.Do not comply with mask wearing.Do not comply with signing in at banks and restaurants to get a meal.If you wish to get together with others,do so.You know there is no horrendous threat to you,no more so than catching the flu or pneumonia.The numbers Trump will release soon will bear that out.The world will be shocked.Like him or not,he is still the authority in the United States and you have been programmed to listen to authority.


The other solution is is to stop listening to authority.Stand up to authority.Know your constitutional rights.Learn them now.And live by them.That is the law of the land,not the legal system that is currently being exercised.Do not allow violations of your rights and your children's rights.You understand that all that is being done is a lie.It is a ruse.So the solution is not to play along.


If you wish to dine out in a restaurant,it might be easier to find a family run business that will comply with your not signing in.If you wish to eat in an Illuminati establishment,then you might not be able to.If you find smaller shops that do not care about the rules so much,you may be able to shop without a mask.If you shop at a larger retailer,than you may have to use the curbside pick up service as Sharon does.


Me:I haven't worn a mask once.Not once.I don't even own one.I know that Ivo and my galactic family is on the timeline of"no mask"so I'm staying on that timeline.I don't care what they say on this planet,nothing will keep me from rejoining you again.Nothing.Come hell or high water,I will not comply.


Ivo:And you need not,my love.You are our hero.


Me:By the way,I've walked right into Money Mart with no mask on.Nobody said anything.Like I was saying about private businesses that would cash your paper check if the government freezes out your bank accounts.


I want everyone to consider it might get that bad.People are of the opinion that the food supplies will be cut off.That makes sense because why would Bayer-Monsanto buy off all the farmers?So they can dominate and control the food industry.That's why.It's not just for the sake of GMO's or putting Round-up in your blood stream.There may well be more at hand.What if they decide to close retailers in Chicago and leave them open in Minnesota?Everyone in Chicago would eventually have to move or travel long distances to get their food.Would they do that?I think you need to understand that nothing is beyond them.Nothing.Why?Because it's Agenda 21–they're culling the herd.They're trying to kill us off.So anything goes,folks.


Ivo:And in that same way,local farming must be supported.Keep your local farmer in business and then grow your own foods as well.Also,keep a stock of food in reserve in your pantry.Stock up.I cannot stress this enough.Keep food and money at home.


Me:I think we're going to establish a huge black market if they ever get to the point that they cut off our banking,food,and shut the doors of Walmart.Folks,you have to look at it this way:the deep state owns all big business that our society is built on.We eat thanks to them,we bank thanks to them,and we get all our baby diapers and toiletries,vitamin pills and toilet paper,all thanks to Walmart and the drug mart chains.Stop buying there and go support your mom and pop stores.Big business could close on you in the same way they shut down all the restaurants during the corona virus days.Same way.They can shut everything down all at once because the virus was found to be way off the scale in that area.How are you going to feed your baby now?Don't leave that in their hands!Stock up now!Make sure you have adequate food on hand to survive for months.No less than.Keep money at home.Do not leave yourself in these sociopath's hands.


We know Trump is in power but there are still so many cabal around and they still run the businesses.They don't listen to Trump.They think nothing of harming us.We're going to be the victims in all of this–if we let them victimize us.That's the thing.Don't let them!


Protesting is great but make sure your home is stocked up and you're ready for whatever they throw at you.Find alternative places to shop that don't care about the rules.Usually non-corporate shops and stores will be more willing to have you.Maybe some won't.It depends on how scared they are.


Ivo:It is also best to try to have your mortgage paid a few months in advance.If you can do this,or pay it off entirely within the foreseeable future,then you are better off than with a mortgaged home.Mortgages are part of the debt system that the Illuminati has created in order to make money from you.They mortgage your home with computer-generated sums that have no gold backing,and then get back your money in payment.Your money is backed by your labor,it is your hard earned cash and the actual currency on earth is your energy.Think of earth that way.The currency is your energy,because it is.Your energy runs these artificial timelines,your energy creates this reality of which you imprison yourself,and your energy works to pay the cabal their riches.You give them your money in return for their having given you nothing.In fact,they stole this world from you,as I have said before.Yes,you have a home but they can change the laws and take it away from you as quickly as they want.They do not care.


Secure yourself as much as possible now.Pay the rent a few months in advance if possible,and pay the mortgage up front as well.Continue to pay monthly,keeping that cushion ahead of you until perhaps you cannot pay anymore for some reason.


Stay out of medical establishments.If you go to a medical establishment,you must take a covid test.Do not allow them to test you.You will always have a false positive.Do not allow yourself to be part of the lie.I am healing Sharon's teeth,her frozen shoulder and her knee because I know she will not go to a practitioner anymore.She has sought alternative solutions through the internet and I advise you to do the same.Also find a healer or work on self healing.


Me:I love binaural beats.I swear by them.They've helped my fatigue a lot.It's just that you have to diagnose what you have instead of getting a doctor to do it.I listen to them on youtube.It's sound therapy.

:我喜欢双耳节奏。我以他们的名义发誓。它们大大缓解了我的疲劳。这只是你必须诊断你所患的疾病,而不是让医生来诊断。我在 youtube 上听他们的视频。这是一种声音疗法。

Ivo:What I am suggesting to you all is that when you withdraw from the system,and become self supporting to the greatest extent possible,then you will no longer be a victim of the system.They cannot victimize you by shutting off your bank account if all your money is under your mattress.They cannot stop you from shopping on line if you have thousands of dollars worth of Mastercard gift cards.They cannot stop you from shopping if you see your local grocer or farmer who will supply you with food.


They are seeking to harm you now.They do not care about the psychological harm this virus will have on you or your children.To indoctrinate you into a system and then totally withdraw that system from you and have you stay at home out of fear is abuse.You are being abused.You must stop feeding the beast.Use the system as little as possible or not at all.


When you stop shopping at Walmart,gassing up at Petro Can or the larger retailers,when you stop buying big name products and either do without or make your own,when you buy second hand,when you stop paying retail taxes,when you stop going to the doctor's,when you stop buying at large retail grocery chains–you are disempowering the Illuminati.You are hitting the deep state in their control mechanism:the financial power they hold over you.

当你停止在沃尔玛购物,停止在 Petro Can 或者更大的零售商购物,当你停止购买名牌产品,或者不购买或者自己生产,当你购买二手商品,当你停止支付零售税,当你停止去看医生,当你停止在大型零售杂货连锁店购物,你正在削弱光照派的力量。你正在触及他们控制机制的深州:他们控制你的财务力量。

Take your power back.Continue to envision a better future for humanity that is free of control of any kind,and withdraw from the Matrix.


Me:Thank you,Ivo.Every bit helps.Every little bit you do to take down the system helps.


Ivo:It has built itself up on your backs–your sweat–and now you must realize that you can bring it down as well.But it means becoming independent of it.


Me:I realize that they're trying to turn the system over to a benevolent one–our current system,that is.But it's still an out of control monster and there is a way to get it under control–our control.By being deliberate about where we shop,what we buy,how much banking fees they get,etc etc etc.It's time to get really conscious of our spending habits.


Ivo:Yes,my love.You are consumers.That is what you have been made to be.But the system depends upon you to consume.When you stop,the system cannot function.Do not allow them to catch you unprepared,and reduce the amount of energy you invest in their false system.These are two things you can do right now.


Me:Yes,you warned us all of this in"What You Need to Know Now,"which we wrote in 2016.You were talking about right now.


Ivo:I was.It need not be so bad when you prepare for it.




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