X22报告|第2808集: 人们开始为他们的储蓄而恐慌,旧卫队的毁灭

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[ DS ]继续输球。特朗普和爱国者们正在拆除他们建立的系统。每一块碎片都被移除了,[ DS ]的渗透也被暴露了。消灭旧卫队的行动正在进行中。

X22报告|第2808集: 人们开始为他们的储蓄而恐慌,旧卫队的毁灭

Ep. 2808a – The People Are Beginning To Panic Over Their Savings, Green New Deal Stalls

Ep. 2808a – 人们开始为他们的储蓄、绿色新政摊位感到恐慌

Ep. 2808b – Destruction Of The Old Guard, As The Darkness Falls So Does Our Enemies

Ep. 2808b – 摧毁旧的守护者,就像黑暗降临我们的敌人

X22 报告发表于2022年6月24日


Trump was right again, the Germans are panicking and now they are firing up the coal plants, interesting what happened to solar power and wind power? Americans are panicking that inflation will eat their savings away. The Fed admits the debt is unsustainable, shifts the blame.



The [DS] continues to lose. Trump and the patriots are dismantling their system they setup. Each piece is being removed and the [DS] infiltration is being exposed. The destruction of the old guard is in process. The darkness is falling and the enemy is now exposed. The [DS] is going to try to fight back, they will use violence and fear but this will not work. The people are now with them, they are awake and they see through their false agendas. 

[ DS ]继续输球。特朗普和爱国者们正在拆除他们建立的系统。每一块碎片都被移除了,[ DS ]的渗透也被暴露了。消灭旧卫队的行动正在进行中。黑暗降临,敌人现在暴露了。 [DS] 将试图反击,他们将使用暴力和恐惧,但这不会奏效。人们现在和他们在一起,他们是清醒的,他们看穿了他们虚假的议程。


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