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,疯狂的左派人士推出了一个童话般的弹劾唐纳德·特朗普总统的阴谋ーー这个阴谋是由两名前中央情报局特工库尔特·道格拉斯·沃尔克(Kurt Douglas Volker)和爱德华·”内德”·普莱斯(Edward”Ned”Price)策划的ーー普莱斯是前中央情报局官员

A fascinating new Security Council(SC)report circulating in the Kremlin today confirming the mental assessment of Western socialists made by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov,who said they always operate under the premise"we are liberals,we can do whatever we want",states that this truism is now on full display in the United States where its demented leftists have rolled out a fairy tale impeachment plot against President Donald Trump—a plot masterminded by two former CIA operatives named Kurt Douglas Volker and Edward"Ned"Price—with Price being the former CIA officer who reported an unending stream of Russiagatelies while working in his position as a political analyst for NBC News—all of which were fed to him by Volker—who draws a salary from the rabid Trump-hater John McCain's think tank,which is funded by George Soros and a DC lobbying firm working for former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko,who fired the prosecutor investigating the son of former Vice President Joe Bidensecretly funneled the made up Trump-Russia Dossier to media outlets during the 2016 election to try to destroy Trump—but who yesterday resigned from his unpaid position at the US State Department—a resignation signaling his final doom as Volker failed to notice that the evidence of his part in this plot was all being documented by Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani.[Note:Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

克里姆林宫今天流传着一份引人入胜的新安理会报告,证实了西方社会主义者的心理评估。西方社会主义者是由俄罗斯外长谢尔盖拉夫罗夫(Sergei Lavrov)提出的。拉夫罗夫表示,他们总是以"我们是自由主义者,我们可以做任何我们想做的事情"为前提——美国国家广播公司声称,这种真理如今在美国得到了充分展示,疯狂的左派人士推出了一个童话般的弹劾唐纳德·特朗普总统的阴谋ーー这个阴谋是由两名前中央情报局特工库尔特·道格拉斯·沃尔克(Kurt Douglas Volker)和爱德华·"内德普莱斯(Edward"Ned"Price)策划的ーー普莱斯是前中央情报局官员,他在担任 NBC 新闻(NBC news)政治分析师期间报道了源源不断的 Russiagate 谎言ーー所有这些都是沃尔克给他的ーー沃尔克——他们解雇了调查前副总统 Joe biden 儿子的检察官,在2016年大选期间秘密地将特朗普-俄罗斯档案材料交给媒体,试图摧毁特朗普,但是他昨天辞去了在美国国务院的无薪职位,这是他最后一次辞职,因为 Volker 没有注意到他参与这一阴谋的证据已经被特朗普的律师 Rudy Giuliani 记录在案。:本报告引号中的一些单词和/或短语是英语中俄语单词/短语的近似形式,没有准确的对应词



Deep State CIA operative Kurt Volker thought he ensnared Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani in made up Ukraine impeachment plot—but now watches as it plunges to its death.


According to this report,since the very moment of their taking control of the US House of Representatives eight-months ago in January-2019 following their November-2018 election victory,the now majority led socialist Democrat Party began planning to impeach President Trump while telling the American people otherwise—an outright deception that allowed these leftist Democrats to begin changing all of the rules in the US House governing how the impeachment process works—most specifically their changing the rules to forbid any Republican Party member from being able to be a part of this process—to include the Republicans now not even being allowed to question any witnesses during the impeachment investigative process.


Though concealed from the American people by these socialist Democrats and their leftist mainstream media lapdogs,this report notes,this Trump impeachment plot was widely known about the world over—with it only not being known what exactly the made up impeachment charge against Trump would be—which many experts believed would be some kind of concocted Trump-Russia collusion claim—but which exploded into catastrophic failure when the Mueller Report found no evidence of Trump colluding with Russia,and US Attorney General William Barr ruled Trump didn't obstruct justice—a failure these leftist maniacs tried to raise from the dead by having Special Counsel Robert Mueller publicly testify about his findings exonerating Trump—but which too ended in abject failure as Mueller's testimony was rightly compared to"elder abuse"because his senility made him incoherent and unable to articulate even the simplest facts.

这份报告指出,虽然这些社会主义民主党人及其左翼主流媒体走狗对美国人民隐瞒了这一事实,但全世界都知道这个弹劾特朗普的阴谋ーー只是不知道对特朗普捏造的弹劾指控究竟是什么ーー许多专家认为这是某种捏造的特朗普与俄罗斯勾结的指控ーー但当穆勒报告发现没有证据表明特朗普与俄罗斯勾结时,这个阴谋彻底失败——美国司法部长威廉·巴尔(William Barr)裁定,特朗普没有妨碍司法公正——这些左翼疯子试图让特别检察官罗伯特·穆勒(Robert Mueller)公开证明自己的调查结果为特朗普开脱,从而挽救这种失败——但这也以可怜的失败告终,因为穆勒的证词被正确地比作"虐待老人",因为他的衰老让他语无伦次,甚至连最简单的事实都无法表达。


Like a jilted lover who spent lavishly on adornments to entice and seduce her potential paramour,this report continues,the failure of Mueller to give these Democrats what they wanted left them all dressed up for their impeachment orgy—but where suddenly faced with the fact that their American people paramours wouldn't be joining them—the vast majority of whom aren't as insane and idiotic as these socialists believe they are.


Not giving up on their impeachment orgy,though,this report details,the exact same CIA operatives who masterminded the Russiagate collusion hoax swung into action—with the broad outlines of their new collusion hoax being exactly what they tried and failed to do before to Trump—but this time around saw them using Ukraine as the foil and concocting a fairy tale that Trump was colluding with them to damage his political opponent in the 2020 presidential election—the centerpiece of which centered around a story that Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani secretly met with top Ukraine officials to force them to dig up dirt on Joe Biden—with the main witness of to support this fairy tale being a former CIA operative turned unpaid State Department official named Kurt Douglas Volker whom the Democrats scheduled two weeks ago to give impeachment testimony before them on 3-October—where he was expected to"reveal"his shock of discovering Giuliani met with Ukraine officials—but who now has to explain why he was the one secretly sent Giuliani to this meeting in the first place.

他们以乌克兰为幌子,编造了一个童话故事,说特朗普与他们串通,在2020年总统大选中损害他的政治对手,其核心内容是特朗普的律师鲁迪·朱利安尼(Rudy Giuliani)秘密与乌克兰高层官员会面,迫使他们挖出乔·拜登(Joe biden)的丑闻,支持这个童话故事的主要目击者是一名前中央情报局特工,名叫库尔特·道格拉斯(Kurt Douglas),他是——两周前,民主党安排沃尔克在103日向他们提供弹劾证词,预计他将在证词中"揭露"他发现朱利亚尼与乌克兰官员会面时的震惊,但现在他必须解释,为什么当初是他秘密派朱利亚尼参加这次会议。


As any one having a competent and sane mind knows that to plan and carry out any sophisticated destruction plot against a nation's leader takes years of exacting planning and execution,this report further notes,this recycling of the failed Russiagate hoax into a new Ukrainegate one smacks of its being concocted by those living in fear and terror of what is soon to come—which are actually justifiable emotions for these Deep Stateoperatives to have in light of US Attorney John Durham already investigating Democrat Party collusion with Ukraine in the 2016 electionUS Attorney William Barr having personally gone to Italy to investigate how the CIA created the fake Russiagate hoax—and State Department investigators this past week reigniting their criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails—an investigation which over the past few weeks has seen as many as 130 current and former senior State Department officials who sent messages to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's private email being put under interrogation—and when asked why this happening now,saw one of Trump's investigators saying:"This is about the time it took to go through millions of emails,which is about 3½years".



By CIA operatives Kurt Douglas Volker and Edward"Ned"Price recycling their Russiagate hoax into this new Ukrainegate made up fairy tale,this report concludes,they undoubtedly believed that enough Americanpeople had already been so media brainwashed into believing false Trump collusion claims they'd accept any pack of lies being foisted on them—but whose belief in this is,also,their greatest failing in this impeachment plot because Trump knows what they're going to next before even they do—and is why their lie filled whistleblower complaint was met and destroyed by the actual transcript of the phone call proving Trump didn't conspire with Ukraine—it being proved beyond all doubt that Trump has the full legal authority to ask Ukraine about any criminal investigation thanks to treaty signed by President Bill Clinton authorizing such requestsUkraine itself confirming that it doesn't even have an investigation ongoing against either Joe Biden or his drug addicted son Hunter—as well as Ukraine further declaring it has no knowledge at all about any monies Trump was supposedly refusing to give them—facts which the Democrats then countered with cover-up claims because Trump placed the transcript of this call in a highly secure computer server—but which happens to be the same exact computer server President Obama placed the transcripts of his calls with foreign leaders into too—thus making it no surprise at all that this impeachment plot is falling apart faster than it can be put back together—and that will soon be met head on by a professional multi-year criminal investigation into all of these Deep State coup plotters and their leftist mainstream media lapdogs based on actual facts provable in a court of law.

中情局特工库尔特·道格拉斯·沃尔克和爱德华·"内德普莱斯把俄罗斯的骗局重新编造成这个 Ukrainegate 的童话,这份报告得出结论,他们无疑相信,已经有足够多的美国人被媒体洗脑,相信特朗普的虚假宣称,他们会接受任何欺骗他们的谎言,但他们也相信,他们在这场弹劾阴谋中的最大失败,是因为特朗普甚至在他们之前就知道他们接下来要做什么,也是为什么他们充满谎言的告密者投诉被证明特朗普没有与乌克兰密谋的电话记录的实际文字记录所满足和销毁,毫无疑问,这证明了特朗普拥有充分的法律权力,可以根据比尔·克林顿(Bill Clinton)总统签署的授权此类请求的条约——乌克兰进一步宣称,它对特朗普拒绝提供任何资金一无所知。民主党随后以掩盖事实的说法进行反击,因为特朗普把这通电话的文字记录放在了一个高度安全的计算机服务器上,而这个服务器恰好就是奥巴马总统安装的——他与外国领导人的通话记录也是如此ーー因此,这场弹劾阴谋破裂的速度之快,远远超过了能够重新组合起来的速度,这一点也不令人感到惊讶ーー而且,根据法庭可以证实的实际事实,对所有这些"深州"政变策划者及其左翼主流媒体走狗进行的专业刑事调查,很快就会迎头赶上。



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