By alaje • Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Question: Hello Alaje, if a person meditates once every day generating love and light in their heart… Approximately how long does it take to get their frequency up to where it needs to be? Love and light.

Answer: You cannot calculate spiritual things like a clock. Everybody is an individual and has his own time. I say in the videos, you cannot use the old linear thinking, if you want to understand and live the higher frequencies and dimensions. There you go by feeling and intuition. The properties of the soul, not the Earths mind.




By alaje • Thursday, May 27th, 2010

Question: Dear Alaje, you mentioned that spherical thinking is very important. Can you please share more about what it is? How to practice spherical thinking?

Answer: This will come naturally, when you are connected with your soul and higher self. Then, you see everything from a higher point of view and higher understanding. You just have to awaken spirituality and love in your heart, using it in your daily life and in meditation. This opens doors to higher energies and spherical thinking.

Q:你在视频中提到球形思维(spherical thinking)很重要。请问可以分享更多关于它的内容吗?如何练习球形思维呢?



Is Pranayama useful if you're stuck in meditations?

By alaje • Friday, May 28th, 2010

Question: Hi Alaje, i'm feeling a little bit stuck with my meditations. Is there anything you would recommend me? What do you think about Pranayama? Is it useful? Love and gratitude to you all.

Answer: Well, Pranayama is a method to breath Prana, the etheric essence conscious inside. But you don't have to make it complicated. Earth people tend to make everything complicated, head oriented not heart oriented. If you meditate with the heart by trying to FEEL instead of thinking too much, you can reach higher energies. Just do like i say in my videos. Very simple. Visualize breathing cosmic energy (Prana) in and feel it and then send it to the planet out of your heart. That's all. Easy and powerful.





About the power of Kundalini

By alaje • Friday, May 28th, 2010

Question: My friend alaje i want to ask you an important question. What do you think about Kundalini because that happened to me it is the most beautiful experience happened to me? I want every body experienced that. From the bottom of my heart.

Answer: The Kundalini is activated, when you have enough cosmic energy in your body, through meditation.





What is the best time for group meditations?

By alaje • Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Question: Alaje at what time are group meditations done, can we organize this so that information is available for all that are interested and also easy to find so that we can just join in daily meditation together? Its much more interesting to do group meditation then does it alone…

Answer: Well, it is not really a specific time necessary, because the energy is working anyway. In higher frequencies, there is no time like on Earth. The people, who are meditating, are meeting together as a souls, as a energy. No matter what Earth time they are meditating. I would say, if everybody meditate before going to sleep, it would be good.





Is it true that you can get cancer from meditation?

By alaje • Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Question: Dear Alaje, i have a question about meditation and was wondering if you could please help with that. Recently i have heard a following theory and don't know what to think about it:

If you are developing your spiritual abilities without certain knowledge you will not overcome the border of death and will die. What actually happens is when someone starts to mediate trying to get cosmic energy, the inner biological time is slowing down and that is fine. But, when after meditation you return to the everyday life, the immune system is speeding up again and that causes the beginning of a cancer. That is how many famous masters for instance like Osho and Castaneda have died from cancer. Could you please comment on that? Thank you very much again.

Answer: That is wrong thinking. When you are meditating you are getting more and more energy and if you build it up you can use it in your everyday life. You have more energy and more ideas, because you are connected to your soul and higher self. A human dies naturally when the time is right for the next life.







How to practice and feel universal love?

By alaje • Monday, May 31st, 2010

Question: Hi Alaje, you say that everybody should have love in their hearts and i do. I love my family, my friends and the closest people around me. I think to love someone you need to know them first, but how can i love someone that i don't even know?

Answer: That would be the universal love. When you give love to ALL souls, no matter how crazy the physical body is. As a soul, as energy, all is one, all is connected with energy. With invisible strings to everything in the universe. That's why, everything has an impact on everything. Use my meditation from

part 4.






Why can I only feel certain countries during my meditations?

By alaje • Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Question: Dear Alaje, during meditation i can feel my city, region, my country (Russia), eastern and western Europe, but i don't. feel Asia, USA and other part of planet? I am trying to imagine but still don't feel. I want to feel all Earth. Can you help me?

Answer: You still have borders in your mind.Don't think about "Countries" or

"Separations". This "Divisions" are created by the dark earth controllers, so that people never unite and be a strong force. They have the thinking: "Divide and Conquer". Earth people have to start to see the planet as a whole. as ONE

humanity on Earth. Imagine the WHOLE planet in your mind. Not "Countries"!






Where does this numb feeling in my forehead come from?

By alaje • Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Question: Hello Alaje, i have been doing meditations as you have taught and now have a constant numb feeling in my forehead. It's not painful or distracting, it's nice, is this normal?

Answer: That's normal, it's like when somebody sits his whole life in the couch, smoking poison and eating junk food and then one day he is doing body-building exercises and jogging the whole day. For the next days, this person will have a heavy pain in the muscles, because the muscles start to work and grow. Your third eye is in the physical form a muscle too… A gland.






What kind of meditation is best?

By alaje • Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Question: When in meditation i don't think in anything (just observe) i feel great peace. Is it useful to do this meditation? Is it better to do the meditation that's in your videos? Thank you in advance.

Answer: There are two forms of meditation. Receiving or sending. It depends on what you want. Just like on the phone or a Walky Talky, you have the option to talk or to listen.






What do I have to do for spiritual ascension?

By alaje • Saturday, June 5th, 2010

Question: I am confused, i don't know what to do anymore. I see nothing happening around me to hold on to hope. I have this weird feeling inside of my stomach not physically but spiritually. And when i get that feeling, i know that somethings wrong in my reality. Some pointers in what i must do for towards the big ascension. I focus on your videos… Please can you give me a straight up answer of what to do?

Answer: All the answers are already in my videos. Its only your rational earth mind, that's wants everything in a second. But your soul knows, that everything comes when the time is right. Listen to your Soul, not to your intellectual mind.







A family member changed after I meditated – why?

By alaje • Monday, June 7th, 2010

Question: My mum is always complaining and angry about me, because i don't want to apply any cream to my skin. Anyway, recently i watched your videos and meditated. The first time, i didn't meditate very well, but later when my mum left the house i meditated again and tried to become one with the light. When she came back she also brought friends with her and looked at me happily, like she didn't do for a long time. She said "thanks for using the cream!" but i told her i didn't use it but none of them wanted to believe me. She was happy nevertheless. I think this had to do with the power of light (or not?).

Answer: I have already answered more in the past comments… If the transformation is completed, the earth will swing in a higher frequency. And in this frequency not everyone can live. Only those who have a high frequency. Others will seek for a planets, that swings on they frequency. Nothing is by a chance. Each one looks for his life from himself, and each person decides for himself, whether he wants to master the learning tasks in his life or not.






What is the best time to meditate?

By alaje • Tuesday, June 8th, 2010

Question: Is there any better time in the day to meditate, or it doesn't matter? Day, night or afternoon?

Answer: You can meditate ANY time.






How can I activate my chakras quickly through meditation?

By alaje • Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Question: How can i activate my heart chakra, or any chakras for that matter. I am starting to meditate, but i get distracted easy so it is kinda hard.

Answer: Meditation is a process that need time to develop. Especially in the lower frequencies of planet Earth. You need patience. Just continue with my video number 4.






When I meditate or fall asleep, I see vibrant colors?

By alaje • Thursday, July 8th, 2010

Question: When i meditate or when I'm about to fall asleep, i see the vibrant purple colors. The colors is change in shape and speed. I wonder what it could be and what it means?

Answer: That is the energy that you are generating in the meditation. The energy starts to move.






Why am I crying during a meditation?

By alaje • Monday, August 30th, 2010

Question: In my meditation i crying, but not happiness and not sorrow. I don't know why i crying i don't know if its OK.

Answer: Crying in meditation is OK. That is just a purification of old unnecessary energies, pains and traumas.






Why do I see an eye when I meditate?

By alaje • Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Question: When i meditate , i often see an "eye", what does this mean?

Answer: You are just seeing your spiritual eye. Your third eye.






How many minutes should you meditate exactly?

By alaje • Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Question: Could you recommend please the optimal time for a good meditation – i mean the amount of minutes. Because as for me it's different all the time – sometimes i can meditate and stay in that state on and on because i feel so well and enjoy the pictures of paradise in my mind. But sometimes i find it quite difficult to stay calm for more than 5 minutes – my body wants to move! Is it all right to meditate for only 5 min?

Answer: Meditation is not a calculated computer program with minutes and time schedule. Meditation has to do with using the FEELING, the NON rational power in yourself. The SPIRITUAL power.

The TRUE self. The soul. The cosmic consciousness. If you are listening to your

soul and feeling, you don't look at your watch when you want to develop your

consciousness. You do the meditation when your FEELING tells you the right time.

And you end the meditation when you FEEL that it is enough.






Are isochronic tones helpful for relaxation and meditation?

By alaje • Monday, September 6th, 2010

Question: What you think of the Isochronic tones, alpha and theta wave sounds in videos for relaxation and meditation?

Answer: Well, THETA WAVES are those that your Brain create when you are in a deep meditation. ALPHA WAVES you are creating when you do something creative, or have a daydream. If some videos have REAL Theta and Alpha waves, then it is good. They would stimulate your brain to tune into these frequencies. So you have to know if those sounds you hear are REALLY Theta and Alpha waves. Some sound frequencies are not good, so you have to learn to distinguish the good sounds from the harmful ones. And the KEY for this, you can find in my videos.






Why do we get more cosmic energy through meditation than through sleep?

By alaje • Monday, September 6th, 2010

Question: Why do we get more cosmic energy through meditation, than through the sleep?

Answer: Because in meditation you direct your focus more to the cosmic energy, you do it conscious with the intent to get it.






Can thoughts block the energy flow while meditating?

By alaje • Monday, September 6th, 2010

Question: Is it right that when we meditate, the energy can fill us only when we have NO any thoughts? Because thoughts blocking the energy flow?

Answer: Only blocking thoughts are blocking.






Can I meditate when lying down as well?

By alaje • Monday, September 6th, 2010

Question: In your video №6 you say: "Sit and relax…" But, can i lying down when i do this meditation?

Answer: Of course you can lay down in meditation, too.






Is this the Kundalini energy I feel while meditating?

By alaje • Monday, September 6th, 2010

Question: I can feel and control some energy flow, some very pleasant vibrations in my body. Mostly the favorite music starts these vibrations. Is it Kundalini energy? Can you give me some instruction for it?

Answer: When you feel the energy, you are not just using the kundalini energy. It is an electrical reaction because your emotional body gives the energy to the physical body. When the kundalini is activated, it is more than feeling. With an activated kundalini energy, you can also see with the third eye the energies.






What can I do to take control over my reality?

By alaje • Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Question: Advise me please, i can't find a job, what can i do, i need money to ensure my family?

Answer: Watch my 13 videos. There i say that your thoughts and feelings create your reality. Use Meditation.





Is it ok to meditate at 2-3 am?

By alaje • Friday, September 10th, 2010

Question: Is it okay to meditate during night, like 2-3 a.m.? I want to know this, because i don't want to attract any negative forces and they are known to operate during night.

Answer: That is even better, because everything is quiet and you can have a deep meditation.






Should we hold hands in a group meditation?

By alaje • Friday, September 10th, 2010

Question: We are a small group that meditate all at the same time, my question is, if we grab our hands, does it make the meditation more powerful? do we have to meditate all the same time or place to increase the energy towards our goal?

Answer: There are many kinds of meditations. Some are for your own development, which you have to do alone, and some are group meditations, in order to concentrate as much positive energy to something. In those meditations, it is not necessary to hold hands, because the auric energy of all people is interconnected. But if it helps you to visualize more easy that the group is connected with energy, you can hold hands.






Is it possible that a rainbow is the result of meditation?

By alaje • Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Question: Is it possible that a rainbow is the result of a light meditation? Because yesterday I did a threefold meditation as opposed to a normal one, and the next day a beautiful rainbow was there, stretching over several kilometers.

Answer: Of course it is possible that a rainbow is the result of a light meditation, because as I said in my videos, everything is energy, and everything is connected energetically with each other. Everything affects everything.






Is meditation necessary to help the planet?

By alaje • Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Question: Are meditations from your videos really necessary to do in order to help the mother Earth? I like your meditations but it's just quite hard for me, to sit still and meditate. I just prefer walking on the nature or doing something more active and concentrate on positive… Is meditation the only way, how i can help?

Answer: If you are concentrating generally on positive energy it is OK, but if you focus and direct your positive energy on healing the planet, the energy is much more effective, because it is focused.






I can't meditate at the same time like you, what should I do?

By alaje • Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Statement: Dear brothers and sisters of light, if you want to meditate and do light work for this planet, then don't wait until everyone agrees on the same time. As Alaje says in his videos, "time and space is flexible" so it is not necessary to do meditation simultaneously. On the astral plane, we'll all meet anyway to do this, so don't lose yourself in a waiting loop and just start with it! Earth needs us.

Comment: Correct.





A lot has changed for me through meditation, is this normal?

By alaje • Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Question: I've been meditating a lot and a lot of things have changed. My view of the world is one of them. Lately I have been getting very sensitive to all senses. Like, when music is playing in a room, I feel it vibrating through my body. And when I stand near certain people, I feel a force making me walk away from them. Is this normal in the transformation process?

Answer: Yes.






What about receiving/sending meditation?

By alaje • Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Question: There are two forms of meditation, sending and receiving. For example, if you would only receive but send nothing, would that create an imbalance?

Answer: You send and receive all the time. Your TRUE SELF, the soul, sends and receives permanently. Even if your physical, terrestrial self doesn't notice it.






What about receiving/sending meditation?

By alaje • Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Question: There are two forms of meditation, sending and receiving. For example, if you would only receive but send nothing, would that create an imbalance?

Answer: You send and receive all the time. Your TRUE SELF, the soul, sends and receives permanently. Even if your physical, ter restrial self doesn't notice it.






After meditation, I have unpleaseant dreams!

By alaje • Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Question: When i meditate i feel a very deep connection with everything, i sense feelings and visualize things. Sometimes i feel I'm everywhere and i can't help to feel scared. After that my mind left restless, i have tons of dreams, not pleasant. My mind is unease and that's make me stop meditating. I really want to evolve and grow, i know that it's not going to be easy, and i know that I'll have to see and solve things that are part of me. Am I doing something wrong? How can i go through that barrier and do it properly?

Answer: As i say in my videos, "your thoughts and emotions are creating your reality". Because of your fear, you are creating unpleasant dreams. In the dream-state, in the astral dimension, all your thoughts and emotions are increased. First you have to control your thoughts. The first meditation should be to learn to focus only on ONE thought. You can focus on the breath or a candle. Later you can focus on something bigger. In addition, don't program yourself that it is not easy. Because your

thoughts are creating your reality. You will create the reality, that it is not

easy. Watch your thoughts, watch how you say something, watch how you program







About the powerful energy of love…

By alaje • Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Statement: I just want so send you all a lot of love my friends. I can feel so much love when i am reading here. You creating so much love that no one on Youcan not hide from it. They all will find this place of love, later or sooner. Its a light that becomes brighter and bigger even over the Internet♥

Answer: Thank you. I hope that a lot of people will find the way of light. Because the secret government, the dark side, is planing a big war. They are expecting that the hate of most people will help their plan. And as i say in my videos, only a powerful energy of love and light can prevent this. Friends, please use my meditation from part 4 of my videos. There is no time for ego games, arrogance and hate any more.






The things I'm seeing during meditation: imagination or reality?

By alaje • Friday, October 29th, 2010

Question: While meditating, i see very bright and picturesque images of nature, space and light beings. Nevertheless, i cannot help but wonder if it is just my imagination as i do not have direct contact with them (at least not consciously). So how can i differentiate between my wishful thinking and the reality? I cannot shake off this feeling that i am seeing what i simply want to see myself.

Answer: With the spirit, EVERYTHING is possible. EVERYTHING is real, even if it is in another frequency and dimension.







The more I meditate, the more the negative side is attacking me…

By alaje • Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Question: I have been meditating every morning and night the past two months, the closer i get to the light, the more negativity seems to be around me and attacking me… Will this end some day or is it just a test?

Answer: The answer is in my 13 videos. The transformation energies from the existence are getting stronger and negative people are not ready for this and get even more aggressive. Keep concentrating on the light.





After meditating, I'm experiencing strange health problems?

By alaje • Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

Question: I meditated to clear blockages of energy 3 days ago and all kind of stuffs happened to me: I couldn't sleep, my heart beats were so strong and fast that i felt it pouncing in my upper body. Pain in my heart, right brain, right knee, coccyx, back of my neck, back of my head, on my two upper spinal discs, my left tight, i felt my feet numbs, i heard a strong buzzing sound on my right ear, involuntary movements of different parts of my body like electric shocks (including on my right hemisphere of my brain). I felt a lot of gas on my tummy and my middle back, nausea, emptiness in my stomach and sneezing a lot. For the next couples of days i felt so weak, like running fever and the emptiness in my tummy, gases and my digestive system more active then ever. Any explanation to this?

Answer: [DISCLAIMER: This is for informational purpose only and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction. For proper health advice you should always consult your doctor! Please read our disclaimer]

This is a purification of blocking energies.






Can we visualize other colors in a meditation?

By alaje • Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Question: During a meditation is it better to visualize just white pure light or can we use other colors?

Answer: Yes you can use other colors too, but white is the most powerful.





What is the cause of shivers during meditation?

By alaje • Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

Question: Sometimes, i have some shivers during my meditation, and i don't know, what is the cause of this?

It is not about shiver from cold temperature, but i think, it is about feelings

or emotions…

Answer: It is just the energy that you feel. The physical body reacts to the energy of your energy body.





What is the difference between astral projection and meditation?

By alaje • Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Question: Which is the different of the state of "a out of body experience" and the "meditation state", is "a out of body experience" is useful for our evolvement, because of the realization that our real nature is our immortal soul?

Answer: Astral projection is only good, when it comes naturally. EVERYBODY is traveling naturally in the astral dimension while sleeping, but unconscious. The conscious Astral traveling should come naturally too, by it self. Not by force. Because if you open a door to early, and you don't have the wisdom for it, you can make mistakes, channel wrong informations from bad entities, or worse.

First you have to become a master of your thoughts and feelings, because in the astral dimension, your thoughts and feelings are manifesting in an instance. You must have love in your thoughts and emotions, in order to manifest and attract only love energy. You have to be an adult in your mind. If you have hate, fear or depression inside, you will manifest it.





(所以我很担心追求出体的孩纸们 ,如果是自然的发生,那没有问题,如果是去追求这种体验,是危险的。)


What should I do if I live at a noisy place and can't meditate?

By alaje • Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

Question: I stayed at a negative place with high level of noise, air, water and light pollution, feel collapse after 2 weeks, what can i do to get myself in tune again? I tried to do the video 4 and video 6 and 10 meditation, but i noticed my energy has changed, how can i get rid of all these negative that i brought back from that place? Specially the noise, whenever i am beginning to tune into the meditation, the noise is raise in my head. I'm taking some detox medication from health shop it's with some fibre, milk thistle and galium aparine herb, do you think these will help?

Answer: Well if you life in a noisy place and you can't move somewhere else, you can use earplugs during the meditation.





(在吧里找到了现成的译文 )


Why can't I sleep anymore since mediating?

By alaje • Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Question: I've watched your videos series for 4 days and i do as what you said, i do feel joy, but there is something i don't know, why i think i need your guide. My sleep is decrease since the first time i feel my spirit is with great joy, but my body seems not, and got sick, at the same time, i can't fall in sleep, i don't know why and how to solve this.

Answer: As i say in my videos, this is a sign that you are in the process of transformation. Your physical body is adjusting to the higher frequencies and in order to do this, he has to get rid of lower energies with a cleansing. This could cause that you feel sick for a short time until you get used to the new energies.





Is your light meditation enough to clean myself? What about [...]

By alaje • Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

Question: Are meditations you proposed enough to clean up myself? What about additional technics like holotropic breathwork (by Stanislav Grof), regression therapy etc.

Answer: Not every meditation technic that you can find is working for everybody. Because many of those technics are complicated rational-head-based and not soul-heart-spirit-feeling based. I give only meditations that are working for everybody. Go by your soul-heart-feeling to decide which meditation is giving you a real benefit.

问题:你提出的冥想方法足以清理我吗?其他的技巧怎样,像Stanislav Grof的全息呼吸法、回溯疗法等等。




I feel like I'm being watched since I started meditating…

By alaje • Friday, September 30th, 2011

Question: Since i have started meditating i feel somethings watching me. Truthfully it starting to scare me. I always have a thought about Greys in my head and can't seem to get it out. Also since i can't sleep unless someone is awake because i feel something there.

Answer: Earth humans are monitored and watched since millions of years by all kind of beings.





What does it mean to listen to the song of our heart?

By alaje • Friday, September 30th, 2011

Question: What does it mean to listen to the song of our heart? Is just about listen to our hearts in meditation? The Council of 9 of The Galactic Federation of Light said something like that… I didn't quite understand it.

Answer: It means to listen to your Soul.

It means to listen to the existence (god).

It means to listen to friendly, loving energies and not to the hate, ego, to arrogance or envy.

It means to listen to the energy called LOVE.

I am talking about it in all my videos.





Why don't we synchronize our mediations, Alaje?

By alaje • Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Question: I have an idea… Why don't we synchronize our meditations in time? We could agree to meditate every day at 8 pm according to the UTC time (London, Dublin), if possible. Or maybe some other time that would be acceptable to most people. This would be better than us meditating separately, i think. What do you think?

Answer: We have done this already in the past 2 years, but it is better when everybody is doing it in his time, when everybody feels it is the right time, with the right energy.





When I meditate I can see a turning spiral, what is this?

By alaje • Monday, October 31st, 2011

Question: In my meditations i often come to the point, where my body is so far relaxed, that i can't feel my body anymore an in the meanwhile i can see very clearly a fine turning spiral in a green tone… This is new for me! Now i would like to dive in further in this experience, but how i can do that? In this state i can only observe the spiral, feel and think…. What does this mean?

Answer: The only thing you have to concentrate on is LOVE ENERGY and the rest will come automatically at the right time.





I'm unable to learn astral travel, what should I do?

By alaje • Monday, October 31st, 2011

Question: Already long i can not learn to leave in an astral. It is necessary for me. With energy at me everything is all right. Prompt in what the reason? As I develop the third eye. Prompt experts for development the sixth charkas. And still. I need to remember my antecedents. Prompt as. I tried hypnosis. It is impossible.

Answer: Don't force anything. Everything has to come at the right time.


(问题忽略不译,就是各种尝试而不能够- -,重点是回答)




Are there special rules for meditating?

By alaje • Monday, October 31st, 2011

Question: Are there special rules for meditating? I mean poses, breathing , time and place of it.

Answer: Rules? There is only one rule: Calm down, relax.





When I meditate I feel "something" between my eyes, moving…

By alaje • Monday, October 31st, 2011

Question: Since a couple of weeks i feel "something" between my eyes when meditating… it starts subtle when i close my eyes and its getting more intense after a couple of minutes. Then i start to see those green waves and everytime they move above my eyes i can feel them crawling up my forehead. Does this mean the "opening-process" of my third eye started or is it already open?

Answer: Yes, it is the third eye, the pineal gland is moving, waking up.





When i meditate my eyelids start to shiver and i feel like the gravity stops pulling on me and i'm going out of my body?

By alaje • Monday, October 31st, 2011

Question: When i meditate my eyelids start to shiver and i feel like the gravity stops pulling on me and i'm going out of my body?

Answer: That is because your astral body gets in motion and your physical body, eyelids, start to shiver because of that. That is normal in the beginning.





I feel formless/splitting up during meditation?

By alaje • Monday, October 31st, 2011

Question: If you during meditation feel as if your face (and other parts) is (are) splitting / moving away from each other – get formless so to speak – is that also astral body moving?

Answer: Yes, the astral body.





When I try to meditate I instead have some form of dreams – why?

By alaje • Monday, October 31st, 2011

Question: I need some advice please. In the last months when i try to meditate at home i start a conscious dreaming state (sit on the chair i keep a straight posture). It is like i'm too relaxed and i have dreams but i'm awake. I can't stop this. i just want to meditate. What is wrong?

Answer: That is astral traveling and that needs practice to do it consciously.





I'm having trouble with meditating (can't concentrate)

By alaje • Monday, October 31st, 2011

Question: I am having trouble with meditating. Although i have tried with your videos and some others that i found on You nothing happens. I find it hard to concentrate. What am i doing wrong?

Answer: Before you do my meditation with my video, meditate by yourself in silence. Train yourself to be able to stay calm and concentrating on one thing, without having hundreds of thoughts at once. You can try to look at a candle as a concentration training, to see how long you can concentrate on the flame without other thoughts except the flame. Or you can close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. When you do that one or two months you will see that you are able to be more calm and more focused.





Do you have to be a certain age in order to meditate?

By alaje • Monday, October 31st, 2011

Question: Do you have to be a certain age in order to meditate?

Answer: Meditation is a natural healing state to have a clear connection to the existence and it is for EVERYBODY. It does not have anything to do with the age of the physical body.





Can you help me find the best spiritual teacher in my country?

By alaje • Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Question: I've been looking for a true spiritual master in Hungary, i still think, haven't found the best yet. Can you please give me some advice, how can i find someone or tell me a name?

Answer: The best spiritual teacher is inside yourself – in your heart – the connection to your Soul – the connection to the universe. It is called LOVE ENERGY.





Why do I have bad luck despite helping people all my life?

By alaje • Thursday, January 19th, 2012

Question: I've done things for people all my life because it was my nature to do so. Today, i am homeless, broke, lost 3 careers, and it seems i have nothing but bad luck. It's like a curse has been put on me. I thought if yo do good things for people it supposed to come back to you. Nobody seems to be waking up to any reality! Can you help me understand this?

Answer: LIFE AND MEDITATION IS A PROCESS. There is the Universal law of Karma in the Existence. It ensures justice in the Existence. If you do good, you create positive Karma, if you do bad, you create negative Karma. As i say in my videos: Everything you have ever done or experience in all your lives, is stored in your soul. Before good things can come, humans have to clean all bad karma, all bad energies from past lives they have created.

All those energies are like layers around the soul. There are many layers. Removing one layer is not enough if somebody has accumulated a lot of negative energy . If you want to see the sun you have to remove all the dark clouds, not just a small piece. Humans are doing this in many lifes, if they don´t work on themselves. Many things in the physical dimension need time to develop and they don't change in one second. Life is not a machine with buttons. Life is a learning process with experiences were you grow step by step, by taking the wisdom of the experiences and make it every time better.

If you are working on your spiritual development, you are changing old negative programs and patterns into positive ones. If you have many negative layers that are covering you, you have to take away those layers one by one, because they are blocking you in manifesting positive things. You have to continue until the light shines through again. Just watch my videos and do my meditations a view months. You can change everything in life easier by living spiritually and using meditation.

As i say in my videos, meditation is everything that makes you calm and relaxed. Then you start to listen more to your true self, your soul, and not to the rational brain that is programmed with believe systems from the earth society. You start to get more energy and ideas in steps from a higher source, because you have open up yourself.

Meditation is a process. It takes time to develop an energy. It is not a button that you can push and everything comes in a second. It is a process that goes through many lives. Those people who can feel the energy are those who have started the training many lives ago. When you have created enough powerful energy, you can use it for healing yourself and others and manifest the things in life that you want. So meditation is basically, getting consciously in contact with the existence (god).










Which spiral movement direction stands for what?

By alaje • Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Question: Is there a correct/spiritual direction for spiral movement? For example, is clockwise positive spiritual energy and counter clockwise negative energy, or is there no difference. I ask because sometimes when i meditate, i feel myself being pulled into a spiral formation. Should i follow a clockwise or counter clockwise


Answer: Counter clockwise is opening.







Is it enough to think affirmations or do I have to spell them out as well?

By alaje • Monday, October 31st, 2011

Question: I'm doing your meditations for a while now, i repeat your words by visualize them as written language in my mind or just repeat them but only mentally. I know that thoughts are energy, but would it be more effective, if I repeat your words in spoken language?

Answer: It is the same.






I constantly see a certain symbol all the time, what is it?

By alaje • Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Question: Please write me about my symbol. I drawing it and then upload it to my profile: ht tp://ww w.you.com/use r/snoop tux as a picture. I just would like to know that, what is this symbol?Which extraterrestrials use this symbol? I feel it positive resonance.This picture is appeared in my mind approximately since April, this year.

Answer: Symbols are a universal language, and mostly they are coming from your Soul. Meditate on that symbol and ask your soul about it.


问题:请指点我的符号。我画下它,并以图片形式上传至我的文件:ht tp://ww w.you管.com/use r/snoop tux。我就是想知道,这个符号是什么?什么外星人用这个符号?我感到它有正面的振动。这个图片大约从今年的4月份开始,出现在我的脑海中。




Where can I find more information on fine matter energy?

By alaje • Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Question: I was doing some study and research for the greater good. Can you please point me towards legitimate information on fine matter energy? When i make a Google search of this, i am not finding much. Where do i go from here?

Answer: http://ww w.youtube.com/user/777ALAJE, meditation.




回答:http://ww w.youtube.com/user/777ALAJE。冥想。


Are orbs from the pleiades?

By alaje • Friday, September 30th, 2011

Question: When i'm "doing meditation of love", i can see "flying light balls" like in 23 minute of your 15 video. They are Pleiadian?

Answer: That is cosmic energy.





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