X22报道|第3025集: 各国正在远离CBDC,特朗普将变得更加强大

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X22报道|第3025集: 各国正在远离CBDC,特朗普将变得更加强大

Ep. 3025a – States & Countries Moving Away From CBDC, [CB] Will Be Trapped In Their Narrative


Ep. 3025b – Trump Will Become More Powerful Than The [DS] Could Ever Imagine,[DS] Trapped, Justice




The people of France are fighting back, they are shutting down the government and Marcon’s government is getting weaker. Biden makes a move cutting off oil drilling in the ocean. ESG investing is unconstitutional. The [CB] is trapped in their own agenda they will force countries and states to move away from their system.

法国人民正在反击,他们正在关闭政府,马克龙政府正在变得越来越弱。拜登采取行动切断海上石油钻探。ESG 投资是违宪的。[CB]被困在自己的议程中,它们将迫使各国和各国放弃自己的体制。


The [DS] only has a couple of moves left and the moves they are making are stupid. If they arrest Trump he will be come more powerful than the [DS] could ever imagine. They [DS] will push chaos at least they will try, but this will fail in the end. They will then move to a real war and this will not work because the people do not war they want peace. Each move the [DS] make will not work. Flags out.



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