X22报道|第2734集: 全球化正在结束,特朗普起诉HRC和深层国家

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[ DS ]被困在他们自己的叙述中,每次他们采取行动,爱国者就会反击并揭露他们的议程。特朗普现在正在起诉[HRC]和[ DS ]玩家。他们现在惊慌失措。你如何合法地提供证据,定义叛国罪。

X22报道|第2734集: 全球化正在结束,特朗普起诉HRC和深层国家

Ep. 2734a – Globalization Is Ending, The [CB] Will Follow, Trump Was Right Again

Ep. 2734a ——全球化正在结束,(CB)将随之而来,特朗普又是对的

Ep. 2734b – Trump Sues [HRC] & The [DS], How Do You Introduce Evidence Legally, Define Treason

Ep. 2734b – ——特朗普起诉[HRC]和[DS] ,你如何合法地引入证据,定义叛国罪

X22 报告发表于2022年3月24日


The economic narrative is falling apart, the people are not buying what they are selling. Globalism is coming to an end, they [CB] will try to push the CBDC but this will fail. Trump was right again.

经济叙事正在分崩离析,人们不再购买他们正在销售的东西。全球主义即将结束,他们[ CB ]试图推动 CBDC,但这将失败。特朗普又说对了。


The [DS] is trapped in their own narrative, each time they make a move the patriots counter it and expose the agenda. Trump is now suing [HRC] and the [DS] players. They are now panicking. How do you introduce evidence legally, define treason. The [DS] players are trying to start WWIII, but this will fail the patriots are in control and will counter the [DS] plan. The push into a new world order is not happening, the push into a peoples controlled country is actually happening.

[ DS ]被困在他们自己的叙述中,每次他们采取行动,爱国者就会反击并揭露他们的议程。特朗普现在正在起诉[HRC]和[ DS ]玩家。他们现在惊慌失措。你如何合法地提供证据,定义叛国罪。[ DS ]玩家们正试图发动第三次世界大战,但这将失败,爱国者们控制了局面,并将反对[ DS ]计划。推进一个新的世界秩序并没有发生,推进一个人民控制的国家实际上正在发生。


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