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Of all the physical gold in the world that has ever been mined and that is held either on the surface of the planet or below ground in the form of bars,coins,jewels and other forms,71%is controlled by the Resistance Movement,11%by central banks and governments,7%by trusts and investment funds,4%by private citizens and 7%is under classified control.Out of all the official gold holdings of central banks,11%is real pure gold that is actually in the central bank vaults,34%is tungsten bars coated with gold and 55%they only own on paper but in reality it has been taken by the Resistance Movement.For clarity,the tungsten bars contain 25%gold on average;that means the central banks have between 19%and 20%gold weight of the gold that is on their books in actual ownership.


The total worldwide physical silver holdings are about 16 times the amount of physical gold being held by all parties combined.The light forces expect the gold price to increase 50%to 100%after the Event and Financial Reset,while the price of silver is expected to increase 750%to 1500%.That brings the expected gold to silver price ratio after the Event at around 12:1,which is more or less the average of the historical ratio of the past 2 millenia and the inverse of the ratio of gold versus silver being mined worldwide(1:8).If illegal mining operations are included,the actual ratio of gold versus silver being mined is 1:6.Western currencies like the euro,US dollar,Japanese yen and Swiss franc are expected to remain more or less at their current value(obviously compared to other assets than precious metals).Just so you know.


The last ships of the Draco fleet that was keeping Earth in quarantine have been cleared.The light forces are doublechecking to make sure no more Draco ships are in hiding,but it looks like they are all gone.It also looks like the members of the Illuminati Breakaway Complex have been completely cleared now,there are just some technologies remaining that need to be neutralized.That means the Ashtar Command and Resistance Movement can now shift their focus to the remaining Chimera and quantum superposition state toplet bombs.



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