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The Fabricated War on Global Warming


Preaching the Truth about the Illusion of money


The shameless scam of our fake money system


The War on cash on Fake Motives:


The War on Gold another Fake narrative


The War on the Credit Cycle


The Final Wakeup Community


Our Liberation from Deep State oppression has begun


一切都是幻觉6|最后的警钟For the first time in hundreds of years,we the people are winning and the Liberation from Deep State oppression.It is quite certain that Soros,Gates,and Obama are not going to go away peacefully.The biggest confrontation may be yet to come.Regardless of the form of the false flag,it could prove to be on the horizon.Be prepared but remain calm because this is the best counter-response.As,just a few days ago,a nuclear bomb placed next to the Trump-towerwas found,removed and detonated.


But,we the people cannot expect to sit back and let Trump and the patriots do all the cleaning work.We need to roll up our sleeves and do this work ourselves,to make sure our liberation will last forever.Freedom is never for free and all people need to join the fight to remove the globalists and their puppets.Liberty obtains value after personal sacrifices are made.


The MSM will create a total black-out to avoid people awake when the election fraud comes out.But the Patriot Emergency Broadcast system will replace the MSM.It is said that over 20 million cabal puppets will be arrested and tried by tribunals.Corrupt doctors and nurses are paid huge sums of money to vaccinate patients,they will be arrested and tried for tribunals.

MSM会制造一个完全的黑屏,以避免人们在选举舞弊出现时惊醒。但是,爱国者紧急广播系统将取代 MSM。据说,将有2000多万阴谋集团的傀儡被逮捕并受到法庭的审判。腐败的医生和护士得到了巨额的金钱来为病人接种疫苗,他们将被逮捕,并在法庭上受审。

The Fabricated War on Global Warming


Now the Covid-plandemic has lost its momentum;global warming is put in its place,nothing else as another invention to create fear and charge more taxes and expenses on the populace.Since 1989 more than 40 trillion has been spend on this counterfeited imitation,with corrupted scientists claiming global warming is accelerating.

现在,Covid-plandemic 已经失去了它的势头;全球变暖被放在了它的位置上,没有别的东西可以作为另一个创造来制造恐惧,并向民众收取更多的税费。自1989年以来,超过40万亿美元花在了这种仿冒品上,腐败的科学家声称全球变暖正在加速。

Global warming meanwhile altered in climate change,which over ages always has happened,is a fake imaginary calamity to frighten people.To charge global CO2-tax for protecting the environment,all are nothing else as another kind of lies.


一切都是幻觉6|最后的警钟Hurricanes Katrina in New Orleans,Sandy in New Jersey,Fukushima's earthquake and tsunami triggered by a nuclear bomb 500 Kms off the Japanese coastline,is real false flag operation disaster by the Deep State to extract huge amounts of money from the Japanesegovernment.The flooding of the DTCC–Depository Trust&Clearing Corporation)–in New York,was a weather induced ramifications to produce tremendous flooding and damage,and even an excuse for DTCC's in-compliance.The real purpose of the flooding the destruction of black-operation documents and payment transfers.Most weather related false flags were initiated by HAARP the Secret Weapon Developed For Weather Modification,and Electromagnetic Warfare.

新奥尔良的卡特里娜飓风,新泽西的桑迪飓风,日本海岸线500公里外的核弹引发的福岛地震和海啸,都是深州为了从日本政府那里榨取巨额资金而进行的真正的假旗行动灾难。位于纽约的 DTCC-存款信托与清算公司(DTCC)的洪水是天气引起的后果,造成了巨大的洪水和损失,甚至成为 DTCC 不遵守规定的借口。洪水泛滥的真正目的是销毁黑色操作文件和转移支付。大多数与天气有关的假旗都是由HAARP 发起的,HAARP 是为人工影响天气和电磁战开发的秘密武器。

History has shown;WW1 and WW2 were initiated false flag wars,so was the Pearl Harbour assault not originated by Japan but an inside job of the USA,instigated with the objective to attack Japan at the beginning of WW2.And later not to forget the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombs that devastated the two towns almost completely and killed over 3 million people.These nuclear bombs only were dropped to show the world the US supremacy,as Japan earlier already had accepted her defeat.Read more about all false flag initiated wars.



From Pearl Harbour to the Tonkin Bay in Vietnam,to the chemical Ghouta attack in Syria there is a discernible pattern when it comes to the fabrication of evidence to justify a pre-planned evil agenda.As soon as the event occurs before any proper investigation has begun,blame is assigned upon the targeted party.Wilfully to divert attention from the real culprit whose criminal act remains concealed and camouflaged.

从珍珠港(Pearl Harbour)到越南的 Tonkin Bay,再到叙利亚的姑塔(Ghouta)化学武器袭击,为了证明事先计划好的邪恶计划,捏造证据的做法有一个明显的模式。一旦事/件发生在任何适当的调查开始之前,责任就归咎于目标一方。故意转移人们对真正的罪犯的注意力,因为他们的犯罪行为仍然被掩盖和伪装。

一切都是幻觉6|最后的警钟Even the landing on the Moon in 1969 was faked,Armstrong's famous words were fantasy,on becoming the'first person'to step onto another planetary body on July 20,1969 as he radioed back to Earth:"That's one small step for a man,one giant leap for mankind."But this altogether was performed in a Hollywood studio,and not during a real moonwalk–again another blatant lie!The bloodline families don't allow people to learn the real facts about the moon.


Immediately,after the accident,the MSM begins to conspiring with their spin for the'desired'version with the help of its reporters and columnists who concoct'fact'out of fiction.Any other explanation or interpretation of the event in particular is discredited and dismissed derisively to ensure that the'credibility'of the dominant narrative remains intact.As the narrative unfolds,the target often embodied in a certain personality is demonised to such a degree that it arouses the ire of the public and becomes an object of rancour.

事故发生后不久,MSM 就开始在记者和专栏作家的帮助下阴谋策划他们想要的版本,这些记者和专栏作家从小说中捏造事实。任何其他的解释,特别是对事/件的解释,都会遭到怀疑和嘲笑,以确保主流叙事的"可信度"不受影响。随着叙事的展开,某种个性所体现的对象被妖魔化到一定程度,以至于引起公众的愤怒,并成为怨恨的对象。

The pattern described here is typical of what is known as a 'false flag'operation in which blame for some shameful deed is consciously transferred to their adversary.It has happened right through history and many contemporary nation-states are guilty of flying false flags.It's a shame that people continuously are fed into blatant distortion to create a false sense of optimism strategically is manipulated by authorities in a vain attempt to keep order and power.


The public should learn to interpreted all these pathological lies,but the majority of the masses have been bribed with government money,the"special group"they identify with being given elevated status,they refuse to see that they themselves support totalitarianism.


Preaching the Truth about the Illusion of money


Rodney Lee Parsley is a prominent American Christian minister,author,television host and evangelist.He is senior pastor of World Harvest Church.He discusses the practices of the Federal Reserve,how they are involved in exploiting us.He preaches the truth using facts and history.His advice is;


Break free from the matrix!Quit being a slave and wake up



US Dollar Melting Dripping Banknote 正在融化的美元滴水钞票

The entire financial system resting on a few mega-banks turns the global economy into a house of cards.One push and it all comes down.When the next crisis hits the financial markets become a cascading event.All is predictable,and will be at least ten times worse,then the crisis of 2.008.The big Central Banks will not be able to neutralise this cascading catastrophe.


The value of the reserve currency the US dollar,in effect,its"price,"is determined by interest rates.When the Fed manipulates interest rates,it is manipulating and distorting every market in the world.


This isn't anything comparable to manipulating the price of a consumer good,even something as big as oil.Money is at least half of almost every transaction.Manipulating money is manipulating the entire economic system.


The shameless scam of our fake money system


The basic element for the system is a kind of money the world has never had before:the post-1971 fiat dollar.It's paper money,worth as much as people think it is worth,managed by people who think it should be worth less as time goes by.Who are these people,and whom do they work for?


By legally equalising the money earned by ordinary people who trust each other–trust-money–with money created by the central bank–debt-money–the latter acquires the trust placed into the first.


That results in inflation:The increase of the money supply goes far beyond social trust.The conflict between the two kinds of money is clear:a dollar can be spent only once!In principle for private transactions between citizens,but that same dollar is promised again to pay off public debt,in which government is engaged without the consent of its citizens.


一切都是幻觉6|最后的警钟To keep it analytically simple:the creditor of the money which is the Central Bank,is paid back with the same money that is created out of nothing which is counterfeited money.Between the Central Bank and the abused citizens has the government a smoke screenplaced.By the requirement citizens pay their taxes in the currency of the central bank.It is this requirement that defines the essence of debt money.


This results in Inflation,because this is injection of more fiat money–debt money–into the existing amount of trust money.Which is'abuse of trust'on people,or plainly said Theft.While everyone knows,debt should always be paid off,so the people collectively pay off a debt for which they never made an commitment.A deliberate and shameless scam.


But the consequence is:if all debt is repaid,no money is left for circulation.As,the first kind of money–trust money–serves as collateral for the second kind–debt money–as the second is for the purchase of the first,while both support the illusion of money.


In other words,Public debt is required to create money,while the people is told that their money is needed to pay off public debt.Which of course is nonsense and a colossal lie!


Trust Money is money that came into existence,because it meets four conditions.It has shelf life,it is divisible,identifiable and scarce.


Debt money came into being when working people lent each other"trust money"in exchange for debt securities,known as money notes,which when used in small quantities can serve as money in themselves.In other words,when a creditor exchanges them for goods delivered by someone else,the new owner in exchange becomes the creditor of the unpaid debt,giving the debt obligation the function of money.


This belief is abused by central banks to create their debt money out of nothing,While the'trust'of trust money over time loses against debt money the only money left in existence is debt.


一切都是幻觉6|最后的警钟This debt money is imposed on the public by government law of"legal tender"that is issued by a private,not a public institution,called Central Bank.Your government is obliged to lend this money from the Central Bank with interest attached.This interest has to be paid to the Central Bank through tax money charged on the populace.


This debt-money could have been issued by your government without interest!Do you see the scam put on us the people?Shameful is that'collected taxes'do not serve to finance roads,transport,dykes,etc.but serve to pay for the perpetual debt–"eternal-debt"financing to the private Central Banks!Please wake up and stop with paying taxes.


To recapitalise this scam for better,understand;The security of trust money that is earned by the people through labour,etc.is given as promise to the Central Bank as collateral for their worthless debt money that arose from"debt".For repayment of that worthless money a collateral is required wherefore taxes are created,collected by the government to pay off the'never-ending'debt to the Central Bank in the currency that the central bank itself has issued out of nothing and is mixed with trust money already in circulation,to make the SCAM invisible.


So,the central bank prints debt money,and let taxpayers repay in trust money:that is money acquired from input of ENERGY,production against blood,sweat,and tears,in this manner citizens are exploited by the debt money,created out of nothing,sucking people's valuable energy into the Deep State pockets.


It should be clear by now,that gold and silver real money is,why central bankers label it barbaric money,another obvious lie!This truth is manipulated in a way that nothing consists out of nothing.one to think about intensely!


The War on cash on Fake Motives:


一切都是幻觉6|最后的警钟Your wealth is being confiscated through The War on Cash and negative interest rates,both are radical and insane measures.They are signs of total greed and desperation.But,huge threats to your financial security.Central planners are playing with fire and inviting a currency catastrophe.Most people have no idea what really happens when a currency collapses let alone how to prepare for it.


Such a radical and extreme measure as banning cash shows the Deep State is panicking.This is not a move they would consider if they were confident in keeping control over the financial system and economy.The ultimate result of this action of desperation,will be counter productive to them,and a blessing for the population.


The war on Gold another Fake narrative


Once policymakers see the massive shift to gold,they will launch their unbridled war on gold.People interested in gold do have to buy it now while it still is possible.Don't wait,soon it will be too late to buy at the lower manipulated price of nowadays.


一切都是幻觉6|最后的警钟Banks and authorities,with the support of Big Business,are doing everything to make it impossible for you to get your own money in the form of cash.It seems that businesses havelaunched their own war on cash too.They hate handling it,as it's expensive to transport,store and insure.More and more,businesses are refusing to take your cash.This is just another form of discrimination against people that may not have banking accounts or who rely on check cashing services and live from pay check to pay check.It forces you into a digital system where your money can be hit with negative interest rates,service fees,account freezes,bail-in charges and other forms of theft.


The war on cash may be a losing battle for the people,but there is still refuge in physical gold,silver,property and other hard assets.The key defensive strategy is to obtain your gold and silver now,while you still can,before the next war on gold begins.As this realisation sinks in,it will create more demand for physical gold,which is already in short supply.The war on gold and silver is a lost battle for governments.


The War on the Credit Cycle


The Credit Cycle,measures the expansion of the Central Banks and Federal Reserve's balance sheet.According to the Federal Reserve,in the US assets have inflated to more than$10 trillion since 1990.The War on the Credit Cycle has the now-familiar markers of the Deep State's wars.

信贷周期,衡量中央银行和美联储资产负债表的扩张。根据美联储的数据,自1990年以来,美国的资产已经膨胀到超过10万亿美元。"信贷周期战争"(War on The Credit Cycle)就是我们现在熟悉的"深层国家"(Deep State)战争的标志。

  • The enemy is hard to identify.


  • The cost is huge and open-ended.


  • Large amounts of money are transferred to Deep State operatives.


  •  A war that cannot be won.


The fight against the credit cycle is different from the others.This is a war the Deep State doesn't want to lose.As with so much of the economy,it has become dependent on cheap credit for its growth and funding.Losing the war against drugs or terror actually benefits the insiders.Losing the war on the credit cycle does not.



The Final Wakeup Community


一切都是幻觉6|最后的警钟The Final Wakeup Community was created to bring readers and participants around the world closer together.The awakened have become patriots,they join the fight to remove the World Mafia from planet Earth once and for all.Planet Earth belongs to the people,we can and will decide ourselves how our world will be run in harmony and in everlasting peace and prosperity.Each individual contributes to this according to his or her insight and ability.


Participation in FWC on TELEGRAM is without commercial interest,and offers the advantage of being constantly informed about the latest developments and useful facts.Languages used depend on registered nationality size.Currently English,Dutch and Spanish.German will be added when the number of participants increases.Don`t forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.

参与 FWC 的电报是没有商业利益,并提供了不断被告知的最新发展和有用的事实的优势。语言的使用取决于注册国籍的大小。目前有英语、荷兰语和西班牙语。当参加人数增加时,将增加德语。别忘了在这里订阅我们的每周通讯。

We are in the final stages of this historic battle,reliable updates are a priority.Join us,and join our global fight against the World Mafia.Future self-managed civilian communities ensure oppression and terror will never return.Be armed with the truth and join the


Final Wakeup Community


The True Truth Tellers



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