迈克•昆西的高我|联盟开放Things appear to be moving very slowly when in reality it is quite the opposite,as for a considerable time matters have been speeding up.They are reaching a point when it may be considered appropriate for the public to know what has been happening and how it will affect your future.


Clearly the truth cannot be kept from you for too much longer and it should be uplifting and explain some of the more unusual happenings.In general it will be good news,as for the first time the Alliance can be open about their activities to contain and reduce the powers of the Illuminati and free you from their control.


Their leadership is in disarray and unable to succeed in their plan to control the population.Be assured that they will answer for their murderous and diabolical plans to eliminate a large number of people through a more deadly version of Covid19.They have had to be allowed freewill,but higher forces have prevented their actions from resulting in largescale death.

他们的领导混乱不堪,无法成功地实施控制人口的计划。请放心,他们将为他们的残忍和恶魔般的计划负责,通过一个更加致命的 Covid19版本来消灭大量的人。他们必须被允许有自由意志,但是更强大的力量阻止了他们的行动导致大规模的死亡。

Now that the situation has been reversed it may be possible to release some details as to what has been taking place,but be assured that your future has already been written and as we often mention,it is very bright and will be welcomed by all.


The Forces of Light have not been idle and have clearly monitored all actions taken by the dark Ones.It may sound strange that they are still allowed some freedom to carry out their heinous crimes but that is what happens in a"Freewill Universe."We tell you again that by Universal Law the dark Ones have to make known what their intentions are and from thereon it is up to the Light Forces to respond as they see appropriate.


When the Twin Towers collapsed people were taken by surprise and events since that time have revealed it was to cover up the"removal/robbery"of Gold Bullion kept in the basement of one the Towers.You could say it was the one that got away.In time many happenings attributed to them will be revealed,and mainly in a Court of Justice.


Your history reeks with battles between the dark and Light but whatever happens you can be sure the Light will be the dominant force.With the commencement of the new cycle in 2012,the Light was lifted up and defeat of the dark Ones assured.Since then much progress has been made to curtail their activities and many of their supporters have been taken out of circulation,and so it shall continue.


Conflicts have taken place both above and below the Earth's surface,where so many battles have taken place.The whole story would fill volumes and you have little knowledge of what has really been taking place,and much would sound unbelievable and even like fiction.


Yet,the battle has rolled on for many years for the mind and soul of you all.The truth is stranger than fiction and it will come out in due course of time.Your lives have been controlled by the Illuminati simply because they have had their supporters in many positions of control and importance.


Brighter and happier days lie ahead and you will have earned every accolade and reward that will be coming your way.You have never been forgotten or left to face the problems alone and be assured that there are great and mighty Beings who oversee your progress,and you are assured of victory even though you have experienced some very difficult times.


Within it all karma has played a big role and the result is that many,many souls have cleared their personal karma and are free to join the Light.As you can see from your history,no situation is without a positive outcome even if it cannot be understood at the time.Each individual soul will know of their plan for advancement that they would have been informed of before they incarnated,and would also have agreed to in advance.


It does seem possible that a major event is looming on the horizon and at long last there will be revelations that will open everyone's eyes to the truth.Such things come up quite regularly and when you think they will be revealed,nothing happens.Clearly it is all for a good reason but it is so disappointing for you to feel let down once again.


However,matters cannot keep on being held back,and as time passes revelations about your future become a matter of some urgency.Few people are opposed to the truth coming out but the dark Ones would rather you were kept in ignorance so that you were more easily controlled.


So the battle goes on and time passes more quickly than ever,and the need to enlighten you as to what the future holds becomes more urgent.A point has been reached when it is becoming vital that you are put in the picture so that you are prepared for future events.


You are so far behind events that you need to know a lot more about them so as to be able to take your place with them.There was a time when it was thought you could not handle the truth,but you have been given so much that indicates the direction Humanity is going in and you are in fact ready to learn more.


That would make it easier to lead you on to an even greater understanding so that you were fully prepared for the great changes that are coming.In the past there has always been a reluctance to reveal too much but there is now a certain urgency to"put you in the picture".It must happen so that you can be prepared for even greater revelations,we talk of course of positive events that will help you understand what the future holds for you.


Things have moved on so quickly just lately that you are so far behind in your understanding that some people will be unable to accept what is happening.At times we have hinted at the changes that have taken place but now it is imperative that you are put in the picture.Be assured that many changes will be very acceptable by moving you into the New Age where technology is concerned,a little at first and then a gradual introduction into a new way of thinking and working.


We have touched upon these previously so they will not necessarily come as a surprise to you.The quality of your life will be lifted up giving you much more time to yourselves to advance your own understanding of the changes around you.You are in the New Age and will become Beings who are equipped to handle it.However,do not expect too much all at once but know that there are many acceptable things to be introduced to you to uplift your quality of life.


I leave you with love and blessings,and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion.This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.


In Love and Light.


Mike Quinsey.




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