本杰明报道|2023年8月14日  地球白龙会计划

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本杰明报道|2023年8月14日  地球白龙会计划

The ancient ruling bloodlines of the planet are trying to negotiate a surrender with the White Dragon Society and their white hat allies. The main obstacle to replacing the current dystopian regime ruling the West is now the question of what alternative is going to replace it.


For this reason, the WDS is presenting a set of proposals. These are not meant to be a definitive conclusion but rather a starting point for constructive debate about how we as a species are to navigate into the future.

出于这个原因,WDS 提出了一系列建议。这些并不意味着一个明确的结论,而是一个建设性辩论的起点,关于我们作为一个物种如何走向未来。

Before we do this, though, let us confirm the current system is going to collapse. Thomas Jefferson was prophetic when he said:


If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…. I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.

如果美国人民允许私人银行控制他们的货币问题,首先是通货膨胀,然后是通货紧缩,那么在他们周围成长起来的银行和公司将剥夺人民的所有财产,直到他们的孩子在他们父辈征服的大陆上无家可归。我认为,银行机构对我们的自由比常备军更危险... ..。发行权应该从银行手中夺走,归还给它应该属于的人民。

He was right. If a privately owned central bank creates $1 trillion out of thin air and then distributes it to its cronies, it will be in effect stealing that trillion from the American people. By one calculation “$450 trillion in income was siphoned away from US workers between 1975 and 2018: Due largely to the effects of inflation, a massive and invisible decline in real wages was experienced by US workers in the form of forgone income that went unnoticed by most US families.”

他是对的。如果一家私有的中央银行凭空创造出1万亿美元,然后分配给它的亲信,它实际上就是从美国人民那里偷走了这1万亿美元。根据一项计算,“从1975年到2018年,450万亿美元的收入从美国工人那里被抽走: 主要由于通货膨胀的影响,美国工人经历了实际工资的大规模和无形的下降,大多数美国家庭没有注意到这种放弃的收入形式。”


This works out to $1.46 million stolen from every man, woman and child in the United States. If you start with 1972, when the US dollar was taken off the gold standard, update that to 2023 and use real inflation data it works out to more than $2 million per person.


Now though, the banksters have killed the goose that laid the golden egg. They cannot steal anymore from the American People.


Here is the math: The US median income is $31,000 while the median home price is $437,000 so, at the current mortgage interest rate of 7.12% the monthly mortgage payment would be $2,942. That means the annual payment would be $35,304. In other words, if the average American did not pay for food, utilities or anything else, they still could not afford to buy a home. This means the system is broken beyond repair.

这里是数学: 美国的收入中位数是31,000美元,而房价中位数是437,000美元,因此,按照目前7.12% 的抵押贷款利率,每月的抵押贷款还款额将是2,942美元。这意味着每年的付款将是35,304美元。换句话说,如果普通美国人不为食品、公用事业或其他任何东西买单,他们仍然买不起房子。这意味着这个系统已经崩溃,无法修复了。

The FRB criminals use various statistical lies to try to cover this up. For example, they will say per capita GDP is $70,000. However, that number hides income inequality by dividing total income by total population. For example, if Bill Gates walks into a cafeteria and starts buying everything, the per capita income of the people there shoots up even though they will not be able to buy any food. The median income is the level at which half the people are above and half below and so reflects reality.

FRB 的罪犯们用各种各样的统计谎言来掩盖这一事实。例如,他们会说人均 GDP 是7万美元。然而,这个数字通过将总收入除以总人口来掩盖收入不平等。例如,如果比尔 · 盖茨走进一家自助餐厅并开始购买所有东西,那里的人们的人均收入就会急剧上升,即使他们将无法购买任何食物。收入中位数是指一半以上人口和一半以下人口的收入水平,因此反映了现实情况。

This is why the WDS is proposing to start by returning the $2 million or so that was stolen from each person. The propagandists of the FRB will scream “That will lead to hyperinflation!” However, not with the WDS proposal because the money will be given back to the people in the form of real things. For starters, everybody will be given ownership of their current place of residence and all debts, public and private, will be written off. In other words, a jubilee will be declared.

这就是为什么 WDS 提议从归还每个人被盗的大约200万美元开始。联邦储备委员会的宣传人员会尖叫: “这将导致恶性通货膨胀!”然而,不与 WDS 的建议,因为这笔钱将以实物的形式返还给人们。首先,每个人都将获得目前居住地的所有权,所有公共和私人债务将被注销。换句话说,将宣布一个禧年。

The WDS also calls for returning control of the process of creating and distributing money to the elected representatives of the people. This means government money could be used to pay any previous landlords who relied on rental income to live.


Canada, from 1938 until 1972, was also able to pay for World War II expenses, public health insurance, education, public works like the TransCanada highway etc. all without debts or taxation simply by using government money. There was no inflation either because the money was backed by gold and silver.


This is the sort of system that needs to be put back into place at least for North America.


On a world-wide level, something similar also needs to be done. In other words, an international write-off of all debt and a redistribution of assets is needed. This is obviously going to have to be tailored to meet the needs of individual countries and regions and will require a lot of careful planning.


The other thing the WDS is proposing is replacing the World Bank, the UN, the WEF, the BIS, the IMF etc. with new institutions.

WDS 提议的另一件事是用新的机构取代世界银行、联合国、世界经济论坛、国际清算银行、国际货币基金组织等。

This writer originally came to Japan in 1980 to study their economic and social system. At the time, Japan had just gone through decades of double-digit economic growth. They had the highest per capita GDP in the world. The gap between the rich and the poor was the lowest of any developed country. They also had the world’s lowest crime rate and rivers in downtown Tokyo were filled with fish at a time when pollution had killed all living creatures in other cities around the world.


The economic system they used was one they copied from Nazi Germany and then improved upon.


We all know about the nasty Nazi habit of genocide and the horrific medical experiments etc. they carried out. What they do not teach us is how good their economic management was. They were pioneers in making sure everyone had a Volkswagen, paid holidays, health insurance etc. They also built the wonderful German highway system. Again, by using government money; all without taxes or debt. However, they did use gold that was borrowed from Asian royals for this purpose and for setting up the BIS, UN etc. This in effect, handed over long-term control to Asian royal families. This is a problem that is now leading to an Asian take-over of the world as these royals demand the return of their gold. 

我们都知道纳粹种族灭绝的恶劣习惯以及他们进行的可怕的医学实验等等。他们没有告诉我们的是,他们的经济管理有多么好。他们是确保每个人都有一辆大众汽车、带薪假期、健康保险等方面的先锋。他们还建造了美妙的德国高速公路系统。同样,通过使用政府资金; 所有没有税收或债务。然而,他们确实使用了从亚洲皇室借来的黄金,用于建立国际清算银行、联合国等。这实际上将长期控制权移交给了亚洲王室。这个问题现在正导致亚洲接管世界,因为这些皇室要求归还他们的黄金。 

The Japanese system was similar and, unlike the German system, did not rely on borrowed Asian royal gold. Let us look at how it worked. The Bank of Japan would start the process by sending its’ officials all over the country. They would check prices at supermarkets and other stores, ask small, medium and big businesses about their spending plans etc. They would use that data to come up with an amount of money that could be created without causing inflation.


The next step was taken by an organization known as the Economic Planning Agency. This group was headed by a committee of politicians, businessmen, bureaucrats etc. They would decide where they wanted the country to be in five years. For example, in one plan they decided to hook up all the houses in the nation to sewer systems over the coming 5 years and proceeded to do just that.


This was not communist central planning though, because the actual work was put out to the private sector through competitive bids. Private companies were also free to pursue their own plans regardless of the central 5-year plan. For example, the bureaucrats originally discouraged automobile companies but that did not stop the likes of Honda and Toyota from going ahead anyway.


In any case, Communist China studied this system and copied it. They added their own twists. So, for example, promotions are decided by having bureaucrats vote for anyone except themselves who they think deserves to be promoted. The result is they are growing their economy so quickly they have left the West eating their dust. The longer they are allowed to outgrow the West, the stronger they will become and the less they will have to listen to us.


That is why the West needs to create a similar -but hopefully better- system to prevent China from taking over the world.


The other thing that needs to be pointed out here is that copying the economic planning system of places like Singapore does not mean copying the totalitarian control grids these places use. In Singapore chewing gum is illegal and they execute people for marijuana possession: none of us want to imitate aspects like that.

这里需要指出的另一件事是,复制像新加坡这样的地方的经济计划体系并不意味着复制这些地方使用的极权主义控制网格。在新加坡,嚼口香糖是非法的,他们处决持有大麻的人: 我们没有人想模仿这样的方面。

In any case, as a result of backroom negotiations between the WDS and other groups, the British Commonwealth, the Pentagon and the Russians are among those who support the setting up of various complementary international future planning organizations to replace the failing IMF, BIS, World Bank etc. system. 


As mentioned at the top, the details will need to be worked out to make sure the new structures work for the people and are staffed by the people in a transparent, democratic and meritocratic way.


The final obstacle that needs to be worked out before the new, improved systems can be set up is to get the current ruling bloodlines to step aside and hand over control of their central banks.


The bloodline families are asking, as a condition for a hand over, that a jubilee also apply to crimes and criminal behavior. They admit they have been torturing and murdering children on an industrial scale. They know many mass graves will be uncovered. The excuse they give is that “this has been going on for thousands of years.” The other excuse they make is that they were born into this system and had no choice but to go along or else be killed themselves.


The WDS has supported a South African-style truth and reconciliation process in the past. However, there are so many people in the military and the agencies -not to mention the families of the countless victims- who are not feeling very forgiving.


The only compromise the WDS can think of is that when the Khazarian Mafia are forced to hand over power, the people they hand power to will support truth and reconciliation. However, what happens after that is another question. An example to study is Argentina. The government that took over after the military government stepped aside, kept its promise and did not prosecute any generals. However, future governments did and the generals ended up in jail.

WDS 能想到的唯一妥协是,当可萨黑手党被迫交出权力时,他们交出权力的人会支持真相与和解。然而,之后会发生什么是另一个问题。值得研究的一个例子是阿根廷。军政府下台后接管的政府信守承诺,没有起诉任何将军。然而,未来的政府做到了,将军们最终进了监狱。

In any case, we sincerely hope that a peaceful transition can be arranged either late this year or early next. The alternative will be chaos, poverty and bloodshed as the current system heads for its mathematically certain collapse.


Finally this week, we are going to share the following information sent to us by the Secret Space Program people to share with our summer audience:


The Secret Space Program people say we live in a multiverse. In their view, there are an infinite amount of realities. Some are so similar that the only difference is the color of the shirt you are wearing. Others are so different that even the basic laws of physics as we know them do not apply.


These self-described real-life men in black say they deal with travelers who move freely between similar realities. The main faction we are dealing with claims they are from a civilization that broke away from our own around the time of World War II. This group, known to many as the space Nazis, developed anti-gravity and colonized many of the nearby planets. They claim to have reached as far as the fifth dimension before being stopped at the sixth dimension and sent back to this earth.


Here is an abbreviated version of what one of their representatives has to say:


Of course, the UFO story is distorted, manipulated, diluted and weaponized! The author of the “confusion” is Satan and the Satanists who ruled the Earth, so no, we will NOT get a clear truth. We will have thousands of small pieces scattered around the puzzle, with many pieces completely missing….Fear is the main ingredient in all stories… A report ‘confirming’ the existence of giant aliens has been declassified by the FBI …All official accounts speak only of military-type gear, grays or reptilians, etc. They never talk about beings of light, healers, divine interventions or miracle workers…As above, as below – there are elements present that are far more advanced than anything the Earthlings have here. The gap between what humans have and what exists is like the difference between an ant and a human being. Many observe the Earthlings like an anthill….Old Technology – Reverse Engineering…Many “alien crash sites” have been staged – with fake and real craftsmanship. All this to misinform the public. A few “real ships” were used as crash sites to allow certain groups of humans to salvage the ships – for reverse engineering purposes…Some extraterrestrial species weren’t allowed to donate technology or make deals with Earthlings due to their free will – so crash sites were “staged” with real starships.

当然,不明飞行物的故事被歪曲,操纵,稀释和武器化!“混乱”的作者是撒旦和统治地球的撒旦教徒,所以不,我们不会得到一个明确的真理。我们将会看到数以千计的小碎片散落在整个拼图中,许多碎片完全不见了... ... 恐惧是所有故事的主要成分... ... 一份“确认”巨型外星人存在的报告已经被 FBI 解密... ... 所有官方报告只提到了军用装备、灰色装备或者爬行动物等等。他们从不谈论光之存有、治疗者、神圣干预或奇迹创造者... ... 如上所述,如下所述——存在着比地球人在这里拥有的任何东西都要先进得多的元素。人类所拥有的和现存的之间的差距就像是蚂蚁和人类之间的差别。许多人把地球人当作一座蚁丘... ... 古老的科技——逆向工程... ... 许多“外星人坠毁地点”已经上演——用的是假的和真的飞船。这一切都是为了误导公众。一些“真正的飞船”被用作坠毁地点,允许特定的人类团体打捞这些飞船——出于逆向工程的目的... ... 一些外星物种由于他们的自由意志,不被允许捐赠技术或与地球人进行交易——所以坠毁地点被用真正的飞船“安排”。

The SSP people also sent us the following visuals for summer use:

SSP 的工作人员还给我们发来了以下夏季使用的图片:

These are from declassified files from Russia. And The “ cleaned” western versions of Admiral Richard Byrd’s expedition to Antarctica, known as Operation High Jump or Task Force 68. The battle with the Extraterrestrials actually happened. These were not German Nazis. Admiral Byrd’s group was warned not to come back again with weapons of destruction. 

这些是来自俄罗斯的解密文件。还有理查德 · 伯德上将南极探险的“干净”西部版本,称为“跳高行动”或“68特遣队”。与外星人的战斗真的发生了。他们不是德国纳粹。海军上将伯德的小组被警告不要再带着毁灭性武器回来。 

These are from declassified files from Russia. 


And The “ cleaned” western versions of Admiral Richard Byrd’s expedition to Antarctica, known as Operation High Jump or Task Force 68. The battle with the Extraterrestrials actually happened. These were not German Nazis. Admiral Byrd’s group was warned not to come back again with weapons of destruction. 

还有理查德 · 伯德上将南极探险的“干净”西部版本,称为“跳高行动”或“68特遣队”。与外星人的战斗真的发生了。他们不是德国纳粹。海军上将伯德的小组被警告不要再带着毁灭性武器回来。 

ANTARCTICA – Op. Highjump – Russian


and Western versions


A synopsis of the Russian version and the


Western version of “Operation High


Jump” All original takes.


The truth about Operation High Jump,


performed by Admiral Bird in 1947 in Antarctica.


Based on the “cleaned” archives of the US Navy and the Russian government’s declassified archives. This is Russian speaking with French subtitles.



本杰明报道|2023年8月14日  地球白龙会计划


As usual with these tales, while they are fascinating, they still do not actually affect our real, daily lives in any way that I can detect. We ask these Secret Space Program people to please come out of hiding and share their technology with us. Otherwise, we will have to keep dismissing them as interesting stories combined with videos of flying objects that remain elusive in the here and now world. They say they will come out of the closet when our Satanic leadership is overthrown. That will happen when the nexus around Lake Geneva is overthrown. Perhaps then we shall finally see.


This marks the end of Ben’s pre-written report, the following information is recent news updates from Windlander.

这标志着本预先写好的报告的结束,以下信息是最近来自 Windlander 的新闻更新。

Here are some updates, starting with the latest on the Lahaina DEW Hit….  It is so obvious.
这里有一些更新,从最新的拉海纳露水点击... 。这是如此明显。

The fire damage in Hawaii leaves open the question of whether the fire was caused by a Direct Energy Weapon (DEW)


本杰明报道|2023年8月14日  地球白龙会计划本杰明报道|2023年8月14日  地球白龙会计划

本杰明报道|2023年8月14日  地球白龙会计划

(Were they used to start the Lahaina fires, yes)
They are spilling the beans. Interesting that this comes out now. Sure feels like a WH Alliance release.

五角大楼承认他们拥有直接能量武器(是用来点燃拉海纳大火的,没错)他们泄露了秘密。有意思的是,这个现在出来了。感觉就像是 WH 联盟的发行版。

“I made 10 times more than a Barbie movie”


Republicans placed ads with Zelensky in New York.


This is interesting for sure:
WEF bioethicist wants to genetically modify humans so they become allergic to meat.

这当然很有趣: 世界经济论坛的生物伦理学家希望改变人类的基因,使他们对肉类过敏。

Then this happened


Bill Gates Funded Research Into Genetically Engineered Cattle Ticks—Now 450,000 Americans Have Red Meat Allergies From ‘Alpha-Gal Syndrome’ Caused by Tick Bites

比尔 · 盖茨资助了对转基因牛蜱的研究ーー现在有45万美国人对由蜱虫叮咬引起的“阿尔法-加尔综合症”产生的红肉过敏

As alpha-gal syndrome (AGS), a tick-borne disease that triggers an allergic reaction to red meat, sees a steep rise in cases, eyebrows are being raised over a coincidental alignment with research funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation……

阿尔法-盖尔综合征(AGS)是一种由蜱传播的疾病,它会引发对红肉的过敏反应,随着病例的急剧增加,人们对这种与比尔与美琳达·盖茨基金会资助的研究一致的巧合感到惊讶... ..。

In June 2023, after Oxitec reported high efficacy in its tick experimentation, the Gates Foundation provided an additional $4.8 million in funding.

2023年6月,在 Oxitec 公司报告了其蜱虫实验的高效性之后,盖茨基金会提供了额外的480万美元资金。

However, the intertwining of Gates’s interests and this rise in AGS cases is drawing scrutiny. Gates holds stakes in pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer Inc. that produce antibiotics such as doxycycline, commonly used to treat tick-borne illnesses like Lyme disease. Moreover, in 2017, his foundation granted over $1 million to Ceres Nanosciences, a diagnostics company specializing in Lyme disease detection.

然而,盖茨利益的交织和 AGS 案件的增多正引起人们的密切关注。盖茨持有辉瑞公司(Pfizer Inc.)等制药公司的股份,辉瑞公司生产多西环素等抗生素,多西环素通常用于治疗莱姆病(Lyme disease)等蜱传疾病。此外,在2017年,他的基金会向专门从事莱姆病检测的诊断公司 Ceres Nanosciences 捐赠了100多万美元。

In the food industry, Gates has significant investments in plant-based and lab-grown meat companies. He has backed companies such as Upside Foods, Good Meat, Beyond Meat, and Impossible Foods, some of which which have been approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture for the production and sale of meat substitute products.

在食品行业,盖茨对植物性和实验室培育的肉类公司进行了大量投资。他支持一些公司,比如 Upside Foods,Good Meat,Beyond Meat,and not Foods,其中一些公司已经获得美国农业部的批准,用于生产和销售肉类替代品。

Brazil’s leftist president Lula says we need a “new global governance” to enforce “climate change action” and make sure that “everyone” complies.


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