2022年12月14日: 在圣诞节的第三天..|星际飞船地球

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Starship Earth: The Big Picture 

 December 14, 2022
星际飞船地球: 大图2022年12月14日


2022年12月14日: 在圣诞节的第三天..|星际飞船地球

Image source: Globerove.com

图片来源: Globerove.com

Scuttlebutt is… Trump will be making big announcements tomorrow, Dec. 15. I smell panic again as the cockroaches scuttle around trying to find a hiding place.

有传言说... 特朗普将于明天12月15日发表重要声明。我又闻到了恐慌的味道,蟑螂们四处乱窜,试图找到一个藏身之处。

Here is one connection made from Telegram with visuals regarding the Bill of Rights:


Trump superhero announcement: December 15, 2022

特朗普宣布超级英雄: 2022年12月15日

US Constitution Bill of Rights: passed December 15, 1791

美国宪法权利法案: 1791年12月15日通过

Nothing is a coincidence.


SGAnon posted the following on TruthSocial:

SGAnon 在 TruthSocial 上发布了以下内容:

SGAnon @RealSGAnon


Be there.

Comms all over this Truth from the CIC.


Anons -> Time to punch that clock again…

匿名-> 时间打卡再次..。

2022年12月14日: 在圣诞节的第三天..|星际飞船地球

Donald J. Trump

唐纳德 · J · 特朗普

@ realDonaldTrump
AMERICA NEEDS A SUPERHERO! I will be making a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT tomorrow. Thank you!
美国需要一个超级英雄! 我明天会做一个重要的宣布。谢谢!

The other big news… Catturd was trending yesterday.

另一个大新闻... Catturd 昨天火了。

2022年12月14日: 在圣诞节的第三天..|星际飞船地球

More scuttlebutt…


2022年12月14日: 在圣诞节的第三天..|星际飞船地球

State of the Nation expands on the activities of Ron DeSantis in Florida in the scamdemic updates.



MOAB! 我们期待已久的时刻(视频)

2022年12月14日: 在圣诞节的第三天..|星际飞船地球

Q told us in no uncertain terms… “infiltration” was their modus operandi. Most significant organizations operate the opposite of what we would expect. Imposters, all, robbing us blind and stabbing us in the back for a long time.

Q 明确告诉我们... “渗透”是他们的惯用手法。大多数重要组织的运作方式与我们的预期相反。所有的冒名顶替者,把我们洗劫一空,在我们背后捅刀子很长时间。

Feds in the Shadows: Leaked Documents Indicate over 300 Members of Oath Keepers May Be Current or Former DHS Employees – Not Clear How Many Are Federal Operatives

联邦调查局在暗处: 泄露的文件显示超过300名誓言守护者可能是现任或前国土安全部雇员-不清楚有多少是联邦特工

SGAnon will be doing a discussion on Thursday with The Punisher to discuss infiltration, transparency, etc. Once it is uploaded, we will hear it.

SGAnon 将在周四与惩罚者讨论渗透、透明度等问题。一旦上传,我们就会听到。

2022年12月14日: 在圣诞节的第三天..|星际飞船地球

Yesterday we talked about the movie Avatar and the dragons. Today this appeared and I thought it interesting, particularly if you like to read between the lines. Avatar 1 contained a massive amount of disclosure and allegory and it left its mark on me, deep, deep inside. I can’t wait to see Avatar 2: The Way of Water. On Friday, December 16 the sequel hits theatres and predictions are it will break box office records. No doubt. It will be fabulous.

昨天我们讨论了电影《阿凡达》和龙。今天这个出现了,我觉得很有趣,特别是如果你喜欢读字里行间的意思。《阿凡达1》包含了大量的揭露和寓言它在我的内心深处留下了深深的印记。我等不及要看《阿凡达2: 水之道》了。12月16日(星期五) ,续集上映,预计将打破票房纪录。毫无疑问。一定会很棒的。


Avatar 2 will make landfall almost 13 years to the day that the original 2009 sci-fi movie was released.


With a reported runtime of three hours and 12 minutes, it seems that iconic director James Cameron, the cast, and the whole crew want to make up for the arduous wait between films.

据报道运行时间为3小时12分钟,标志性的导演詹姆斯 · 卡梅隆、演员和全体工作人员似乎想要弥补两部电影之间的艰难等待。

Learn more here.


One basic message at least is clear; a soul of one race was transferred from one meat suit to an artificially cultured avatar of another race so the benevolent Being could assist the threatened race in preserving their home and their tribes because a more advanced race moved in under false pretenses and was mining their precious natural resources [unobtanium] and were prepared to destroy the civilization if they stood in the way.

至少有一个基本的信息是明确的: 一个种族的灵魂从一个肉身转移到另一个种族的人工培育的化身,这样仁慈的存在可以帮助受到威胁的种族保护他们的家园和他们的部落,因为一个更高级的种族在虚假的借口下进入,挖掘他们珍贵的自然资源[ Ubtanium ] ,并准备摧毁文明,如果他们站在道路上。

Warnings fell on deaf ears.


When the crisis descended the tribes from other areas of Pandora united for one cause; their very survival, and fought off the greedy military-corporate entities [military industrial complex] which sought to destroy them.

当危机降临时,潘多拉其他地区的部落为了一个目标联合起来; 他们的生存,击退了贪婪的军事企业实体(军事工业综合体) ,这些实体试图摧毁他们。

This is why I am curious as to who some of the major players are in our current battle for control at the soul level—like Trump. How many of the characters in the ‘movie’ we are watching are souls from other races—on-planet or off—inserted here to help save Humanity? And who is beneath those rubber masks?


The plot of our Human/Earth movie is far more intriguing and grand than most recognize. If we think on the scale of the Avatar movie, we’ll be getting the big picture. The Na’vi may have been primitive in some ways, but they were highly spiritual and connected to the consciousness of the land and the creatures, living in harmony with all, and with reverence for their startlingly beautiful world.


In the here and now, the ones preying on and destroying Humanity are not from around here and kept the presence of off-world entities under wraps. The Cheshire grins and empty promises deceived most of the naive and relatively primitive Humans. What further profound disclosure might be buried within Avatar 2, je me demande?


2022年12月14日: 在圣诞节的第三天..|星际飞船地球

Getting back to the next [regurgitated] engineered hoax… Source: Telegram

回到下一个恶作剧... 来源: 电报

Hmmmm- Chinese hospitals are ‘swamped’ with Covid patients and running out of medicines while an increasing numbers of doctors are catching virus days after brutal lockdown was finally relaxed



Won’t get fooled again. DO NOT COMPLY, FOLKS. If they try it again we have to unify and stand our ground—TOGETHER.



Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein have been hanging around like a bad smell.

吉斯莱恩 · 麦克斯韦和杰弗里 · 爱泼斯坦就像一股难闻的气味。

The Epstein Island complex was extensive and far larger than they let on. Time for truth.


2022年12月14日: 在圣诞节的第三天..|星际飞船地球

Interesting, but Epstein was not the “BIG GUY” of the pedo pyramid.. BRANSON WAS.
So where is Branson?

有意思,但爱泼斯坦不是恋童癖金字塔里的“大块头”布兰森才是。 布兰森在哪?

This Branson?


2022年12月14日: 在圣诞节的第三天..|星际飞船地球

There’s also this from Telegram:


New documents and transcripts have been unsealed in the Ghislaine Maxwell civil case.

吉斯莱恩 · 麦克斯韦民事案件的新文件和记录已经公开。

These further reveal what happened at Jeffrey Epstein’s Island.

这些进一步揭示了在杰弗里 · 爱泼斯坦的岛上发生了什么。

Testimony that one girl on Epstein’s Island “looked well under 18” and was “abused.”



Meanwhile, north of the 49th, another one bites the dust. Agent A1 reports on Telegram…

与此同时,在49街以北,又有一家倒闭了,特工 A1在电报上报告..。






他在 Bost4Kids 猥亵儿童

Doug Downey is an Ontario MLA. [“politician”]

道格 · 唐尼是安大略省的一名司法协助专家

2022年12月14日: 在圣诞节的第三天..|星际飞船地球

Desert Botanical Garden light show, Phoenix


I hereby declare it officially winter in Phoenix.


Frost coated the lawn chairs at 39F this morning as well as the air conditioner/heat pumps so we had to shut them off. [I broke down earlier and turned the heat on as it was 61F in the house.] My usual 3 shirts were up to 4. I stuck my hands in the dishwasher when I opened the door and the steam felt wonderful. And I could type again. It’s also ideal weather for Christmas baking. My Canadian Living Holiday Baking mag arrived yesterday so I’ve no excuse not to experiment. I’ve never done jam.


2022年12月14日: 在圣诞节的第三天..|星际飞船地球

2022年12月14日: 在圣诞节的第三天..|星际飞船地球

They say it will dip to 31F on Friday night. I’m enjoying my evening fires and the smell of wood smoke in the air on our training walks but we will have to restock our woodpile and Eli and I will forage for more pine cones. It’s almost like being in Canada and I get to wear all my Canuck clothes. Flagstaff got a dump of snow so over the holidays we should be able to take Eli up north for a his first romp in the white stuff. Mica made snow angels in Jerome and got his foot stuck in a cattle gate and had to be rescued by Dad. I can almost hear the jingle of sleigh bells.


To our friends who connected via our Telegram channel, I can’t take the credit for that. I can barely manage this website and comments and wouldn’t know what to do there. Number One set it up months ago for us and I was spending so much time in Puppydom I didn’t get his emails. So sorry. He tells me there’s a chat too—OMG. But no worries, he says he is using the best technology for vetting visitors and added a bot for blocking illicit advertising. BTW, any donations you make on the Starship blog go directly to him; Patrick. He’s the one who keeps the ship airborne. I just do the comms. I hope everyone will behave and thank you for dropping in to rub shoulders and compare notes. ICU.

对于那些通过我们的电报频道联系的朋友们,我不能把这归功于我。我几乎不能管理这个网站和评论,不知道在那里做什么。一号几个月前就为我们安排好了,我在 Puppydom 呆了那么长时间,都没收到他的邮件。非常抱歉。他告诉我还有一个聊天ー OMG。但是不用担心,他说他正在使用最好的技术来审查访问者,并添加了一个机器人来阻止非法广告。顺便说一句,你在星舰博客上的任何捐款都直接捐给他,帕特里克。是他让飞船起飞的。我只负责通讯。我希望每个人都能乖乖的,谢谢你们过来和我交流。重症监护室。

Until next time, we’re stayin’ frosty. Literally.  ~ BP


2022年12月14日: 在圣诞节的第三天..|星际飞船地球

Covid tree topper and themed decorations



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