NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

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I will start this broadcast with this clip from President Trump about Justice John Roberts.


Here is a clip from November 2018 when President Trump unleashed on Justice Roberts.


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

What is it?


In short.It was formed by Farmers that were taken advantage of by the government.They incorporated a section of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution.This article summarizes NESARA origins and how it applies to us today.


It's the 14th Amendment!Read it carefully!Section 4 of the 14th Amendment:


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

NESARA in Short is:


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

So let's Dive a little deeper and find out what President Trump meant about Justice John Roberts being a bad


In these Blog posts and articles,you will find out more about how this law was stifled from us for 2 decades!Papa Bush knew his son was a defacto President so he moved in the White House to make sure his stupid son would NOT enforce the Power to the People,the doing away of Corruption in the government and return our wealth!


Who benefits from it?


Every American Citizen over the age of 18.


What happens to us?


What happens to the World?


We live in wealth and prosperity!Remember when President Trump said to Dream Big...He meant it!Here's a clip from January 2018:


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

Clip of Trump Speech Jan 18,2018

Why can't we this law be implemented now?


Dirty Cops/Crooked politicians/Deep State Cabal needs to face their justice before any of these benefits goes into affect!And we are watching this happen right now!


My Comments in Question Form!


Is Justice Roberts is a Bush Loving scumbag that worked with Bush steal the"missing"$9.1 Trillion from the Treasury Department?Funds allocated towards the Global Prosperity funds.


Did Justice Roberts work together with Bush avoid NESARA?


Was Bush Jr.a puppet and had to have his daddy move into the White House on September 9,2001 only to prevent NESARA from being announced and instead...over 3,000 innocent lives were taken away from a Hologram or remote control Device on September 11,2001 with bombs implanted in all the buildings from that day of horror?


Did you know Justice Roberts got caught by transferring$3T to his own personal bank account and$10T to Cheney,Bush,Clintons,and McCain?


Was Bush Jr.a defacto President?


Did you know NESARA pays out$100K each month for 11 years to every American Citizen?


Did you know it completely wipes out your debts?


Did you know treasonous traitors in Congress get a one way ticket to GITMO?


Did you know that over 6,000 patents for cures(for diseases)will be released?


Did you know it was initially formed by fighting farmers that got defrauded?


Did you know that NESARA is an offshoot of the 14th Amendment?


There was only one problem,USA did not have enough bullions...but guess who does...India!And where did Trump recently return from?And Trump worked out a deal with India,buy from us and pay it in gold!And India is a friendly partner(for now).And Why would a whole Nation in India celebrate and welcome President and Melania Trump...there were over 100,000 attendees at this huge welcome party!!!Never ever has this happened(in my lifetime)!


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

Feb 23,2020 India Welcomes President and Melania Trump

NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

Gold found in India!

It's a Win Win!


This is not about Democrat or Republican,Left or's about Good vs.Evil.


People in Congress that dreaded for NESARA to come into play are the crooked treasonous ones!They are from both sides!I will not stand for anyone,regardless of party,that prohibits what is owed to us,our wealth!I will not stay silent about Justice Roberts until he resigns from his posts a Chief Justice and from the Supreme Court!


I always wondered why Roberts was such a weasel!How much more corrupt can our system be if the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America is so corrupt to steal from hundreds of millions of Americans!


Now Corona Virus is targeting people.Here are a few links for you to Enjoy!


Maria Bartiromo posted this video knowing how many CV cases will come up...interesting it is about the same number of unsealed indictments!


Bernie Sanders is offering free Corona Virus shots ONLY if he is elected President! What a Jerk!He's been in Congress a lot longer than most of us have been alive and he won't give it up!He's one of the JERKS that signed that gag order!They know about NESARA and have not ever said a word!They watched us struggle and go thru that fraudulent housing crisis and did nothing!!!He knows NESARA/GESARA will release those patents for cures!


Yig posted this about Corona Virus targeting areas with Indictments!


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

Now in Italy...they are suspending mortgage payments amid CV lockdown!Is GESARA happening in other countries?


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

As I am writing just broke that the UK and Scotland are doing the same!


UK Article

Scotland Article

And USA Banks just quarantined themselves!


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

Folks...we are watching the NESARA/GESARA plan aka THE GREAT AWAKENING!


I will share more tomorrow!I have so much more to share!


In sum...GESARA/NESARA will change our lives!


God Bless you Beautiful Patriots All over the world!


Thank you Lord God in Heaven for choosing President Trump to take out this task!


Listen:18:35 Min.

NESARA/GESARA Part 2-Seized assets-what is that value?


March 11,2020


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

Trump Executive Order of Seizing Assets and blocking property of persons involved in serious Human Rights Abuse.This is HUGE!Weinstein's home is valued at$16M;Epstein's mansions in the hundreds of millions;NXIVM Claire Bronfman an heir to the Seagram's fortune...staggering amount of wealth;Clinton,Soros,Rothchild's fortunes....I could go on but you get the point.If we add all of this exceeds the trillions and more than likely is in the quadrillions!


Now let's add the:


National Debt=$24 Trillion

24 Trillion

Consumer Debt=$13.86 Trillion

13.86 Trillion

Total USA Debt=$37.86 Trillion


Consumer debt includes mortgages,auto loans,credit card debt,and student loans.So adding both rounding up$38 Trillion.Now let's just say that we have all the gold(that the cabal tried to hide)and the quadrillion in seized assets.Please do not ask anyone from MSNBC to count because they can't!


$1,000,000,000,000,000 Q(15 zeroes)


-38,000,000,000,000 T(12 zeroes)-National&Consumer Debt rounded up


=962,000,000,000,000 T(12 zeroes)-Remaining Balance



九百六十二万亿美元! let's add how many US Citizens over the age of 18=209,128,124 divided into the Remaining Balance=$4,600,000(rounded down).


Now this is NOT gospel but I am giving you an idea of how the corrupt government stole our wealth!So in essence NESARA wipes our debts clean and then there is plenty remaining in the government coffers to spread the wealth!


This is an absolutely staggering amount of wealth to distribute and knowing how Trump knows Balance Sheets and how to turn$1M into Billions....he is working on this for us!He's a self made Billionaire!He wants us to be the same!He may have lost some billionaire"friends"once he became President,but he gained 70M non Billionaire new ones that are Wealthy within because of our love for God and passion for the the Truth...and that means more to him that those former shallow billionaires meant to him!


Why Trump?Because he is NOT from the established government!This is his first political role and Military role!He's already been there and done that in the corporate America world!He knows that we have the power to turn our country into a sound patriotic one with peace and harmony!No Bernie Bros,Antifa,haters...heck even the liberal basement dwellers may make a turn!If our President is much like a King on the Chess Board,then he knows the importance of all of the players to keep himself and Army protected!


This is why the corrupt government is so paranoid.When this comes to fruition,first,they know they have no power.Heck many know they are going to prison or execution.Then when it comes time,there will not be an election,for it will be a Constitutional President as our Commander in Chief!Not a defacto or maybe even an elected one!This Global reset changes our entire government structure.NESARA must happen with 120 days of an election.You know when that is...July 6,2020!For Q Anon followers....that is 17 weeks before the election date!For non-Q Anon followers...Q is the 17th letter in the alphabet.What a Coincidence!


So if we are to circle the wagon...does Q also stand for Quadrillions?


Here are a few reference articles/posts:


Article by

@ProudAmerica4 shared this Doc about GESARA/NESARA.


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

GESRAR/NESARA Reference Book

Now Let's look into Trump Tweet back in January 29,2019!President Trump has been working on this entire NESARA/GESARA plan since he took office!


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

In Canada...did you know Chase cancelled all Chase Credit Card Debts!


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

Article dated August 12,2019

And a personal story from Diane Gray:


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

Click on Tweet to get to her thread

Is this all making sense?


The Big Banks failed us!They stole from us!Concocted the Mortgage Backed Security Ponzi Scheme to cripple us financially!How many of us had to go thru a major restart in our lives dating back from 2007.Some are still trying to catch up!Now the Big Banks are getting caught with crimes.Did you know,last year,the government charged 3 people at JP Morgan precious metals division for price fixing and racketeering!


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

Article Dated September 19,2019

And then suddenly,the CEO of JP Morgan,Jamie Dimon,the Wall Street"darling"undergoes emergency heart surgery?I didn't know he had heart problems and CEO's of Dimon's stature do not ever announce critical information like this!It can affect their stock price!Welp,maybe he will be one of Weinstein's darling soon?


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

Article dated March 5,2020

And @HawkkIts sent me a DM(I got his approval to share this):


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

Since when do the banks give a care about our health??They didn't offer a support team with Obama's H1N1 Flu!Or even during Flu season!!!


So in lieu of admitting they have burned us all,the are now opting to give care and comfort!Oh Malarkey!They are pure evil and a big part of price manipulation!




Resignations list of top executives are on the rise!


Why would CEO's leave when the economy is doing great?


Why would the Cardinal tender his resignation and the Pope refuse it?


Why would Disney CEO resign?


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

Article dated February 27,2020

We knew about the corruption from Dirty Cops,Dirty DC and the Swamp Rats,but now we are learning that the corruption of executives are with companies that we do business with or consume their products!


These resignations and departures are massive!!


These are the very people that are so eloquently spoken,wear nice suits or clothes,drive fancy cars,yet they are hurting innocent children as their personal interest!And with today's new of Harvey Weinstein sentenced to 23 years in prison....this is just the beginning!The only suit they will have is an orange onesie,the only vehicle they will be in is prison bus transport.And since he will be in isolation,he can speak to the rats or his shadow.


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

Patriots and Anons,please brace yourself!We have waited a very long time for this!It is because of you that we are now the news!You all have worked tirelessly to get the truth out and some Anons are so far ahead of the narrative such as @963_Maxoom .Information this account shares,I will share on another broadcast!Very eye opening!


There will be a part 3 and possibly 4 of this NESARA/GESARA podcast!In the meantime,we have all remained so hopeful for at least 3 years and in my case,for decades.We never knew this day would come!And that is what many thought was the Best is Yet to Come...but I have asked before...What is the Best is Yet to Come is better than the biggest arrest?


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

President Trump tweet January 20,2020

Listen:18:44 Min

NESARA Part 3-CoronaVirus is a front for the Global Take Down!



NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

Corona Virus is a huge front to take down for the Cabal!Q posted on August 30,2018 about"Corona".4Q posts Q2013-Q2016 about"Corona".


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

August 30,2018 Q Posts 2013 to 2016

Q proofs are happening more and more often!Many Anons couldn't really make heads or tails(back then),but Q knew.Let's take a look at Trump's Announcement on March 11,2020.


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

March 11,2020 President Trump's Announcement on CoronaVirus

My takeaways are:


-$8.3B in Federal funding for CoronaVirus


-European outbound travel to USA


-Elderly non-essential travel ban


-School closures/Reduce large gatherings




-Financial relief for those facing financial hardship due to CoronaVirus and its impacts(i.e.businesses closing,etc).


-CoronaVirus will not have a chance!


Patriots and Anons...this is a huge message from President Trump,for these is a warning for us to be prepared.President Trump is beginning the narrative to a HUGE move to take down the cabal and evil people and undertake a huge reset!


Remember Q3716 and 3717 warns us the First Indictment will trigger mass pop awakening.First arrest will verify action and confirm future direction.


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

Now let's dive a little deeper.USTPO site shows Cornonavirus is a manmade disease....


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

USTPO Patent Search

It was created by the CDC:


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

These are a few confirmations that coronavirus is more of a front to take down the cabal,PedoWood,and other dirty Swampsters!


So just after Trump's announcement,scumbag Tom Hanks his wife were diagnosed with CV in Australia!I guess they got caught trying to flee?


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

And Joy Behar announces she is taking time off over her concerns of coronavirus!Then this news about Joy Behar:


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

Then this Brilliantly worded post by BardsofWar:


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

Now let's listen to Qanon John clip about NESARA.QAnon John tells us he talked to a high level bank executive and what the executive confirmed is eye opening!:


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

QAnon John informative clip about NESARA

Now let's go back to the day Trump made his coronavirus announcement,that same day he met with Top Executives from the Banks.I wonder if he talked to them about debt forgiveness and gold standard?Makes me wonder what they talked about!


Now let me show you one result of possible NESARA...and if this is not from NESARA...this is a Miracle from God!


Diane Gray posted this:


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

And as I am writing this article,this announcement just came:


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

Not to fear folks,again,sometimes Trump has to do some things in order to get bigger and more drastic things done!


ET 17 (who has been Q's more than once)posted about getting DM's with your friends and keep contact information together.


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

There MAY be some silence during this Storm!Trump wants us SAFE!He is not trying to instill any fear at all,he needs to take drastic steps right now!


We are in the middle of this STORM and we need to unite!


God Bless you All Patriots!


NESARA/GESARA -一个将改变我们生活的法律!

YouTube Broadcast:14:44 Min.

:14:44 Min.

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