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The portal of light activation was a huge success with the critical mass being reached and the anchoring of higher very intense energy is still happening right now at this time via the highest ascendants. Also many new people were subconsciously choosing to start their ascension path and have joined this anchoring of energies. Due to the very high and almost aggressive intensity of the infusion, most of the energy is being slowly distributed by the highest among the ascendants as they simply have more stable spiritual roots and capacity established at this time. But it should be perceivable by many later ascendants and the new helpers who joined as well to some degree. It might be obvious but also articles and posts like these, written by our Starseeds and ascendants, serve their part to anchor the Light of the portal meditation and provide necessary fundamental knowledge about the Liberation.


Of course the chimera saw this infusion as well and tried to hijack the energies by visiting several ascendants on the absolute front shortly after the 20 minutes had passed. The cabal know exactly that they cannot handle these energies and tried their best to lower the main anchors which are besides ascendants also the highest Starseeds on the surface. The Lightforces in turn did their best to shield their people on the surface but the attacks were among the most brutal to date. The hardest attacks were being executed by the human / chimera crossings which are basically known as devils in many spiritual scriptures on Earth. Same concept as the 'bastards' on the surface (more info on them here), there is one main 'devil' and many more of these DNA crossings in the chimera hierarchy. (More details on these beings in the later ascension insights following after this situation update. ) Several of these devils were annihilated during or shortly after the attacks. Some of them were excluded into higher dimensional rooms of the Lightforces which are basically a personal matrix which is then constructed around such beings and separates them from any further interactions with the chimera and anyone else. This is pretty much one of the highest punishments the Lightforces can establish in this phase and invalidates these beings immediately and permanently as these rooms are sealed and hidden immediately. So the chimera loses some of their highest members constantly by now.

当然,奇美拉也看到了这种注入,并试图在20分钟过去后不久,通过拜访绝对正面的几个提升者来劫持能量。阴谋集团们非常清楚他们无法处理这些能量,他们尽最大努力降低主锚,这些主锚除了支配者之外,也是星球表面最高的种子。反过来,光明势力竭尽全力保护他们在地面上的人民,但是这些攻击是迄今为止最残酷的。最严重的攻击是由人类/奇美拉十字架执行的,在地球上的许多灵性经文中,这些十字架基本上被称为魔鬼。与表面上的“混蛋”相同的概念(这里有更多关于他们的信息) ,在奇美拉等级中有一个主要的“恶魔”和更多这样的 DNA 杂交。(更多关于这些存有的详细信息将在这个情况更新后的后续提升见解中提供。)这些恶魔中有几个在袭击中或袭击后不久就被消灭了。他们中的一些人被排除在更高维度的光之力室中,这些光之力室基本上是一个个人矩阵,然后围绕这些存在构建,并将他们与奇美拉和其他任何人的进一步互动分离开来。这几乎是光之力在这个阶段能够建立的最高惩罚之一,并且立即和永久地使这些存有失效,因为这些房间被立即封闭和隐藏。所以奇美拉现在不断失去一些最高级的成员。

Another great advance which already was used by the Lightforces a few days prior to the meditation of May 1st is the easy teleport of human bodies off the surface. So by now the steadily building technology of the Lightforces is finally capable to easily transport whole human bodies to Ganymede in an instant. This will certainly be used on the about 500 million chimera humans on the surface, obviously the most evil ones first as this method is still very costly. We will certainly not see any puppets in the media vanishing yet but this will be happening behind the public scene for a while. Upon the removal of such problem-core humans, many positive spiritual humans noticed a well-perceivable relief, which shows how heavy these human traitors have been stuffed with negative technology. So it is not a big problem anymore to remove humans instantly from the surface - what remains a problem though is that if these humans leave, not just a lot of negative tech vanishes but also the life support for their hundreds of personal hostages is suddenly gone. Therefore the Lightforces face stability problems for important parts of the human infrastructure upon each removal which has to be stabilised instantly to prevent massive suffering towards those hostages. That is where a big part of the high cost for the Lightforces is currently taking place in all removals of the chimera and top cabal in general. It is rather the stabilisation of the victims which makes the Liberation of Earth difficult since the beginning with basically all innocent humans having been woven into their hostage drama - a house of cards by design which has to be held stable at all times.


Additionally, the highest and oldest spiritual being besides Gaia herself had to be transported off Earth as his entanglement with the chimera was showing as a high risk in all operations. Fundamentally the oldest male spirit of the Earth was a very positive being though he was activated for the chimera during several recent and very crucial operations. Due to this hack into the depth of his being, parts of him had to be transported off Earth via Ganymede as well and will shortly payback for the damage done. The chimera have manipulated several rather positive spiritual beings on Earth in that way which activates them only if real positive change is about to happen. They are then turning evil, doing exactly which prevents that change and turn back to positive immediately after. Some of these beings even do not really have any conscious perception of their short-time breakdowns in favour of the chimera. There are several of such unconscious 'agents' still expected to be located in high spiritual factions of the Earth and inner Earth.


By now the chimera tries to infect several of the highest ascendants with parasitic genes which they use to convert their enemies into one of their own monsters. Needless to say genetic engineering is much higher developed than many humans and especially science officially knows. The Lightforces are minimising the effects and counteract these attacks with providing positive genetics to the ascendants. This help can be seen as an huge honour as these, in some cases, include genetics of the Goddess herself. Basically these are anti-genes against the parasitic spraying of the chimera and they will of course just heighten these ascendants further in their ascension and closeness to the Goddess. That in turn makes these ascendants more attractive to the chimera again but it is of course certain that those ascendants equipped with such important genes will not fall. But that are basically the risks of the positive gene-therapy which also naturally removes several more 'stubborn' implants much easier.

到现在,奇美拉试图用寄生基因感染几个最高级的长生者,他们用这些基因将他们的敌人转化为他们自己的怪物之一。不用说,基因工程的发展比许多人类,特别是科学正式知道的要高得多。光明势力正在将影响降到最低,并通过向升天者提供积极的遗传学来抵消这些攻击。这种帮助可以被视为一种巨大的荣誉,因为在某些情况下,这些基因包括女神本身的基因。基本上,这些都是对抗奇美拉寄生的基因,它们当然会进一步提高这些升天者的升天能力和对女神的亲近。这反过来又使这些长生者对奇美拉更有吸引力,但当然可以肯定的是,那些配备了这种重要基因的长生者不会堕落。但这基本上是积极的基因治疗的风险,它也自然而然地消除了几个更 "顽固 "的植入物,更容易。

Some of the last residues of Seth were successfully transported to the central sun, earlier aspects were removed previously in this post. That means most of what Seth was in the cabal is by now neutralised, there is basically just minimal residue and transfers via chimera AI to other people based on their data and image of his being. Several of these mentioned deportations had to be done prematurely due to massive risks and were executed by the most high descendants of the Prime Creator himself. The Lightforces are therefore slightly in debt (regarding the energies that were necessary for safe removal) towards these highest descendants as explained in this post. Among these removals which had to be done on debt were also some of the higher devils in the chimera hierarchy which were close to triggering the still remaining toplet bombs to destroy Earth completely.


The core parasite of the chimera still has strange affects towards the first human colonists which can cause short-time, irrational behaviour. This happens because this type of chimera being encapsulates every lifeform in its target systems into a sort of parasitic bubble. A bubble which the lifeforms can not really perceive and slightly changes their perception of reality. This construction of bubbles obviously did not stop with the biggest souls and spiritual presences that colonised the Earth. The effects of these bubbles on those first and biggest souls who colonised the Earth is minimal and not comparable to the effect on the highest male spirit described above but it slightly influences their decisions to the negative. This bubble is also the cause for the spiritual being known as God having made tiny mistakes here and there which also affected the choice of his children and the unseen degeneration of some of these 'children of God' (described more detailed in this post). Accordingly, this is the reason why some bigger enemies of the chimera could be dragged down into their grids completely unseen by these ancient souls who are constantly watching over the Earth.


General ascension insights


  1. There is one main attachment on nearly every human, which comes directly from the chimera. While all other attachments are merely entities with certain functions, this main attachment is a sentient, self-conscious being. It is plotting against you 24 hours a day and its whole purpose is to cause problems for its designated human. It tries to reject every good and healthy idea from you and rather gives you ideas which cause problems in the long run. It tries to deny everything you want while even giving you little things you want just to entangle you into problems with it. Nearly every problem you faced in your life, this being has meticulously plotted or at least was involved in the problems arising. It influences everything around you including other humans through their attachments to cause problems for you. If you do not live exactly the life you wanted, it is still ‚winning‘ against you. While some people actually think they live their dream life or life was good to them, it is actually this attachment giving them something just to make them fall harder afterwards or use them in more drastic ways. It gives only to entangle into complex problems. It is much more intelligent than the average human. It cooperates with the same type of attachment in other humans around you. Very few people in human history got completely free from this main attachment, mainly these are the ascended masters and similar spiritual greats. It leads every human to certain death sooner or later and most humans obviously accept having to die as a most fundamental truth. Some people grasp a superficial realisation of this being by seeing it as their "weaker, interiour self". It is co-responsible for every sickness and psychological defect you have gotten and works steadily on more. Bigger souls or higher ascendants have a more capable being attached and it has more help in form of more entities / implants it can use. All those people falling for the "you create your own reality" and other manifesting capabilities are usually tricked by this being. As said it influences your surroundings and it knows what you want to manifest. It will create the illusion that your manifestation worked but that including your belief in manifestation will only create problems in this way. If you want to be sure about your ability to manifest try to manifest a physical sphere of gold with a few centimetres in diameter. It will work once you are completely free of this evil being, but for the topmost humans it will obviously not work. It will tell you then, that manifestation only works subtlety but it is not the truth. The truth is most humans cannot manifest until most of their attachments are gone and most humans have thousands over thousands of them. The wrong belief in manifestation is what helps the cabal, not the humans believing in it (while it might still be a valid motivation to strive higher). That being tries to hide its existence from you and it for example even tries to turn your consciousness and memory away from this very info.


2.While the entities, implants and the main attachment keep you away from this, the human body is extremely capable when completely freed of implants. This kind of activation of ancient abilities your body fundamentally has is usually only done by the cabal and only happens for their followers. That is why these activated people can then easily outsmart the innocents among humanity. In contrast to that activation, the enemies of the cabal are rather 'sprayed' with harmful, deforming genetics which destroys your god-like DNA. Again, few humans ever really got through and most of them are called ascended masters and are in the rows of Saint Germain, Mohammed, Jesus and the like. The ascendants of the Age of Aquarius will get through and activated depending on the spiritual height and capacity they reach. That is the ascension into your god-like, true self happening with every ascendant to a certain degree right now. These ascendants will have everything in abilities you ever read in spiritual scriptures. They will also have everything supposedly other species like small grays can do and much more. The abilities and power the highest ascendants will have are close to those the first humans and our true ancestors have - depending on their height and capacity they reach in ascension. A big part of this capacity is related to soul size though and regardless of the cabal fairy tales, soul size cannot be changed that much on this planet. While ascendants can advance much in their knowledge about the invasion and according counter-measures, their capacity will not change that much - everyone rather just does their part in harmony with the natural order among us.

虽然实体,植入物和主要附件让你远离这一点,人体是非常有能力的时候完全摆脱植入物。你的身体基本上拥有的这种古老能力的激活通常只由阴谋集团完成,而且只发生在他们的追随者身上。这就是为什么这些被激活的人可以轻易地智胜人类中的无辜者。与这种激活相反,阴谋集团的敌人被有害的、变形的基因“喷射”,这种基因会摧毁你神一样的 DNA。同样,很少有人真正通过,他们中的大多数被称为扬升大师,在 Saint Germain、穆罕默德、耶稣等人的行列中。水瓶座时代的提升者将通过并激活,这取决于他们达到的灵性高度和能力。这就是提升到你们神一样的真实自我的过程,此刻每个提升者都在某种程度上发生着。这些上升者将拥有你们在灵性经文中所读到的一切能力。它们也将拥有其他物种所能做到的一切,比如小灰鼠,甚至更多。最高提升者将拥有的能力和力量接近第一代人类和我们真正的祖先所拥有的——这取决于他们在提升中达到的高度和能力。这种能力的很大一部分与灵魂的大小有关,不管阴谋集团的童话故事如何,灵魂的大小在这个星球上不能改变太多。虽然上升者可以在他们的入侵知识和相应的对策方面取得很大的进步,但他们的能力不会改变太多——每个人都只是在与我们之间的自然秩序和谐相处的情况下尽自己的一份力量。

3.The 'devil' on the highest hierarchy layer of the chimera themselves is per concept is pretty much a very heavy human / chimera crossing. A lot of these crossing were created which all together embody the chimera devil. Similar as those who are called ‚bastards‘ on the surface, these are just human genetics experiments but those devils are usually in their ships and have therefore much less problems with their bodies. Also these are what ascendants face later in their ascension, when they reached a certain height. Then, the ‚bastards‘ on the surface have more or less been overcome but the devils stay to be problematic. Corresponding to their hierarchy within the chimera, these devils have enormous psychic force and can speak ‚through‘ humans on the surface via psychic influence. Usually they are capable to manage this with humans in a certain distance to the ascendants, close encounters are nearly impossible due to the field of the soul, which is shielding the ascendants. This is pretty much similar to what the Wachowski brothers expressed in their movie ‚the matrix‘ with agent Smith. While most of the people used are far from being the devil or even evil, the psychic force issuing from them can be frightening, as it conveys the illusion that those humans really are the devil. This impression mainly happens via heavy, forced upon interpretation and negative charging of what was said rather than through the actual words themselves. Though usually these effects stay at a level that is often just very annoying and it is good to keep in mind that it is just an illusionary impression the chimera wants to cause. Developing the right perception and attitude towards these common illusions on higher levels can help ascendants to ascend much easier.


4.All popularity algorithms are being controlled by the cabal in ways not being the algorithms themselves but they rather manipulate according to the rules used in these algorithms. While Twitter, Facebook and more might have smart and ‚fair‘ algorithms for their user-content, the cabal know all details and rather manipulate circumstances, coincidences and ‚luck‘ that indefinitely rate their enemies down despite the (superficially) fair algorithms. Therefore these companies stay clean in their products but nevertheless became a tool for the cabal. This applies to most popular networks and manipulation is at nearly 100% - as an ascendant you should be worried if you achieve popularity there at this time. The cabal know all the rules and they will exploit some of them to downgrade everyone who does not comply with the cabal. In contrast they will boost everyone who (at least subconsciously) complies with the cabal. This is part of their long planned New World Order, to impose demonic laws upon humanity in this way. Summarised, their plan is to establish that absolutely nothing works for the humans who do not comply with the cabal including of course technology, popularity, money and more.

所有流行的算法都受到阴谋集团的控制,控制方式不是算法本身,而是根据这些算法中使用的规则进行操作。虽然 Twitter,Facebook 和其他一些网站可能有聪明而“公平”的算法来处理他们的用户内容,但是阴谋集团们知道所有的细节,他们更愿意操纵环境、巧合和“运气”,这些无限期地将他们的敌人排除在(表面上的)公平算法之外。因此,这些公司在其产品中保持清洁,但仍然成为阴谋集团的工具。这适用于大多数流行的网络和操纵几乎100%-作为一个优势,你应该担心,如果你在那里实现流行在这个时候。阴谋集团知道所有的规则,他们会利用其中一些规则来降低每一个不遵守阴谋集团的人的评级。相比之下,他们会激励每一个(至少在潜意识里)遵守阴谋集团的人。这是他们长期计划的新世界秩序的一部分,以这种方式将恶魔的法律强加于人类。总而言之,他们的计划是建立对于那些不遵守阴谋集团的人类来说,没有任何东西是有效的,当然包括技术、流行、金钱等等。

5.Humanity is basically completely hacked since 1996. While most of what happens in society looks like free will, if the situation gets serious, the absolute majority subconsciously still serve the cabal. All their decisions subconsciously lean towards the will of the chimera without anyone noticing the influence, which turns the whole society subtly negative since 1996. In the worst cases, these humans go all against one with every subconscious force they have. The mass media was and still is a big conductor for the projection of these subconscious forces nearly every human has. These forces are otherwise lying dormant in most humans. This manipulation causes most parts of their highly complex bodies work for the cabal fulltime and these subconscious forces are used for example to derange ascendants, other positive people and spiritual factions. Superficially these corrupted humans might even look like they work for the Liberation but use every unseen part of their bodies to sabotage Liberation 24/7 - that is how far the trickery reaches. This mainly happens subconsciously first but is moving more into conscious manipulation for humans who later on join into active traitorship - may this be for success, fame or even survival in some cases. It is certainly disgusting how the absolute majority of humans covertly destroy the very few good ones while superficially behaving completely normal. This is basically a repetition of the first incidence on Earth which led to the catastrophe many associate with the fall of atlantis, the first big cataclysm on Earth. It is specifically an echo of what happened back then, if these defect humans are used many-against-one. Therefore since 1996, human society has partly degenerated into a puppet show that denies any truth that surfaces and does everything to hide higher technology being involved. What we are witnessing since years on Earth is rather the ‚game‘ of the chimera playing out. It is a handful of smart people with telepathy who outsmart basically all other human beings without them ever even noticing.

自1996年以来,人类基本上已经完全被黑了。虽然社会上发生的大部分事情看起来都是自由意志,但如果情况变得严重,绝对大多数人潜意识里仍然为黑社会服务。他们所有的决定都下意识地倾向于奇美拉的意志,而没有人注意到这种影响,这使得整个社会自1996年以来变得微妙的负面。在最糟糕的情况下,这些人用他们所有的潜意识力量去对抗一个人。大众传媒过去是,现在也是,几乎每个人都有的这些潜意识力量的投射的一个大导体。这些力量本来在大多数人身上都处于休眠状态。这种操纵导致他们高度复杂的身体的大部分部分全职为阴谋集团工作,这些潜意识的力量被用来破坏上升者、其他积极分子和精神派别。表面上看,这些被腐蚀的人类甚至可能看起来像为解放组织工作,但却利用他们身体的每一个看不见的部分来全天候地破坏解放组织--这就是诡计的范围。这主要是先在潜意识中发生的,但对于后来加入积极叛徒行列的人类来说,这更多地是有意识的操纵--这可能是为了成功、名声,甚至是在某些情况下的生存。绝对多数的人类在表面上表现得完全正常的情况下,暗中破坏极少数的好人,这无疑是令人厌恶的。这基本上是地球上第一次事件的重复,它导致了许多人联想到亚特兰蒂斯陷落的灾难,是地球上第一次大灾难。如果这些有缺陷的人类被用于多对一,它具体是当年发生的事情的回声。因此,自1996年以来,人类社会已经部分堕落为一场木偶戏,否认任何浮出水面的真相,并竭力掩盖参与其中的高级技术。多年来,我们在地球上目睹的是嵌合体的 "游戏 "在上演。这是少数有心灵感应的聪明人,他们基本上比所有其他人类都聪明,而他们甚至没有注意到。
Besides all of that you should keep in mind though that the highest potential abilities and intelligence of the chimera in all their hierarchies is at 30%. They can potentially reach about 30% of the intelligence of the Lightforces as an absolute maximum. So while we witnessed all this decay for humanity over the years, it is absolutely clear that the Galactic Confederation will take over every vital part of human interactions to the Light soon. We are about to witness the switch from a parasitically driven system into a truly living system in concordance with the shift into the Age of Aquarius.


"Create your own reality" is absolute new age nonsense and will stay absolute nonsense for all ascendants. Ascendants will rather get almost everything they want in their life but they will certainly not call it ‚creating their own reality’. They will rather be able to do what they want to much higher degrees than ever possible before. The concept of creating your own reality is moreover a program the cabal use to trap smaller souls and their enemies into their grids and matrices where the (soon-to-be) victims really can influence all of reality. Some people might say the concept of creating your own reality is just about subtly influencing your own life for the better but even that is mostly manipulation of the cabal. All those bestseller books promoting manifestation and creating your own reality were bestsellers for a reason, it was rather a distribution of several cabal-programs for those people who are waking up or are spiritually inclined and are therefore seen as a risk.


7.For those who are impressed by AI advancements in art and culture like ChatGPT and several art generators, take note that the AI of the Lightforces is absolutely superior to those in every way. What the cabal brought on the way with those AI systems is rather like a bad joke and mainly serves the invalidation of many skills humans have acquired over years in exhausting dedication. Cobra already seconded that those AI systems do not serve much good purpose and should be avoided at the time being. As oftentimes with new introductions into human society since 1996, these systems will not solve any substantial and real problems but will rather cause new ones instead.


To give you an impression of the AI of the Lightforces, you can imagine that they can create everything humanity is capable of producing in years of labor in just a matter of seconds. They can build human bodies in realtime which are absolutely indistinguishable from real human bodies which have grown over decades. They can create new species in a similar way which correctly work in our ecosystem and will easily balance out ecological problems. They can create complex creative products like movies (real or animated) even starring the actual people who were experiencing the possibly true story out of nothing. Cobra has already told a lot about healing technology as well.


All this and more will be introduced once the Lightforces really are safe to come to the surface of Earth and the cabal are history. This will be part of the Event of course. It should be clear that no one has interest to start any real party as long as characterless people or even nefarious people like the cabal are still among us. These technological advancements will mainly be established for the ascendants first - most of them will actually host big parties like they were never before possible on Earth once we have proceeded enough with Liberation in terms of safety.


To end with a motivational note, remember that in these times that aquiring spiritual height is nearly everything that counts. It may take a few years till the spiritual height shows its effect but it is fundamental to the quality of your experience of life, especially in the Age of Aquarius which is dawning more than ever.


Victory of the Light!



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