X22报道|第2819集: 整个系统在中央银行内爆,无声的战争不再是无声的

2022年7月9日14:36:45最新动态X22报道|第2819集: 整个系统在中央银行内爆,无声的战争不再是无声的已关闭评论3821字数 1451阅读4分50秒阅读模式

舞台现在已经搭好了,[ DS ]现在正在掩盖他们的罪行,并试图掩盖他们的叛国行为。无声的战争不再是无声的,战争现在已经暴露在光明之中,战争正在取得胜利。DS 将继续反击,他们已经处于劣势。

X22报道|第2819集: 整个系统在中央银行内爆,无声的战争不再是无声的

Ep. 2819a – The [WEF] Puppets Exposed, The Entire System Imploding On The [CB]/Puppet Masters

EP.2819a-[WEF]木偶暴露,整个系统在[ CB ]/木偶大师身上爆炸

Ep. 2819b – Shot Heard Around The World, The Silent War Is No Longer Silent, The Stage Is Set

Ep. 2819b –枪声响彻全世界,无声的战争不再是无声的,舞台已经搭好

X22 报告发表于2022年7月8日


The [WEF] puppets are being exposed and removed one by one. The entire system is coming apart and will implode on the [CB] and the puppet masters, without a cover story they are completely exposed. An investigation has begun on the Biden administration in regards to the fuel crisis.

[WEF]的木偶被一个接一个地拆除。整个系统正在分崩离析,并将在[ CB ]和傀儡主人身上内爆,如果没有一个掩护故事,他们就会完全暴露。针对拜登政府燃料危机的调查已经开始。


The stage is now set, the [DS] is now covering up their crimes and trying to hide their treasons acts. The silent war is no longer silent, the war has now been brought out into the light and the wh are winning. The [DS] will continue to fight back they are on the losing end. Did you just hear the shot around the world. The globalist system is dead, prepare for chaos, communication blackout, the [DS] will try everything to stop what is coming, but nothing will stop this, nothing.

舞台现在已经搭好了,[ DS ]现在正在掩盖他们的罪行,并试图掩盖他们的叛国行为。无声的战争不再是无声的,战争现在已经暴露在光明之中,战争正在取得胜利。DS 将继续反击,他们已经处于劣势。你刚才是不是听到了全世界的枪声。全球主义体系已死,准备好面对混乱、通讯中断,DS 将竭尽全力阻止即将到来的一切,但没有什么能够阻止这一切,没有什么能够阻止。


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