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Someone made that meme so I may as well use it.Many of us anticipated this day.I just wasn't expecting it so soon.


I missed some of Field McConnell's Abel Danger live show this morning but when I went back to listen to the archived show,they were just finishing up and they're suggesting that on Thursday,October 17,this week,at the Dallas Trump Rally,that the President is going to announce his new running mate,and that it will be JFK Jr.That is what they are putting out there,saying,"May it be so".


No wonder they are expecting violence!I thought they would keep that ace up their sleeve until later in the election cycle but I suppose for legal reasons it has to come out before November 3.Wow.


We suspect John may look something like this now,at 59 years of age.This is a digital rendering,not an actual photo.



As I mentioned before,if the hints we've had come to fruition and JFK is Trump's running mate,the left will never recover.They are doomed.Americans will go bananas at the news their darling Kennedy is alive and well and committed to helping Trump get rid of the cabal and keep America great.


It will be a nuclear war head to drop on the deep state and the news is so positive for the People that they will wake up in record numbers because it will travel faster than the wildfires in California.We'll have a nation of zombies for a few days,giggle-giggle.


That may also garner a little vindication for us,the conspiracy theorists,as well.


Below is the link for the Right Side Broadcasting live stream of the Dallas rally this Thursday so you can tune in and watch.It may not be easy to find at the time as YouTube buries their videos sometimes because although they do balanced reporting,they are pro-Trump and go to every rally,mostly on viewer donations.YouTube already shut them down once for copyright infringement,because they aired the copyrighted music played in the arena—over which they have no control.Now they turn off the volume from time to time.

下面是本周四达拉斯集会右侧直播的链接,这样你就可以收看和观看。当时可能不太容易找到,因为 YouTube 有时会掩盖他们的视频,因为尽管他们的报道是平衡的,但他们是支持特朗普的,参加每一场集会,主要是靠观众的捐款。Youtube 已经关闭了他们一个盗版,因为他们播放了在竞技场播放的受版权保护的音乐----他们对此没有控制权。现在他们时不时地关掉音量。

RSBM don't edit at all;you see the crowds outside hours beforehand and get the interviews with fans,some political commentary and updates,you see the panning of the crowds inside,the speakers on stage before the President arrives,and the entire address.There were over 30K enjoying their stream at recent rallies.

Rsbm 根本不会编辑;你可以提前几个小时看到外面的人群,可以看到对粉丝的采访,可以看到一些政治评论和更新,可以看到里面人群的摇头晃脑,可以看到总统到来之前舞台上的演讲者,还有整个演讲。在最近的集会上,有超过30万人正在享受他们的激流。


Do you suppose the fake media would dare to edit out John John in their live streams?They used to love him.Now they might hate him as much as they hate Trump.What a two-fer this will be.I can't wait to hear how they get Mike Pence out of the picture.Cancer,anyone?I don't believe they will talk about his pedophilia or coup attempts to assassinate Trump.He would have been next in line,after all,but it's not time to speak of these things yet.


In Minneapolis there were roughly 20K fans inside the venue,and 25K outside.The American Airlines Center capacity is the same in Dallas,about 20K,but we know thousands watch on the Jumbotrons outside.

在明尼阿波利斯,大约有20K 的球迷在场内,25K 的球迷在场外。美国航空中心在达拉斯的容量也是一样的,大约20K,但是我们知道有成千上万的人在外面的超大屏幕上观看。

This will be historic if it does unfold.May everyone be safe.It's great that the Oathkeepers will be there to keep the peace and protect the fans.


Get your tickets here. They're free,but they need to know numbers.


Update:Here's a photo of JFK Jr.taken July 4 this year.Thanks B.Source

更新:这是小肯尼迪今年74日拍摄的照片。谢谢 B.来源


Are you ready for the shock waves?The good guys are going to finish what John Fitzgerald Kennedy started when the cabal assassinated him.Some folks thought we were crazy when we showed John Jr.'s Georgemagazine editorial suggesting we save that issue and get it out in twenty years.There are no coincidences.~BP


President Donald Trump Rally LIVE in Dallas,TX 10/17/19

唐纳德·特朗普总统在 TX 拉斯现场直播10/17/19





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