X22报道|第2640集: 他们在摧毁国家,三部电影同时上映

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[DS]正在恐慌,他们知道没有什么可以阻止即将到来的灾难。Twitter 开始了通讯管制,如果任何人未经许可发布照片,Twitter 将停止其通讯,为清除做准备。

X22报道|第2640集: 他们在摧毁国家,三部电影同时上映

Ep. 2640a – The D’s/[CB] Are Destroying The Country, It Can Not Be Explained, It Must Be Shown

Ep. 2640a –D’s/[CB]正在摧毁这个国家,这是无法解释的,必须表现出来

Ep. 2640b – All Three Movies Playing At The Same Time, Justice Marker, Comms Blackout

Ep. 2640b-三部电影同时上映,正义标记,通讯中断



Consumer confidence falls to a 9 month low. Holiday sales are way down for the first time going way back, even cyber Monday sales are down. The majority of the people are rejecting build back better plan. The [CB] is continually trying to put people in certain positions. Trump let’s everyone know that the country is being destroyed.

消费者信心跌至9个月低点。假日销售量第一次回落,甚至网购星期一的销售量也在下降。大多数人都反对更好的重置计划。[ CB ]不断地试图把人们安排在特定的位置上。特朗普让所有人都知道,美国正在被摧毁。


The [DS] is panicking, they know nothing will stop what coming. Twitter begins the communication blackout and will suspend anyone if they post a pic without on consent, getting ready for the purge. The Maxwell trial is in full swing and the fake news is distracting the people making them think Trump is involved withe Epstein, this will backfire on them like the Russia hoax. The election fraud is being presented in multiple states, this is not going to go well for the [DS]. All three movies are playing at the same time, Justice marker.

[DS]正在恐慌,他们知道没有什么可以阻止即将到来的灾难。Twitter 开始了通讯管制,如果任何人未经许可发布照片,Twitter 将停止其通讯,为清除做准备。麦克斯韦尔的审判正如火如荼地进行着,假新闻分散了人们的注意力,让他们认为特朗普与爱泼斯坦有关,这会像俄罗斯的骗局一样给他们带来反效果。选举舞弊现象在多个州呈现出来,这对[ DS ]来说不会有什么好结果。这三部电影同时上映,《正义标记》。


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