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by  Michael Suede •October 17,2020


I never really looked too deeply into the Q-Anon movement before.For starters,it didn't strike me as providing anything all that useful.It just seemed like a bunch of conspiracy theorists claiming crazy shit that had no real impact on anything one way or the other.Well,after recently seeing the media begin coming unglued over Trump refusing to disavow the Q movement,I decided I would poke around and see what I could learn;which is when I managed to find this gem of a video.

我以前从来没有真正深入研究过 Q-Anon 运动。对于初学者来说,它并没有给我提供任何有用的东西。这看起来就像一群阴谋论者宣称一些疯狂的事情对任何事情都没有真正的影响。最近,在看到媒体开始对特朗普拒绝否认Q运动感到不满之后,我决定四处看看,看看我能学到什么;就在这时,我设法找到了这个视频中的精华。

After watching this,I have become convinced that"Q"is an organized military intelligence operation,with direct ties to the Presidency,that is engaged in taking down a globalist coup against our nation that is far more extensive than even I had previously believed–and that's coming from a guy who already believes the Bush family was entirely behind 9/11 with the total acquiescence of the CIA,NSA,FBI,NTSB and national media.


I’m Now A Believer: Q Is A Real US Military Intelligence Operation Fighting Off A Globalist Coup

I never really looked too deeply into the Q-Anon movement before.  For starters, it didn’t strike me as providing anything all that useful.  It just seemed like a bunch of conspiracy theorists claiming crazy shit that had no real impact on anything one way or the other.  Well, after recently seeing the media begin coming unglued over Trump refusing to disavow the Q movement, I decided I would poke around and see what I could learn; which is when I managed to find this gem of a video.

After watching this, I have become convinced that “Q” is an organized military intelligence operation, with direct ties to the Presidency, that is engaged in taking down a globalist coup against our nation that is far more extensive than even I had previously believed – and that’s coming from a guy who already believes the Bush family was entirely behind 9/11 with the total acquiescence of the CIA, NSA, FBI, NTSB and national media.

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Everything makes sense after watching this video.Here's just a few of the questions I had,prior to watching,that I suddenly came to understand the answers to.


    Why does Trump keep appointing horrible people to powerful posts?


    Why hasn't he fired Christopher Wray?


    Why did he keep John Bolton around?


    Why the hell would he make Gina Haspel the director of the CIA?


    Why does the Durham investigation seem like a whitewash?


    Why didn't they make Clinesmith sign a cooperation agreement to help take down others involved in spying against Trump


    Why are there an unprecedented number of Congressmen and Senators not running for re-election this year,most of whom are Republican?


    Why hasn't Trump pardoned Flynn?


    Why hasn't Trump done anything about the State Dept,Justice Dept and FBI blocking records requests from Judicial Watch?


I will provide my take on the answers to those questions later in the article.


As for my background,I spent four years in the military and was deployed all over the globe doing everything from counter-narcotics to sanctions enforcement.From my time in the service,it became clear to me that there was some shady shit going on at the highest levels of military command,but it was also clear that most of the high command was composed of good people.


Due to the way military intelligence organizations are structured,it's a very hard system of organizations to completely compromise.By military intelligence,I'm referring to the collective system of military run intel agencies like the Office of Naval Intelligence,the NSA,US Cyber Command,etc..–these do not include civilian run intel organizations,such as the CIA,FBI or foreign agencies like MI6 or the Musad.


This video has convinced me that rogue elements of US military intelligence community begged Trump to run in 2016 after they became aware of wide ranging systemic corruption and foreign influence in the US political system.These agents(probably admirals and generals)had to have known that Trump was completely clean,with no involvement in the typical kinds of corruption we see at that level of power,while also being the only guy on the planet who had the charisma,the money and the connections to win control of the Presidency.They might have even rigged the election in favor of Trump.


Think about it.If you were Trump,why would you bother trying to become the President?Trump is always complaining that he had a much easier life before becoming President.Prior to 2016,he had absolutely no interest in acquiring political power or the associated headaches that come with it.His plate was already full managing a massive real estate empire.Then suddenly at the age of 70,when most people like him would be looking forward to a nice relaxing retirement,he decides to run for a political office,which simultaneously entails him shutting down billions in global business deals to prevent the appearance of impropriety?


Trump's entire presidential run was coordinated with,and orchestrated by,military intelligence.The obfuscated and conspiratorial Q posts were the only way Trump,and the intel agents on his side,could communicate with the portion of the US public who would be open to learning about the coup without the press making them out to be conspiratorial nut jobs to the remainder of the public who was still largely asleep to the threat at the time.


The vast majority of the public would have thought Trump was completely nuts if he just came right out at the beginning of his presidential run and said the entire US political system had been taken over by corrupt foreign families that control the global banking and energy markets.Even after all that has transpired since then,it would still be hard for most people to believe.


So let's get on to the questions.


If you look at all of those questions through the lens of the Trump Presidency being,in large part,a massive military led"honeypot"intelligence gathering operation,the same answer to all of them becomes apparent.


Why keep or put horrible people in positions of power?Because those horrible people may have been flipped to work for our side and they have been tasked with gathering evidence to show who else may have been involved in the coup.


Why would Barr allow Durham to continue an investigation that's clearly nothing more than a whitewash?The entire YouTube legal community knows it's a sham investigation.There's no chatter about people being pulled in for questioning,there's no subpoenas flying,there's no one complaining about having their offices raided,there's no legal background chatter about this investigation taking place at all.The only person prosecuted so far was a mid level agent,and they didn't even make him sign a cooperation agreement!

为什么巴尔会允许达勒姆继续进行一项明显只不过是粉饰的调查?整个 YouTube 法律界都知道这是一个虚假调查。没有关于人们被带去问话的讨论,没有传票飞来飞去,没有人抱怨他们的办公室被搜查,没有任何关于正在进行的调查的法律背景的讨论。到目前为止唯一被起诉的人是一个中级特工,他们甚至没有让他签署合作协议!

The reason for this is because the Durham investigation is not designed to actually catch anyone.It's designed to spook the coup conspirators into communicating about it among themselves,while military intelligence monitors their communications with each other.There will be no Durham report,or if one is actually produced,it will be about as useful as the IG's report.


Why are all these Republican congress people not seeking reelection?Because they were told to either resign or they were going to be prosecuted for their involvement in the coup.I have a feeling the democrats involved will not be given such a lenient option.Clearly there are still some very powerful shady Republicans seeking reelection,but I'll wager they all have a role to play in this grand charade.


Why hasn't Trump pardoned Flynn or forced the DoJ,State Dept.and FBI to release all their info?Because the Flynn legal case provides an excellent means of introducing a slow drip of classified intel into a vetted public forum.The revelations about what went on with Flynn are not over yet,and I'm sure Flynn is fully complicit in this continuing charade of a trial.He wants this case to continue.That's why he just filed motions for recusual that will extend and delay his case even further.


So how does the end-game play out?Trump is on record saying he's keeping Gitmo open"for her"–I'm assuming he means Clinton.


At some point the hammer has to drop.At some point,the mass round up and incarceration of conspirators must take place.As you can imagine,this is going to entail locking up large numbers of elected officials,most of whom are democrats.I also imagine they will be going after the heads of media organizations,banking organizations,the Bush family,the Clintons,and of course,the main heads of the hydra–the House of Saud,the Rothschilds,and the evil Grand Emperor Himself–George Soros.


The remaining democrats who are still under the spell of the mainstream media are going to flip their lids.Martial law may have to be declared to keep them under control.That said,it may not come to that.As we can see from Biden's rallies,he has virtually no support from anyone.The guy can't even get a couple dozen people to turn up.The MSM polls are all fake.There's very few people who would actively resist a mass round up these criminals,especially when the military would move quickly to suppress them if they did.

剩下的民主党人仍然受主流媒体的影响,他们将会掀开他们的盖子。可能需要宣布戒严令来控制他们。也就是说,事情可能不会发展到那一步。从拜登的竞选集会中我们可以看出,他几乎没有得到任何人的支持。这家伙连几十个人都找不到。所有的 MSM 民意调查都是假的。很少有人会积极抵抗大规模围捕这些罪犯的行动,特别是如果他们这样做了,军方会迅速采取行动镇压他们。

They can't try these people in DC.There's so many commies in DC they would never be able to ensure justice is done.I'm figuring most of these people will be tried under the crime of high treason,so we will probably see them hauled in front of military tribunals.The Q must have a plan to deal with this already in place.

他们不能在华盛顿审问这些人。华盛顿有那么多党员,他们永远无法确保正义得到伸张。我估计这些人中的大多数都会以叛国罪受审,所以我们可能会看到他们被送上军事法庭。Q 必须有一个计划来处理这个已经到位。

When will this go down?Probably not until after the election.This will help prevent the appearance of Trump engaging in a political coup for his own aggrandizement.We shall see.




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