2022年5月13日星期五: 仪式时间|星际飞船地球

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 May 13, 2022 2022年5月13日

2022年5月13日星期五: 仪式时间|星际飞船地球

What day is it? Righto! Friday, and as Mr. Cohen pointed out on Telegram, it’s “ritual season” for the witches and warlocks of the Illuminati. Watch for false flags, attempts at mass killings, etc. Hopefully they can be prevented but… their pentagrams, pentagons, devils and spells are very real.

今天是星期几?好的!周五,正如科恩先生在《电讯报》上指出的那样,这是光照派女巫和术士的“仪式季节”。注意假旗,大规模屠杀的企图等等。希望它们能被阻止,但是... ... 它们的五芒星、五芒星、魔鬼和咒语是非常真实的。

We heard there would be a death announcement this week, but it was a different “royal family” than we were expecting. More below.


There’s a reason they did a blood and gore movie called “Friday the 13th”. They always tell us what they’re up to.


The mass deaths are more likely the psychopaths. They’re going down fast.


Mr. Cohen also posted today…

科恩先生今天也发表了... ..。

Ezra A. Cohen, [5/13/2022 12:09 PM]
[In reply to Ezra A. Cohen]
Who just died?

以斯拉 · a · 科恩[5/13/202212:09 PM ][回复以斯拉 · a · 科恩]谁刚刚去世了?

And I then found…


UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan dies aged 73

阿联酋总统谢赫 · 哈利法·本·扎耶德·阿勒纳哈扬去世,享年73岁

The election fraud is documented and exposed in many places now and taking down the criminals.


Democrat Official in Virginia Indicted on Plethora of Election Fraud-Related Counts


Phil G posted the following on Telegram. You had to know that if they’ve been talking 80 million then it had to be far more. They always understate.

菲尔 · g 在《电讯报》上发表了以下文章。你必须知道,如果他们说的是8000万,那么肯定远不止这个数字。他们总是低估。

Trump received over 100,000,000 votes.




All lies will be revealed.


Goin’ down. Glug, glug, glug.


GOP Rep. Tom Reed Resigns From Congress Following Claims of Sexual Misconduct

共和党众议员汤姆 · 里德因性行为不端辞职

EXCLUSIVE: Ethics Group Alleges Dem Rep Exploited COVID Rules To Campaign For Governor

独家报道: 伦理组织声称德州代表利用冠状病毒疾病规则竞选州长

2022年5月13日星期五: 仪式时间|星际飞船地球

More and more truth about the Wu Flu comes out every day. This, from Telegram.


This german local news paper is sharing an article with the title “Vaccine damage avalanche rolls, leading physicians distance themselves”


Sharing that many leaders that before pushed for the vaccine, now become quiet, distant and step back.
It is referring to many other articles showing for example that vaccinated beings only to 40% built antibodies to fight the c-virus, meanwhile non vaccinated beings built naturally 93%.
Clearly labeling the vaccine as “poison” this article is not shying away for calling out truth.

分享许多领导人以前推动疫苗,现在变得安静,遥远和退后。它指的是许多其他文章显示,例如,免疫者只有40% 建立抗体对抗 c 病毒,同时非免疫者建立自然93% 。

Get em!


Dr. Reiner Fuellmich did another exceptional interview and presents his summaries very well, for anyone who needs background on the plandemic. He goes way back to the 1800’s, in fact, when it all began and covers previous attempts to do what they accomplished with the Wu Flu scam. Well worth your time and an excellent one to share to get others up to speed. It may be his best yet, and he said this week they were to conclude their findings in the broad investigation the committee of attorneys has been working on for some time. Video at the link below. 1 hr. 5 min.

对于需要计划学术背景知识的人来说,雷纳 · 福尔米奇博士做了另一次特殊的采访,并且很好地提出了他的总结。他回到了19世纪,事实上,当它开始和涵盖以前的企图做什么,他们完成了吴流感骗局。非常值得你的时间和一个优秀的分享让其他人加快速度。这可能是他迄今为止最好的一次,他说本周他们将在律师委员会一段时间以来进行的广泛调查中总结他们的发现。视频请点击以下链接。1小时。5分钟。

CHDTV Exclusive: Crimes Against Humanity – Dr. Reiner Fuellmich In-Depth InterviewCHDTV

独家: 反人类罪-Reiner Fuellmich 博士深度访谈

I noticed the reason for a recent lane closure near my home was to erect another tower; a cylindrical one as opposed to the ones they try to camouflage as palm trees.


News crew research seems to indicate these are Verizon towers who claim we simply must have them for the volume and quality of 4G data transfer people want now. Many of us are not satisfied these towers and the signals they are transmitting/receiving/boosting are safe. These cabal companies are only interested in the bottom line and will lie through their teeth. Video at the link.

新闻工作人员的研究似乎表明,这些是 Verizon 信号塔,声称我们只是必须有他们的数量和质量的4 g 数据传输人们想要的现在。我们很多人都不满意这些信号塔,它们发射/接收/增强的信号是安全的。这些阴谋集团只对利润感兴趣,他们会睁一只眼闭一只眼。链接中的视频。

2022年5月13日星期五: 仪式时间|星际飞船地球

What are those strange towers going up all over the place?


Verizon Retaliates against City’s Board of Health for Issuing Emergency Order to Turn Off Cell Tower That’s Making Residents Sick


Pfffffffff! How much further do they plan to push this idiocy? The White Hats are really having fun with the gender confusion.


Kerry Cassidy/Project Camelot have presented even more information about the activities and challenges in Ukraine. There is always at least one back story to “current events”. The coverups are extensive to keep the secrecy of the ongoing military operations and so as not to frighten the civilians.

Kerry Cassidy/Camelot 项目提供了更多关于在乌克兰的活动和挑战的信息。“时事”总是至少有一个背后故事。掩盖的范围很广,以保持正在进行的军事行动的秘密性,以免惊吓平民。

Kerry Cassidy talks what could really be going on in Ukraine & why there’s massive Russian military assets there. I’ve previously talked about how the DS took over Ukraine, with ties to human trafficking, DUMBS & tunnels — this is also connected to the chimeras & DNA-spliced entities underground, as well as reptilian beings, NAA (Negative Alien Agenda) beings & other “monsters.”

凯瑞 · 卡西迪谈到乌克兰到底发生了什么,为什么那里有大量的俄罗斯军事资产。我之前谈到过 DS 是如何接管乌克兰的,它与人口贩卖、 DUMBS 和隧道有关ーー这也与地下的 chimeras 和 dna- 拼接实体有关,还有爬行动物、 NAA (负面的外星议程)生物和其他“怪物”

I’ve also been hearing about very strange things happening under & above ground in rural areas of Ukraine. There’s possibly Omicron Draconians there as well. Yes this is a real thing & it wasn’t just made up last year. Omicron Draconians has also been written in books from decades ago too.  2022年5月13日星期五: 仪式时间|星际飞船地球 2022年5月13日星期五: 仪式时间|星际飞船地球




Dragon Moth or Omicron Draconians

2022年5月13日星期五: 仪式时间|星际飞船地球

There are many things that cannot be said aloud, or stated. They can be hinted at in questions, or clues in images, etc. That is how the Q team got around the national security issues and were able to bring us a record amount of information. Some people don’t get it. I think it’s obvious.

有很多事情不能大声说出来,或者说出来。它们可以在问题中被暗示,或者在图像中被提示,等等。这就是 q 团队如何绕过国家安全问题,并能够给我们带来创纪录的信息量。有些人不明白。我觉得这很明显。

Praying Medic does “decodes” and gets into the Q posts now appearing on Truth Social as well as discussing current events and posts by other characters. 13 min.

祈祷医疗做“解码”,并进入 q 的帖子现在出现在真理社会以及讨论时事和帖子的其他字符。13分钟。

Q May 12, 2022 2022年5月12日

This individual hides his true feelings in his posts. Not! Link to Telegram.

这个人在他的帖子里隐藏了他的真实感受。不! 链接到 Telegram。

2022年5月13日星期五: 仪式时间|星际飞船地球

For Friday night at the movies, you may want to watch, The Pedofather and other tales. This is 10 minutes of pure fun as EyeDrop Media does take-offs on big name movies by inserting familiar characters and good music for lots of laughs. It’s really clever. Link to Telegram for video.

星期五晚上看电影,你可能会想看《儿子的父亲》和其他的故事。这10分钟纯粹是娱乐,因为 EyeDrop Media 通过插入熟悉的角色和好音乐制造大量笑声,在大牌电影上取得成功。真的很聪明。视频链接到 Telegram。

That concludes our Friday the 13th special edition. Ciao for now.  ~ BP


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