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Mode-RNA Hacks Human Life Software

模式-rna 黑客人类生命软件

Intuition and Logic Thinking


Covid Spike Protein Injection is Mortal Bio Bomb


COVID Vaccines a Scientific and Medical Mistake

COVID 疫苗的科学和医学错误

Covid Pandemic is Tyranny


Your consciousness is the key to enter 5D-portal

你的意识是进入5D-portal 的关键

Consciousness and Unity Ruin Deep State Power


Consciousness and Unity are at odds with the Deep State cabal ‘s social engineering programmes. In reality, the Covid pandemic is affecting people’s social consciousness. Some understanding is needed to identify the social engineering programmes of the global elite, and how not to fall victim to them. The global elite want 90% depopulation. They want total control and surveillance of every aspect of your life. They want socialism, with the power and wealth in their own pockets, in other words communism.

意识和统一与深州阴谋集团的社会工程计划不一致。实际上,Covid 大流行正在影响着人们的社会意识。我们需要一些理解,以确定全球精英的社会工程计划,以及如何避免成为这些计划的受害者。全球精英希望人口减少90% 。他们想要完全控制和监视你生活的方方面面。他们要社会主义,要有自己口袋里的权力和财富,换句话说,要共产主义。

意识是本质|最后的警钟Consciousness and Unity are a direct obstruction to these plans. That is why they want to take away everything of value. They do this in the name of preserving planet Earth and improving the climate, which arguments are lies. If everyone is quarantined and moved around in electric vehicles with limited range, they can control us better. Be assured all climate and other new stipulations are designed to confine the rest of us in limited designated areas. For which the FEMA-Camps have been founded.


What people should really terrify, is not fear of dying of a none existing Covid -19 infection, but the terror of those who govern the world, and who are scaring all people into submission with their objective to achieve total tyrannical control in a once-free World. The fake Covid-19 or Corona has changed the world, although it is nothing else than science fiction. It is a Deep State manipulation that applies Corona as a pretext to change the world into its penultimate phase for the final implementation of the New World Order. They have discovered that health statistics after all have an even greater impact for their despotism and deception than all economic indicators.

人们真正应该恐惧的,不是害怕死于一种不存在的 Covid-19感染,而是那些统治世界的人的恐惧,他们正在恐吓所有的人民,迫使他们屈服,目的是在一个曾经自由的世界中实现完全的专制统治。假冒的2019冠状病毒疾病或科罗纳改变了世界,尽管它只不过是科幻小说而已。这是一种深层国家操纵,以科罗纳为借口,把世界变成最终实施世界新秩序的倒数第二阶段。他们发现,卫生统计数字毕竟比所有经济指标对他们的专制和欺骗产生更大的影响。

Mode-RNA Hacks Human Life Software

模式-rna 黑客人类生命软件

Another avenue is the destruction of the population from the inside out, as currently is happening with the mRNA vaccines, that inactivate the human immune system to stimulate the growth of cancer cells. Mode-RNA effectively hacks the human life-software. It ends the body’s healing process. These injections are the most reckless acts of medical betrayal ever committed against the human race.

另一种方法是由内而外地破坏人群,就像目前正在发生的 mRNA 疫苗一样,这种疫苗使人体免疫系统失活,刺激癌细胞的生长。模式-rna 有效地攻击人类的生命软件。它结束了身体的康复过程。这些注射是对人类最鲁莽的医学背叛行为。

意识是本质|最后的警钟Those mRNA vaccines, not only are loaded with poisons, but they alter the natural immune system in such a way that it will greatly overreact when the victims later are exposed to almost any pathogen including the common flu. They will be attacked by their own immune system, a process known as autoimmune disorder. These attacks are more deadly than any disease.


Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, an American-trained microbiologist now living in Germany, says the Covid-19 pandemic is a fraud because it is based on case and death statistics that are 99% false. He also says that mRNA vaccines are, not only loaded with poisons, they alter the natural immune system in such a way that it will greatly overreact when the victims are exposed later to almost any pathogen including the common flu. They will be attacked by their own immune system, a process known as autoimmune disorder. These attacks are more deadly than the disease itself. Dr Bhakdi begs people not to take the vaccine, especially if they already have taken a first shot. If they do, he says, they will cause the decimation of world population.

现居德国的美国培训的微生物学家 Sucharit bhagdi 博士说,2019冠状病毒疾病流感大流行是一场骗局,因为它基于的案例和死亡统计数据99% 是错误的。他还说,信使核糖核酸疫苗不仅含有毒素,而且它们改变自然免疫系统的方式,以至于当受害者后来接触到几乎任何病原体,包括普通流感时,都会产生极大的过度反应。它们会受到自身免疫系统的攻击,这一过程被称为自身免疫性疾病。这些攻击比疾病本身更致命。巴克迪博士请求人们不要接种疫苗,特别是如果他们已经接种了第一针。如果他们这样做,他说,他们将导致世界人口的大量减少。

In this 10-minute video, Dr Sucharit Bhakdi discusses the fundamental reason for the current wave of “breakthrough infections:” the failure of the COVID vaccines had to be expected, because fundamental principles of immunology were ignored in their design.

在这段10分钟的视频中,Sucharit bhagdi 博士讨论了当前这波“突破性感染”的根本原因: Covid 疫苗的失败必须在意料之中,因为在他们的设计中,免疫学的基本原理被忽略了。

The first mistake was to focus on antibodies rather than cellular immunity (cytotoxic T-lymphocytes) in assessing vaccine efficacy, even though cellular immunity is far more important to antiviral immunity than are antibodies.

第一个错误是在评估疫苗效力时将重点放在抗体而不是细胞免疫(细胞毒性 t 淋巴细胞)上,尽管细胞免疫比抗体对抗病毒免疫更为重要。

The second mistake was to neglect the functional distinction between the two major categories of antibodies, which the body produces in order to protect itself from pathogenic microbes:


  1. The first category (secretory IgA) is produced by immune cells (lymphocytes) that are located directly underneath the mucous membranes that line the respiratory and intestinal tract. The antibodies produced by these lymphocytes are ejected through and to the surface of the linings. These antibodies are thus on site to meet air-borne viruses and they may be able to prevent viral binding and infection of the cells.
  2. 第一类(分泌型 IgA)是由免疫细胞(淋巴细胞)产生的,它们直接位于呼吸道和肠道的粘膜下面。这些淋巴细胞产生的抗体通过淋巴细胞壁喷射到淋巴细胞壁的表面。因此,这些抗体是在现场满足空气传播的病毒,他们可能能够防止病毒结合和感染的细胞。
  3. The second category of antibodies (IgG and circulating IgA) occur in the bloodstream. These antibodies protect the internal organs of the body from infectious agents that try to spread via the bloodstream.
  4. 第二类抗体(IgG 和循环中的 IgA)存在于血液中。这些抗体保护身体内部器官免受试图通过血液传播的传染病的侵害。

Anything that is not on the specific Earth-frequency for the awakening and healing process, is not open to incoming ascension energies. Incoming ascension energy are positive frequencies of harmony and consciousness. Mode-RNA hacking transforms these energies into failure. Actually, inducing people into a coma to avoid their awakening, in other words putting the mind out of sync with the Earth’s Frequency, meaning out of harmony as they feel and exhibit signs of discomfort that can range from anxiety, insomnia, illness, or trapped immune system.

任何不在特定地球频率上的事物,对于觉醒和疗愈过程来说,都不会向即将到来的提升能量开放。进入的提升能量是和谐与意识的正向频率。模式-rna 黑客把这些能量转换成失败。实际上,诱导人们陷入昏迷以避免他们的觉醒,换句话说,使人们的思维与地球的频率不同步,意味着不和谐,因为他们感到并表现出不适的迹象,可以从焦虑,失眠,疾病,或被困的免疫系统。

Conversely when humans are in sync; the body is in complete harmony, and able to heal itself and to increase its vitality. Further, measurements of Schumann resonance eventually arrived at a frequency of exactly 7.83 Hz, which is even more interesting, as this frequency is one that applies to mammals. This frequency turns alien negative forces into positive energies, by means of the body’s chakra systemLearn more here. 


Intuition and Logic Thinking


“Chakra” is a Sanskrit word literally translated as wheel or disk.” To visualise a chakra in the body, 意识是本质|最后的警钟envision a swirling wheel of energy where consciousness and matter meet each other. They are thought to recharge through contact with the stream of cosmic energy in the atmosphere.

“ Chakra”是一个梵文单词,字面翻译为轮子或圆盘想象身体中的脉轮,想象一个漩涡状的能量之轮,在那里意识和物质相遇。它们被认为是通过与大气中的宇宙能量流接触来充电的。

Each chakra is connected to a specific gland, organ, and body system and also to a specific colour vibration frequency. In addition, each energy vortex has an important function in creating our energetic balance. Moreover, these energy centres vibrate at different levels relative to the awareness of the individual and the capacity to integrate the characteristics of each into his/her life. The openness and the flow of energy through your chakras are necessary in order to become fully self-conscious and in harmony with your spiritual nature, creating physical, mental and emotional health.


Ever since most of humanity has been unable to activate the impulse in the higher heart to connect the 4th DNA strand during the period from adolescence to adulthood, caused by chemicals in chemtrails and food, that distorts over time the DNA patterns associated with the emergence and spread of diseases for emotional and physical imbalance. This is not natural. If a person cannot activate their mind and access their 4th strand of DNA, their Soul Identity cannot be activated. Therefore, they are not aware of why they have incarnated on earth, what their higher purpose is, and they cannot connect with or listen to their Higher Self, – commonly known as intuition and logic thinking, because their Higher Sense perception abilities have not been activated.

从青春期到成年期,由于化学药品和食物中的化学物质,大多数人类已经无法激活高级心脏中连接第四 DNA 链的冲动,随着时间的推移,与情绪和身体失衡疾病的出现和传播有关的 DNA 模式发生扭曲。这是不自然的。如果一个人不能激活他们的意识并进入他们的第四条 DNA 链,他们的灵魂身份就不能被激活。因此,他们没有意识到自己为什么化身到地球上,他们的更高目的是什么,他们不能连接或听从他们的高我,也就是通常所说的直觉和逻辑思维,因为他们的高感知能力没有被激活。

Covid Spike Protein Injection is Mortal Bio Bomb

Covid 刺突蛋白注射是致命的生物炸弹

意识是本质|最后的警钟The Covid vaccines are an illusion; it is not a vaccine but a toxic injection that makes people believe they are protected against something that is not, but reduces their life expectancy to a maximum of three years.

Covid疫苗是一种错觉; 它不是一种疫苗,而是一种毒性注射剂,使人们相信他们受到保护,免受不必要的东西的伤害,但却使他们的预期寿命减少到最多三年。

Worse; Up to thousands of people “not vaccinated” report having side effects from Covid-vaccines, but without being vaccinated. The fact is; people who are not vaccinated, but have been in close contact with “vaccinated” people are infected with unprecedented amount of diseases originated from the Covid-vaccines. People after close contact with “vaccinated”, report pericarditis – a swelling and irritation of the tissue surrounding the heart initiating chest pain; autoimmune diseases; shingles – a viral infection with painful rash of blisters around their torso; thrombosis; Bell’s palsy – symptoms of sudden weakness in facial muscles.

更糟糕的是,多达数千人报告说“没有接种过”的人由于未接种过疫苗而产生副作用。事实上,没有接种疫苗但与”接种过疫苗”的人密切接触的人感染了前所未有数量的源自Covid疫苗的疾病。与”接种疫苗”密切接触的人报告说,心包炎——心脏周围的组织肿胀和发炎,引发胸痛; 自身免疫性疾病; 带状疱疹——病毒感染,伴有躯干周围疼痛的水泡疹; 血栓形成; 贝尔氏麻痹——面部肌肉突然无力的症状。

It has already been confirmed: mRNA “vaccines” with synthetic spike protein + nano-technological hydrogel, produces many cases of side effects on the female reproductive system, plus thousands of other cerebral, cardiac, neurological, neuromuscular effects, blood clots, thrombosis, thousands of deaths too, now that “vaccinated” have spread around the world.

已经得到证实: 含有合成刺突蛋白 + 纳米技术水凝胶的 mRNA“疫苗”,会对女性生殖系统产生许多副作用,加上数千种其他的脑、心、神经、肌肉效应、血栓、血栓,以及数以千计的死亡病例,现在“疫苗”已经传播到世界各地。

According to the official propaganda; Pandemic-curves and statistics show that the number of people supposedly sick with this new ‘Covid- variant’ is exploding in all countries that have ‘vaccinated’ massively; like Israel, Brazil, India, USA, etc.

根据官方的宣传; 流行病曲线和统计数据显示,在所有大规模接种疫苗的国家中,被认为感染这种新的“ Covid 变异体”的人数正呈爆炸式增长,比如以色列、巴西、印度、美国等等。

COVID Vaccines a Scientific and Medical Mistake

COVID 疫苗的科学和医学错误

Nobel Laureate Professor Luc Montagnier pints out; Mass Vaccination is an enormous mistake. A scientific error as well as a medical error. It is an unacceptable mistake. The history books will show that, because it is the vaccination that is creating the variants.

诺贝尔奖得主吕克 · 蒙塔尼埃教授喝得酩酊大醉; 大规模接种疫苗是一个巨大的错误。科学上的错误,也是医学上的错误。这是一个不可接受的错误。历史书会证明这一点,因为正是疫苗创造了变异。

For the original virus, there are antibodies, created by the vaccine. What does the virus do? Does it die or finds it another solution? They are producing new variants as result from the vaccination. You see it in each country, it’s the same: the curve of vaccination is followed by the curve of deaths. People became sick with Corona after being vaccinated. I will show you that they are creating the variants that are resistant to the vaccine. It’s unthinkable. They are silent; many people know this, epidemiologists know it too. It is the antibodies produced by the virus that enable an infection to become stronger. It’s what we call Antibody Dependent Enhancement, which means antibodies favour a certain infection.

对于原来的病毒,有抗体,由疫苗产生。病毒是做什么的?它是死了还是找到了另一个解决方案?他们正在产生新的变异作为疫苗接种的结果。在每个国家都是一样的: 疫苗接种曲线后面是死亡曲线。人们在接种疫苗后患上了科罗娜病。我将向你们展示,他们正在创造对疫苗有抵抗力的变体。这是不可想象的。他们沉默; 许多人知道这一点,流行病学家也知道这一点。正是病毒产生的抗体使感染变得更强。这就是我们所说的抗体依赖性增强,也就是说抗体支持某种特定的感染。

As the antibody attaches to the virus; from that moment it has the receptors; the antibodies, have them in the macrophage (increased emission of pro-inflammatory). It pokes the virus and not accidentally, but because of the fact that they’re linked to the antibodies. It is clear that the new variants are created by antibody-mediated selection due to the vaccination.


The global Corona or Covid-19 quarantine is the first step in that direction. There are only two possible scenarios that explains the cabal’s approach: Either, it’s a disaster and thousands of people are dying from this fake virus, about they don’t care! Or, the whole thing is a hoax, but you idiots will believe anything, so they are going to rub it right in your stupid face, by telling people to wear a face mask and to socially distancing themselves! And indeed they are right, as about 90% of us are obedient stupid followers.

全球电晕或2019冠状病毒疾病隔离是朝这个方向迈出的第一步。只有两种可能的情况可以解释阴谋集团的做法: 要么,这是一场灾难,成千上万的人死于这种假病毒,关于他们不在乎!或者,整件事情是一个骗局,但是你们这些白痴什么都会相信,所以他们会直接在你愚蠢的脸上擦它,告诉人们要戴上口罩,并与社会保持距离!事实上,他们是对的,因为我们中大约90% 的人都是顺从的、愚蠢的追随者。

If a face mask is worn for hours, it can reduce blood oxygenation as much as 20%, which can lead to a loss of consciousness. There are meanwhile too many cases of elderly individuals or any person with poor lung function passing out, leading to more Corona deaths.

如果一个面罩戴了几个小时,它可以减少血液氧化多达20% ,这可能会导致失去知觉。与此同时,有太多的老年人或任何肺功能差的人昏倒的病例,导致更多的 Corona 死亡。

Covid Pandemic is Tyranny


Wakeup folks, this quarantine is tyranny, where healthy people deliberately are locked down. Protest against your government in masse to let them know you disagree and should send them home. Think about; We the people are in charge. Regretfully, we employ these corrupt individuals already far too long.

警醒的人们,这种隔离是专制的,健康的人被有意识地关起来。集体抗议你的政府,让他们知道你不同意,应该把他们送回家。思考; 我们是人民的主宰。遗憾的是,我们雇用这些腐败的人已经太久了。

We could have freed ourselves, if it wasn’t that the mass is still at sleep. People must fight for their own freedom otherwise it doesn’t provide them the value of liberty! In the end with all the fake vaccination stuff around, society culls itself. The weak shall fall by the wayside. And the strong will prevail. In the end two third of the population will not be able to survive, they have been killed by their own government bribed and instructed by the Global Deep State Criminals, who want the world for themselves, after the useful idiots in governments have been killed.

如果不是大家还在睡觉,我们本可以解放自己的。人们必须为自己的自由而战,否则自由就不能给他们带来自由的价值!最后,所有的假疫苗接种的东西,社会自我淘汰。弱者将半途而废。强者必胜。最终,三分之二的人口将无法生存---- 他们被自己的政府收买,并接受全球深层国家罪犯的指示---- 在政府中有用的白痴被杀后,这些罪犯想要独占世界。

Your consciousness is the key to enter 5D-portal

你的意识是进入5D-portal 的关键

Your consciousness is the password to enter the world of the 5th Dimension. It will be at that moment when your consciousness says, do! or, fail! In that moment you will be alone! Nobody will judge you or reward you. But you will feel it when it has really happened. It is the end of a period! And it will be the beginning of a new era.


意识是本质|最后的警钟The 3rd Dimension is the world of lies, deceit, competition, destructive criticism, selfishness above all else, greed. Control and power are the only goal. Backstabbing, malice and maintaining low frequency for conviction and control are actions that put big locks on the Gateway to the Fifth Dimension. Wherein, co-operation, assistance, devotion are always directed towards good, pure and clean intentions, with empathy and care for others, that is the track that will lead you to the 5D world.

第三维度是谎言、欺骗、竞争、破坏性批评、自私高于一切、贪婪的世界。控制和权力是唯一的目标。暗箭伤人,恶意和维持低频率的定罪和控制是行动,把大锁的第五维度。其中,合作、协助、奉献总是朝着美好、纯洁、干净的目标前进,同情和关心他人,这就是引导你进入5d 世界的轨道。

Nothing and nobody has the power to influence this individual choice. For every individual still exists the freedom of free will. There will not be a single soul who can say that they did not have a chance.


Ascension is by definition the path of those who choose to consciously move to a higher level of light. It can only be found when the consciousness is truly expanded enough to understand each lesson that has been presented during successive incarnations.


Remember, nothing and no one will decide for you.


The moment the majority of the vaccinated discover they have been deceived by their government, global liberation is fact.


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