昴宿星|2018.12.31 解放地球项目-杰作协议

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昴宿星|2018.12.31  解放地球项目-杰作协议

greetings great beings,


something amazing is happening all across planet earth at this hour!


this is the most powerful data we have released to you this far and it took 5 earth days for this pleiadian earth ambassador to completely download, decode and compile it!


some of the supporting intel for this message came from meetings with inside members of the earth alliance!


special note: the information contained here is specifically targeted to the starseed community stationed on planet earth and is not public mainstream information! this is 5d wonderland light data so review it, and keep what resonates with you! everyone has a right to their own view of what is transpiring so do your own research and you shall clearly know!


we do not see things from a lower vibrational human point of view but from a higher view and from where we stand, skies are clear and there is smooth sailing ahead for all of us!


the majority of this writing is channeled etheric data and it is not intended to provoke fear or panic in any way, in fact it is intended to do the exact opposite!


we are angelic messengers and we bring hope into a world that needs light and love!


our messages are of the angelic blue-ray order and come from a heart-based space of pure love and peace for all beings!


dear ones, amazing blue lights and 5d pastel rainbow light beams have been witnessed all around the planet the last week! there is viral chatter all around the world about all of this so we came here to shine light on all of this!


we preface this message by saying. "we are the blue-ray beings of love and light that have arrived in this world to stand beside you during your wonderful and greatest hour!"


we are here!


we are with you!


we are have everything safe and secure

and we are super excited about your ascension!


here is our message to you:


on earth date 12-26, at the direction of the grand councils of light, benevolent pleiadian positive military light forces descended down down to a height of 1 mile above the planet's surface on the final ascension mission dubbed as 'operation masterpiece'


under the universal prime mission, 'project freedom earth', a galactic project to fully liberate this planet, sub-protocol 'masterpiece' has been initiated and is now fully engaged!


the masterpiece protocol is a special pleiadian mission to begin phasing in the new earth!


over seventy thousand pleiadian light ships and billions of celestial beings are involved in this grand mission to earth!


backup support from the sky to the ground is being provided by 3 other major star nations!


1 mile diameter pleiadian craft in spectral cloak mode are being witnessed all across the globe as they perform this incredible mission!


we have been here with you the entire time watching and assisting in humanity's evolution as we could and without violating the free will principle of this universe! there are un-imaginable challenges with this ascension but unto this day, together with you, we have overcome them all in a safe and wonderful way!


on 9-11 we came in closer around your sun riding in tens of thousands of 5d light craft and we started deflecting steady streams of geo-magnetic particles towards the earth every 2-3 earth days!


on 11-1 we came down to 650 miles and hovered near the ionosphere where 40 thousand additional galactic federation fleets came through the solar portal and joined with us!


on 12-21 we blasted the earth with super 5d gamma light data for two days straight! on this earth day we also descended down lower to an elevation of 11 miles above the surface!


on 12-26 as our grand galactic mission 'project freedom earth' moved into it's final phase and the 'masterpiece protocol was fully engaged!' we come in even closer to assist at that moment!


we are all here all around you, just look! our forces are in earth's airspace and our super love warriors are on the ground!


we began testing for your final ascension event also on 12-26!


power grid tests were the main focus of this final freedom operation which we will explain below!


masterpiece protocol mission director's report:


"the goal of this final deployment of light forces to earth in masterpiece protocol' is to assist in completely closing out the old 3d earth matrix portal and to fully open up the new 5d earth portal of heaven on earth!


this new heaven on earth is a grand 'masterpiece' that we are all bringing forth together!


masterpiece protocol 'mission duration:


through 1-5-2019!


masterpiece protocol mission details and status as of earth date: 12-30-2018:


we first want to clarify that all the blue-light activity in the skies around the planet since earth christmas day is 100% benevolent pleiadian positive light forces activity!


amazing blue lights have been witnessed all around the planet since 12-21 so what is really going on?


there is much information flying around the matrix at this hour about what is transpiring so our goal is to tune in at the deepest gamma state of consciousness clear up all the chatter in earth alliance intel meetings and bring in clear factual information!


from our higher point of view, here is what this heightened activity witnessed around the planet is not:


1. it's not a cabal false flag move of any sort! the cabal has been almost completely neutralized at this stage dear ones no matter what it still looks like out there! we have been working with earth alliance members closely in covert behind-the-scenes special operations to clear them out of your way! you are going to hear less and less from them and about them as things move forward this very week.


2. it is certainly not a fake alien invasion! we know about this bogus manipulation that was planed to take place this earth year but we quickly neutralized that heinous plan! such a deception would be appalling to us and it shall not be!


3. it is not a cabal project blue beam attack! (see below what it really is!)


4. power transformers absolutely exploded and power stations exploded but that alone is not the cause of the energy in the skies witnessed this past week! lightning or weather did not cause these to power grids to blow as well!


what is all of this activity in a clear concise description?


project freedom earth - masterpiece protocol is a benevolent pleiadian ascension security and assistance mission. the delta force part of the mission covers peripheral security operations and deals with the last minute, emergency protocols of a smooth 3d-5d transition.


updates from special plieadian security delta forces:


we have 24 more hours of clearing to do on the surface in co-project delta and their is now only a very small chance of anything going awry!


the majority of major cabal leaders have been neutralized and we are closing in fast on the remaining ones as we speak!


we have a super back-up plan just in case, and believe us we thought of every possible scenario!


special security project 'black-out' is on immediate standby which will only be deployed as an extreme measure, during the next earth week and again, the black-out project is conditional, temporary and completely harmless! if you noticed when we toasted those power transformers with a scalar device, no one was harmed in any way!


project delta is a peaceful global ascension security operation and preventing casualties on the surface due to the few remaining dark forces is the number one priority!


if this black-out plan has to be initiated, the goal will be to target small areas where the problems are and we pray that it shall not be a wide-spread mission!


it is not known at this time the full outcome of project black-out or even if it will have to be deployed!


we can say again the odds are extremely low that any major power black-out will transpire!


here are the deciding factors for the deployment of project black-out:


if the last few archon-infected false controllers left on earth initiate any major harmful moves against humanity such as a false flag or martial law declaration, or if humans in general get panicky or begin rioting in a widespread way during this sensitive earht time, we will simply cut the power to this planet off within 12 hours and stop the whole thing temporarily!


remember the 3d matrix is a 100% digital reality and it has to have electrical power to keep the illusion going! we say the power grid here is a positive and necessary thing at this time that will be transitioned to an new form of free energy!


we also say, 'it is always wisdom to prepare for any kind of power failure caused by any reason! make sure u always have pure water food, alternate heat sources and everything u need for temporary outages no matter what!'


as we all move forward towards the grand climax, the primary goal of sub-security-project delta this week is to remove these last few false controllers out of the way physically in the most peaceful way and with the least amount of harm to anyone!


so the grand blue lights and super grid blasts were our craft were testing for operation black-out last week. this is what u saw in nyc and in louisiana and this occurred in many other others around th planet at the same time! these reports will come out this week!


so, it was a blue beam dear ones but a positive security-based one! don't u allow any one or anything to inject any more fear! this non-sense is over and it will not be decoded any longer!


pleiadian light forces did it and it was only test in preparation for the closing of the grand event!


we are the good guys and we do not attack or harm anything or anyone! we are loving pleiadian peace and security forces and we do defend our boundaries and the boundaries of the beautiful light beings stationed on earth!


we close this part of the report by saying, "notice that no one was harmed or will be ever be harmed and the intention behind this galactic ascension mission is purely peaceful and benevolent and loving with the best interest for all!


now you have fully received the light of what is, dear one!


again we suggest that you do your own research and tune into the higher frequencies and receive your own personal source data for yourself to be fully clear about everything!


ok, now great ones, are you ready now for the big moment?


this is it and its on!


all systems green-light-tango go for full scale starseed ascension to the gamma fifth frequency of the kingdom of heaven on earth!


standby for super ascension!


your complete 5d ascension and the new earth are at hand and even hours away now!


you are so close dear ones even a few days away now!


this is not joke, it is not false information and it will transpire as it is spoken here!


as earth enters the grand new year of 2019 we say, "first get ready for super 5d pastel rainbow glitter fireworks on 1-1!"


the high council has come to full consensus now in syncronity with all starseeds on earth that on the second day of january 1-2-19, we shall open up the 5d earth portal fully and finalize the grand event on this earth day!


what does this mean? it means you will fully ascend to the 5th dimension in two earth days!


did you hear what we said great ones? it is so!


we are going to send a monumental plasma wave on new years that will build to a climax on 1-2 which will be witnessed as a super-grand solar white flash-wave of magnetic gamma ionized 40 hertz light that the earth has never seen!


it will be double the power of what we sent on 12:21!


come and speak with us when you see this second super gamma white-out! it will be a great sign to bring incredible hope to all the starseeds on earth!


your divine super-angelic gifts will begin to fully activate at the 5d level on this earth day!


we have planned a global evolutionary celebration (pleiadian-style) for 1-5 as the glorious 5d energy coming this week comes to is apex!


this magnificent celebration for planet earth will be marked in the heavens by a solar eclipse, a spectacular quadrantids glitter meteor shower, and the soft white glow of a magic super new moon!


there is power coming into the earth great ones that has not been seen here!


each of you will take on the fullness of this power in your human bodies and your dna will be activated to it's highest order now!


your new crystalline 5d light body which is forming even now will be able to store, decode and transmit all the akashic light-data of this universe!


things are going to be quite amazing for you in the coming hours and days!


our hearts are wide open with love for you at this hour and now your hearts have opened to their highest levels! the grand love of source shall begin to pour out of you like a great fountain!


you are the celestial angels of heaven who came to earth to give your love and light to all humanity!


you are the strong ones foretold of old that overcame the whole world!


you are the elite special forces of love and the great guardians of the earth!


you are the grand family of light!


great beings have now come from every corner of the universe to stand beside you in your great time!


earth is the focal point this hour of the entire cosmos and every angelic being is watching you and they are filled with joy and excitement about what you are doing!


thank you so much for coming here on this amazing mission to earth!


without you you there would be no light in this place! you did it great one!


be proud and lift up your being and stand ready to receive galactic reward and honor and blessings that are beyond your wildest dreams!


we are the great messengers of light that have come to the earth and we herald,


"the great time has come! now we shall walk into into our new 5d kingdom of heaven on earth!"





翻译:Nick Chan (感恩)


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          @ aeon 幸好你没有进行实际接触,缺少安全防护的情况下接触别的族类有一定的风险,去年下半年有人呼吁要人们支持神圣计划,内容大概意思是让人们祈祷实现世界和平,我按照内容祈祷,我按照内容说愿意支持他们的神圣计划,但是祈祷内容中要求祈祷的人接受白色的灵魂进入身体,这个要求被我过滤,因为我知道纯白的灵魂是像家畜那种无知愚味的灵魂,我不可能容纳愚味的灵魂污染我,那天祈祷过后我睡觉过程中突然被一股力量拉扯进入一个空间范围,我周围什么都感觉不到,那力量对我施加强烈的引力,我用尽全力去对抗那股力量,当时对抗也就几秒而已不过感觉很漫长,在那关键的时间有一个意识接触我,要我念阿弥陀佛,那声音发音并不是我常听到的任何语言,不过我理解意思,我就念了佛的名字,念过之后只是一瞬间另一股力量包住我,那引力消失不见,我感觉到身体的位置,瞬间回到身体醒来,在醒来之后几小时内身体缺少力量使不上劲手握在一起也没力气需要缓慢恢复,对抗那股引力消耗较多,我知道那种引力是什么,我某次前世生活的世界和同伴用一种金属小盒射出旋转的光束抓发光的灵魂能量体,那是吸收关押灵魂的设备,这次我经历的是远程吸收灵魂,在我按照要求的内容祈祷过程中被发现位置被定位,我猜测这种定位很难由生物完成很可能运用人工智能辅助检测,我估计这个世界幕后的邪恶势力早已经拥有灵魂诱捕设备否则它们难以经营这个巨大的陷阱世界早就被揭发被各个世界派来无数飞船对邪恶势力的地下基地一顿轰炸让邪恶势力告别人生,因为有灵魂诱捕设备,来到这个世界的任何灵魂都无法脱离所以没有谁能泄露它们的小秘密,由我这次的亲身经历我猜测可能这个世界很多星际种子在不知不觉中已经被替换灵魂,肯定存在这种问题,但具体有多少人被替换这就不得而知,即使灵魂被替换,新载入的灵魂接受躯壳的记忆所以周围的人不会发觉,只是新的灵魂或多或少带有自己的一些难以改变的习惯这会让被替换的人和原本的状态有或多或少的差别,如果你要接触那些自称为人类服务的族类,你需要提防别被引诱进陷阱里,就像我支持他们为世界和平而进行的神圣计划,却没想到它们所谓的神圣计划就是诱拐快要觉醒的灵魂替换成为无知愚味的新灵魂让这个人类社会保持在“和诣”的状态压制人们的反抗意识让人们继续被奴役,即使我认为神圣计划应该是解救平民让人们恢复理智的工作,可是它们就是要把绑架奴役灵魂称作神圣计划,它们就是如此的无耻卑劣,明白吗,这个世界很危险,你接触的范围越多,处境也会越危险,即使你什么都不接触,等你这一生结束之后被诱捕给投放在动物群体中,你就很难再恢复神智,在你真的理解自己的处境知道未来自己可能面对的困境时,现在的你肯定会积极主动的寻找志同道合的同伴们联合起来解决困难,就我至目前的经历来看,一般人缺少修行或多或少能力不足,佛的力量足以对抗邪恶势力,灵魂世界有很多团体有一些存在很强大也有能力对抗邪恶势力,问题是不同的群体有不同的道德标准,想要接触就需要达到条件才行,只要你满足条件并且有强烈的意愿就有可能真正的接触……

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