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"Extraordinary times,it turns out,do not always call for extraordinary measures,or even extraordinary people.They often call for ordinary measures and ordinary people finding ways to do ordinary things when everything around them seems to make ordinariness impossible."


—Michael Austin,By Common Consent blog post

Judy Note:In today's Sun.29 March Press Conference when talking about the economy,President Trump said that they were"finalizing a new plan and strategy early this week and announcing the details on Tuesday"–the same Tues.31 March that was the World Court deadline given Trump to get the RV out to the people,and the same Tues.31 March deadline that Fleming said we would get the 800#s to set our appointments.


Last week after suffering the worst Stock Market crash since 1987,the privately owned US Federal Reserve tried injecting trillions of their fiat US Dollars into the system to ease strained capital markets.That biggest action since their 2008 financial crisis by the global monetary system's Three City States–Washington DC's US Inc.,Queen Elizabeth's London and Pope Francis'Vatican,along with Central Bankers such as the Rothchilds–didn't work.


During that 2008 world financial crisis the BRICS Alliance(Brazil,Russia,India,China,South Africa)was formed to evaluate currencies of 209 countries according to their natural resources.Their goal was to throw out the fiat US Dollar and back 209 sovereign countries of the globe in a Gold Standard.See War Castles:



The March 2020 Stock Market bloodbath saw the BRICS Alliance harvesting the fruits of their labor such as:


1.Earlier last week the world's main reserve currency,the fiat US Dollar,became gold-backed.


2.On Thurs.26 March or Fri.27 March the privately owned Federal Reserve was taken over by The People and began it's integration into the new US Treasury near Reno Nevada–The People had finally won the Revolutionary War and was free of control by foreign powers.


3.By the morning of Fri.27 March the new currency rates of 209 sovereign nations were locked into bank screens.


4.On Fri.27 March afternoon President Trump signed a Stimulus Bill instigated because of a Corona Virus Pandemic(said to have been caused by the Stock Market crash,though it was actually a result of a fiat US Dollar bankruptcy).The Powers That Be began releasing liquidity for the Global Currency Reset.


5.At any time from now to Tues.31 March Zim and currency holders were expected to begin redemption and exchanges at Contract Rates at specially set up Redemption Centers,with appointments made through calling certain 800#s.Zim redemption was a priority since it created liquidity into the system.


6.Three Days of Darkness where the Internet and phones would be out,could occur April 7-9,ending on Good Friday 10 April.All communication would be through the Emergency Broadcast System.See#B below.


7.On Wed.15 April the general public could exchange foreign currencies at banks using the new Forex foreign currency rates.



1.Three years ago back on Jan.11 2017,President Trump's Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases,Dr.Anthony Fauci,had said that there was no doubt that Trump would face a surprise infectious disease outbreak:https://www.healio.com/infectious-disease/emerging-diseases/news/online/%7B85a3f9c0-ed0a-4be8-9ca2-8854b2be7d13%7D/fauci-no-doubt-trump-will-face-surprise-infectious-disease-outbreak


2.Some have said that the Corona Virus Epidemic was planned as part of an Illuminati conspiracy.Bill Gates was known to have gained the patent on the Corona Virus several years ago.The Corona Virus Epidemic was outlined by Myron Fagan in a 1967 dissertation:https://youtu.be/fjw0tXkXbA4


3.Whatever the origin,a Corona Virus Crisis has provided a cover story for security forces which were containing Deep State agents and assuring security during redemptions,while the$2.2 Trillion Stimulus Bill provided a cover story for monies flooding the economy.


4.At that Press Conference today Sun.29 March Trump talked about possible cures for the Corona Virus,the same that were mentioned in this article:https://www.veteranstoday.com/2020/03/28/interim-cure-for-severe-covid-19-at-hand-now/



It's on at David Wilcock on The Great Pandemic III:New Briefings,Restitution and the Big Picture!

Wilcox claimed to have five sources who said there was going to be three days of darkness without the internet or phones,with all communications blocked except for 911 calls.Those three days were supposed to take place any time from Mon.30 March to Good Friday 10 April–though would more likely be April 7-9,ending on Good Friday 10 April.Enforced under the RICO Act,not Martial Law,the Emergency Broadcast System would warn people to stay at home.During this time the 150,000+sealed indictments would be unsealed.Trump would call up over 1 million reserve and military troops.The public wouldn't be told that Mass Arrests would be occurring.Trump would Tweet:"The Storm is upon us."


Q:"The Enormity of what is coming will shock the world."


C.星期六2020328Q 信息Praying Medic:

PrayingMedic--QAnon(March 28,2020):The Entire World is Watching









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