X22报道|第2688集: 美联储利用俄罗斯推动大复位,新的叙事即将到来

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X22报道|第2688集: 美联储利用俄罗斯推动大复位,新的叙事即将到来

Ep. 2688a – The [CB] Pushes The Great Reset Using Russia

Ep. 2688a – 利用俄罗斯推动大复位

Ep. 2688b – Message Received, New Narrative Coming, Think [MB]

Ep. 2688b-消息收到,新的叙事来临,思考[ MB ]



The people are fighting back in Canada and Trudeau is retreating and hiding because he is losing the narrative. People see that this is not helping the economy. GDP shoots up to 6.9%, it’s not what you think. Pending home sales collapse. The Great Reset is being pushed using Russia.



The [DS] is panicking, they know they are losing and now they forced a SC Justice out. They accelerated their plan and it doesn’t work they are done for. Senate was the key. Scavino sent a message, change of narrative coming, think MB. Will the new narrative bring in Obama into everything that is going on. It is starting to seem like it is. The [DS] is preparing to fight back.




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