视频转录|查理•沃德与珍,劳拉和利亚姆:拯救儿童,医疗床,澳大利亚(部分转录由 Kat)

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Source:Dinar Chronicles|By Kat

Enclose my partial transcription of a wonderful Roundtable with Charlie Ward,Jen McCarty,Laura Ward and Liam McGenity(who closed the chat with a beautiful song he'd written.)


Charlie Ward updates us on the Military rescue operation of the children going on right now in a very intricate and vast tunneling system underneath Australia as I write this.


I also thought the part about the Med Beds would be of interest.


I apologize for some of the horrible facts below.But we honor the children and their brave rescuers,the First Responders,by praying for them and sending our love.


I would like to shut my eyes to the fact that millions of children have been caged in DUMBs because it is incomprehensibly horrific,but at the same time I want to help in any way I can.


So I choose to write and post the information for those who want to know the truth.


This is the part where my eternal gratitude and respect for the Alliance knows no bounds,as well as to the Digital-Warriors who strive to get the truth out there for all of us.


One can easily understand corrupt government or corrupt bankers.But no one can possibly imagine the hellacious fate of the countless numbers of children that"go missing"every year.


Reuters reports that"Each year 800,000 children are reported missing in America."


Although it's difficult to find an exact number,it's unfortunately likely that MILLIONS of children go missing every year.


So where do all these children go?


That is the horrific story that Humanity is going to have to hear whenever POTUS,Q and the Alliance are ready to tell it.


All is not lost—the children are being rescued.The war with darkness has been won.The deep state/cabal have either been charged,Gitmo'd or executed.


As Charlie Ward stated on 8-18-20,"Very simply,if you're involved with pedophilia it comes with an automatic death sentence unless you cooperate with Trump.If you cooperate with Trump,you'll get a minimum of a Life Sentence.You step out of line,it goes back to the Death Penalty.And he's aware of every single one of them.And every single one of them will be arrested and they will be given the choice."

正如查理·沃德(Charlie Ward)8-18-20节目中所说,"非常简单,如果你涉及恋童癖,除非你与特朗普合作,否则你将自动被判死刑。如果你和特朗普合作,你至少会被判终身监禁。你越界了,就会被判死刑。他知道每一个死刑。他们中的每一个人都将被逮捕,他们将被给予选择。"

For today I am focusing on the beautiful New World that is manifesting right now as darkness is being swept away.There are boundless wonders,healing and miracles for all and that is what this video describes.


视频转录|查理•沃德与珍,劳拉和利亚姆:拯救儿童,医疗床,澳大利亚(部分转录由 Kat)

With blessings,





Jen McCartyLaura Ward and Liam McGenity Talk to Charlie Ward 9-3-20珍妮·麦卡蒂,劳拉·沃德和利亚姆·麦克吉尼蒂与查理·沃德谈话9-3-20


Partially Transcribed by Kat

部分转录自 Kat

33:10 Jen McCarty:I just want to say one thing…before we started recording,Charlie and Laura were speaking about the children that are being rescued at the moment…and about how they are going to adapt to society having come through such horrific crimes against them…


33:34 I just want to share with everyone very very clear INTEL that I've received is that these rescued children will get the first access to the Med-Beds…do you know about the Med-Beds?


Charlie Ward:(Nodding yes…)


Laura Ward:No,no I don't,please share…



Holographic Medical Pods(Med Beds)


"Writer's Note:Med Bed technology has been"suppressed"and"hidden"from the public for a long,long time.This technology is not available for purchase or services to the general public(March 2020).And until the Dark Cabal is rendered powerless it won't be.Fortunately,due to the planetary shift from 3D to 5D happening at this time,and the increasing demand for transparency by the human collective consciousness,an increasing number of courageous people are coming forward to disclose what they know has been hidden for decades,even centuries,and most likely for thousands of years…

作者注:医疗床技术长期以来一直被"压制""隐藏"于公众之外。这项技术不能向公众购买或提供服务(20203)。除非黑暗阴谋集团变得无能为力,否则就不可能。幸运的是,由于这个时期3D 5D 的全球性转变,以及人类集体意识对透明度的日益增长的需求,越来越多的勇敢的人站出来揭露他们所知道的被隐藏了几十年,甚至几个世纪,最有可能是几千年..

According to Jared Rand,there are three(3)types of Med Beds:

根据 Jared Rand 的说法,医疗床有三种类型:

(1)Holographic Med Beds;


(2)Regenerative Med Beds which regenerates tissue and body parts,that's powered by a different source;


(3)Re-atomization Med Beds that in about two-and-half to three minutes will regenerate the whole human body,head to toe.


What does this advanced technology mean for an 80-year old woman?She could be 30-years old again in less than three(3)minutes.Fifty years peeled off her life…"



Kat Note:The below photograph of a Med Bed is from the 2016 movie Passengers starring Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.


This photo verifies a point made by many Digital Warriors,which is that the cabal must show us exactly what it is doing and exactly what it is denying us in plain sight.


We can therefore confirm that Med Beds do in fact exist because the movie is the deep state's required proof that they do.


视频转录|查理•沃德与珍,劳拉和利亚姆:拯救儿童,医疗床,澳大利亚(部分转录由 Kat)


33:47 Jen McCarty cont.:Working with[Plasma and]Tachyon,which is off-planet technology,it's been around for a long time,but the man who channeled it it's like Alien Technology…the CIA were knocking on his door within 24-hours…so this technology's been hidden…


34:06 They're called Med Beds and they're also called Celestial Healing Chambers…and there are[3]different types…on one of them,if you've lost a leg,they will holographically create a new one…if you've got any organ problems,if you've lost an organ they'll correct it…because it's working on the etheric level…


34:29 Say for example you've lost your liver…on the etheric level,your liver's still there…so you lie in a Med Bed and it works with that Blueprint on the etheric plane and then it grows you a new liver…it just corrects everything…


34:40 It will scan your body in about 15 minutes and if there's any imbalances within your DNA,cells or molecules it will re-correct them,re-balance them…

34:40它会在15分钟内扫描你的身体如果你的 DNA,细胞或分子有任何不平衡它会重新校正它们,重新平衡它们。

34:55 It also works with traumatic memory as well…there's a brain aspect of it…


I've clearly been shown this and Charlie Freak has confirmed this…when the Med Beds are released…because Donald Trump talks about the 6,000 patents…the therapeutics…this is what he is talking about…the Med Beds…





—Enables the release of over 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies that are being withheld from the public under the guise of national security,including free energy devices,anti-gravity,and sonic healing machines.




35:19 Jen McCarty cont.:So I hope this gives you inspiration Laura,because I know you care so deeply about the children…they will get first access to the Med Beds…and all these horrific memories will be wiped…because that's how consciousness works…


It's just like programmed and you can clean those programs…so they will be looked after…they will be the first to receive this technology…


35:49 There are so so many of us that will be there for these children…and it is the one thing that is going to unify everyone…all the asleep people,all the awake people,Trump haters and all the Trump lovers…absolutely everyone it's going to unify…


36:04 And we're all going to just put our differences aside because it's all about the children…


36:11:Laura Ward:Yeah,absolutely.It's often been said that to unite us we need almost an Alien invasion…and this is one of those…we can all connect to and relate to because we all want to protect children…it will unify us…


36:35 Jen McCarty:It will 100%...it's just a case of when we get this Disclosure…is it before the election or after the election…have you got any INTEL on that Charlie?


36:44:Charlie Ward:I haven't but I can actually back up everything that you've just said there from what I've heard from my people….and the only thing that I would add to that is that the Field Hospitals that were set-up in the guise for Covid-19 were actually centers to put the children into and had NOTHING to do with Covid-19…


37:08 Look…we're all waiting for that[Med Beds and the release of 6,000 patents]…but I know that Australia as a country is panicking like crazy right now as to what to do because they're in really really bad lockdown…


37:24…Australia you're going to have to learn to be in lockdown because at this moment in time I don't think you've got ANY IDEA how many children are currently being rescued in your country…


37:34 We're not talking about 100's…we're not talking about 1,000's…


we're talking about TENS OF THOUSANDS






that are being rescued in Australia right now…


And this is the reason for the lockdown and the extreme measures you are under…



Kat Note:This is from my transcription of a Charlie Ward Roundtable with Charlie Freak,Laura Ward and Jen McCarty on 8-15-20:

Kat Note:这是我在8-15-20与查理·沃德、劳拉·沃德和珍·麦卡蒂举行的圆桌会议的抄本:

1:00:29 Charlie Freak:When the Americans first arrived they went to New Zealand…when the Marines first arrived…and they brought the Army Corps of Engineers with them…and they went to New Zealand first…cuz what they have to do is show they're bringing equipment…they're giving tips and different things to help people being underground…


1:00:53 First thing you need to inner-stand with all of this is they're called"Deep"Underground Military Bases…deep underground…and it has a profound effect upon especially the brain…so you begin to see things…false/positives false/negatives…that are there and you begin to dismiss things that are there…so it's very confusing down in these tunnels…they have to make sure they're not shooting at one another…


101:24 You can lose your bearings underground so quickly…so when the Americans went there and they were training the Aussies to be able to do this for themselves…they found a vast tunnel network that went almost around Australia…and then[The Marines]moved on…so the Aussies are doing this…


1:01:45 Charlie Freak cont.:What happened is,they went into Melbourne…they found another layer beneath this enormous tunnel system in Australia…they started in Sydney…they described it to us…think arachnid…it's a web…and it was below…this one goes all the way…WOW…all they do is dig…BTW that's why the dependency on oil and gas…because it's a cover for them constantly being underground…


So this second tunnel system goes all the way around in a ring around Australia with a big central line running towards Ayers Rock…from one night 9 p.m.to 6 or 7 a.m.there were explosions every 2 or 3 seconds that entire time…that's why there were police out there…you can't have people looking on…this is serious stuff having to take down these tunnels…and they're deep deep deep underground…and the explosions are like earthquakes…


"Charlie Ward Roundtable:Trust the Plan 8-15-20"by Kat-8.16.20

"Charlie Ward 圆桌会议:相信8-15-20计划"Kat-8.16.20


37:55 Charlie Ward cont.:It's time to hibernate right now[Australia]…keep out of the way until this is done…they're going through a very difficult phase and they're not telling you what's happening and that's the problem…they're not telling you so you're panicking…


38:08 You don't need to panic…you need to remain calm…and know that things are going on behind the scenes…there's a reason why you're in lockdown…they don't need people out and about right now they need people away from the scenes…while they're doing something that's incredibly dangerous…and incredibly challenging…


37:55 Jen McCarty:Yeah…those Deep Underground Military Bases,OMG…it's no jokes…apparently under Melbourne there's like layers beyond layers and then they go into spaghettis…it's a tunnel system unlike any in the world,apparently…


38:45 Charlie Ward:That's correct.


38:53 Jen McCarty:And just use this time,brothers and sisters in Australia,to research,to meditate,to expand your consciousness,to visualize the world that you want to live in…that you want your children to live in…remembering how powerful our consciousness is when we visualize…


What was it Pablo said…your imagination is your preview of your life's forthcoming attractions…["Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions."~Albert Einstein]


39:14 Jen cont:So really really use this time to visualize all children being safe…that we live in a world where all children are cherished and all children are safe…visualize yourself unifying with your community,coming out and celebrating,with all the Police Force,all the law enforcers,cuz we are all going to come together very very soon…


39:35 Don't use this time to go into fear…don't allow your energy to contract…use this time to keep on expanding…keep growing and keep learning…and being a force of greatness in the world…


39:47 Charlie Ward:Also,I was on a ZOOM chat the other day with Sacha Stone the day before yesterday(9-1-20)…with Riccardo Bossi in Australia…with 180 people on ZOOM…the biggest ZOOM I've ever done…

查理·沃德:还有,前天(9-1-20)我和萨沙·斯通(Sacha Stone)聊天......和澳大利亚的里卡多·博西(Riccardo Bossi)聊天......ZOOM 上有180个人......这是我做过的最大的 ZOOM.....


Riccardo Bossi is a former Australian Army Special Forces Lt.Colonel

Riccardo Bossi 是前澳大利亚陆军特种部队中校



40:03 Charlie Ward cont.:And Riccardo Bossi has a Party called AustraliaOne…



40:15 Charlie Ward cont.:And he's determined to rid Australia of all these things going on right now…he just needs the support of people now against what's evil and what's corrupt…Then the important time comes when we get people in there we choose to hold them to account…


40:20 It's the same with Donald Trump…we're behind you right now Donald Trump,but we'll hold you to account when you've won this election…cuz you can't have a good government without a good opposition…you need people to hold you to account…


41:04 Let's end with a song from Liam…[Beautiful]


42:20 Jen McCarty:I'm going to be hosting a big global meditation on the 9th of the 9th…we're going to be sending a big wave of support for the First Responders…all those soul families that are dealing with the children…having to go into the tunnels and having to face things that will traumatize them for the rest of their life…

42:20 Jen McCarty:我将在99号主持一个大型的全球冥想活动,我们将向急救人员发送大量的支持,所有那些与孩子们打交道的灵魂家庭,不得不进入隧道,不得不面对那些会给他们余生带来创伤的事情。

42:22 And they're the second lot of people to receive the Med Beds…are gonna be the First Responders…so we're going to be sending out a really really big wave of support a very angelic support for the First Responders…



Kat Note:We none of us have any idea of the horrors the First Responders,Marines,Army Corps of Engineers,Global Militaries,Nurses,Doctors,videographers and all the rest of the specialist personnel discover when they go into these tunnels—the Deep Underground Military Bases.


Many of the children have mercifully already died.Many cannot make the journey from deep underground to the surface even with the ventilators that pump oxygen into the tunnels.


Many children were born in these tunnels and have never seen the Sun.


Many children are in a state that defy imagination.Think of the B&W photographs from WWII of the prisoners in Nazi concentration camps as they were being liberated,and you'll begin to get an idea of what the First Responders are seeing.


Wicked,diabolic,hellacious stuff that only demons could concoct.


Please keep in mind this is NOT Humanity.Human Beings are God created Multi-dimensional Immortal beings of Love,Kindness and Blazing Light.


The blood drinkers,cannibals,r*pists and worse have no God Created Soul in them.

吸血鬼、食人族、r*pists 以及更糟糕的是,他们没有上帝创造的灵魂。

I learned the following from two-galactically-gifted healer friends of mine who work with survivors:The demon's souls have either been tortured out of them,tricked out of them,or by countless acts of depravity,killed in them.Or they were never God created in the first place.


Only monsters with ZERO Divinity could do these horrific things—to so abominably and shockingly destroy children,men,women,Earth,her Kingdoms and the Galaxy.


Sacha Stone put it perfectly in his description of adrenochrome:"Bottom line is they're sub-human.They're not Homo Sapiens Universalis,or Homo sapiens sapiens,or Homo sapiens freighter like we are.They are absent in their capacity for empathy,for compassion,or to love or be loved;and my heart goes out to them for that fact."

Sacha Stone 在他对肾上腺素的描述中完美地描述了这一点:"底线是他们是次人类。他们不是像我们一样的普遍智人(Homo Sapiens Universalis),或者智人(Homo Sapiens Sapiens),或者智人(Homo Sapiens)货船。他们缺乏同理心、同情心、爱或被爱的能力,我对此深表同情。"

I'm deeply sorry to have to report these appalling truths,but some of them are going to be revealed,although not 100%of the truth,as Q wrote on 1-22-18:


视频转录|查理•沃德与珍,劳拉和利亚姆:拯救儿童,医疗床,澳大利亚(部分转录由 Kat)

First Responders deserve showers of blessings and thanks unceasing and indeed,access to the Med Beds to help heal them from what they've had to witness and rescue.Good Lord.


I believe Jen and Laura[in this video]are correct,that when people all around the globe learn about the children and what horrors were done to them—it will unify the world.



Below is from my 8-23-20 transcription of Mark Devlin,Charlie and Colleen Freak's"Video:Who is Q?The Genius Q-Plan Explained"Part 2.It was recorded 5-17-20:

以下是我从8-23-20抄录的 Mark DevlinCharlie Colleen Freak "视频:谁是 q?天才 q 计划解释"第二部分。它被记录在5-17-20:

***Kat WARNING***Very hard to read***

Kat 警告,很难读懂

2:34:46 Charlie:I was hoping they'd unveil NESARA/GESARA in May but things are just moving along too slowly…

2:34:46查理:我本来希望他们能在五月推出 NESARA/GESARA,但是事情进展得太慢了..

The child rescue operations have moved in earnest in Nevada…what was amazing is that everyone was thinking Las Vegas would be the horror show of horror shows…there was a horror show but it was Reno…underneath Reno they could not believe the tunnels underneath the ground...the DUMBs…


2:33:19 Colleen:The Military are going into these tunnels and rescuing THOUSANDS…and we're talking THOUSANDS of children…


2:35:24 Charlie:This last one in Reno,and we're only talking 7-days ago…[recorded 5-17-20]


The cabal knows this is coming down…so the bulk of the children found in the tunnels under Reno were dead…not only dead folks,they were mangled…


2:35:40 They've had to go through…they're trying to do DNA testing to get the pieces back in order…which piece belongs to which other torso…it's horrific…

2:35:40他们必须经过...他们试图通过 DNA 测试来找回碎片...哪块碎片属于哪个躯干...太可怕了..

2:36:00 ALL OF THIS IS GOING TO COME OUT…ALL OF IT…because it all has to come out…ALL of this will be told eventually…


2:36:08 So what's going to happen?There was a new Tweet by Q and he's just saying,"The time to end the horror show is now"…and he equated it to dominoes…you're just going to start seeing dominoes…

2:36:08接下来会发生什么?Q 发了一条新的推特,他说"现在是结束恐怖秀的时候了"...他把它等同于多米诺骨牌...你会开始看到多米诺骨牌..

2:36:30 Colleen:Q said it's time to stand up.It's enough.We've had enough…


2:36:36 Charlie:What you're going to see is one big person is going to go…and then a whole bunch of people are going to go…cuz they're all tied to each other…remember,all the stuff on Hillary…Hillary is small potatoes…because they got Anthony Weiner's laptop…


What did they find on Anthony Weiner's laptop?He had his get-out-of-jail-free card,his hard drive…all the Emails of Hillary and Huma…

他们在安东尼·韦纳的笔记本上发现了什么?他有他的免罪卡,他的硬盘,所有希拉里和 Huma 的电子邮件。

2:37:20 On that laptop they found the video of Huma Abedin and Hillary R.Clinton shredding a baby to death…

2:37:20在那台笔记本电脑上他们发现了 Huma Abedin Hillary r.Clinton 把一个婴儿撕成碎片的视频。

2:37:32 The video is so bad that the New York State officers that were the first to look at this were literally in the hallway throwing up they could not believe what they were seeing…


"Video:Who is Q?The Genius Q-Plan Explained(Part 2)"by Kat-8.22.20


With everlasting waves of Divine Love,Light,Happiness and Blessings to the Children and First Responders.And so it is.



End partial transcription by Kat

结束 Kat 的部分转录


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