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Doctors Who Proved False Reports,Video Removed

By Social Media Giants


X22 Report(C-VINE Vetted)
X22报告(C-VINE 审核)

X22视频2234解读|国旗运动已经开始,那些反对美国的人将视我们为多数Doctors[<click link for video]set up a summit and are calling out other doctors,pharmaceuticals,hospitals and the CDC who are giving a false report around COVID.Death rates,false positives,unnecessary mandatory testing,will be exposed and will be countered.People are asking questions!


Who decided this was a pandemic?The numbers are not showing consistency.Why did the mainstream media tell everyone Hydroxycloroquine was deadly.It's not!It actually saves lives.


Why did governors block the distribution of HCQ?They don't have a license to practice medicine so why do they get to decided which medication a patient can or can't have?Shouldn't that be doctor-patient privilege?

为什么州长阻止了 HCQ 的分发?他们没有行医执照,那么他们为什么要决定病人可以或不可以服用哪种药物呢?这难道不是医患保密协议吗?

Class action lawsuits are going to explode between mask infections and wrongful deaths,job losses and bankruptcies.Doctors,hospitals,and even Dr.Fauci was involved in all of this corruption.Will they be the brunt of class action suits?They should all be investigated!


The Association of Medical Doctors and Surgeons have done studies saying masks do not work.Social distancing is not necessary.The immune compromised person needs to take precautions but the everyday person does not.The truth is about to come out.The truth is…we've been severely lied to.Yes,COVID is real,but the pandemic is not!


On July 12,2018,Mueller's team dispatched and manipulated a letter to the FISA Court informing the FEDS that the FISA application had not expired.9 days later,the application for Carter Page was released to fill the FOIA Act request.But in truth,they illegally changed dates and were caught.Now,they are in a panic.

2018712日,穆勒的团队向 FISA 法院发送并篡改了一封信,通知联邦调查局 FISA 申请没有过期。9天后,卡特·佩奇的申请被释放,以满足《信息自由法》的要求。但事实上,他们非法更改日期并被抓获。现在,他们陷入了恐慌。

Lindsay Graham is saying he has some notes that he will release very soon.These will show the FBI misled lawmakers.Those are said to be released next week.Not only did the FBI lie to the Court,but they lied to Congress;two crimes.This is why they are panicking.It's all crashing down around them!

林赛·格雷厄姆说他有一些笔记很快就会发布。这些将表明 FBI 误导了立法者。据说这些文件将于下周发布。联邦调查局不仅对最高法院撒了谎,而且还对国会撒了谎——两项罪行。这就是他们惊慌失措的原因。他们周围的一切都崩溃了!

Matt Gaetz filed a criminal referral against Facebook and Twitter.Mark Zuckerberg told congress and the world they were not shadow-banning,not censoring anyone.Many of us reading this article know this is absolutely not true due to personal experience.Many of us have been shadow-banned,posts removed or even accounts closed.Bill Barr is working on an investigation into social media censorship.

马特·盖茨对 Facebook Twitter 提起了刑事诉讼。马克扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)向美国国会和全世界表示,他们不会影子禁令,不会审查任何人。很多读过这篇文章的人都知道,这是完全不正确的,因为他们的个人经验。我们中的许多人都被影子禁止,帖子被删除,甚至账户被关闭。比尔·巴尔正在对社交媒体审查制度进行调查。

X22视频2234解读|国旗运动已经开始,那些反对美国的人将视我们为多数It appears Biden is'hidin','avoiding interviews with news agencies.Fox requested an interview with Biden but his campaign staff declined.He won't be able to put it off too much longer.Will he say he is too ill,then bring in the person from the shadows?Who will it be?


In Portland,Federal Agents came out in 4 teams,fairly well spaced apart.ANTIFA did not like this for they could not fight the Feds.After a while,ANTIFA began surrounding the agents,so the FEDS used tear-gas which drew them back.Then,they allowed the leaders of ANTIFA to get close enough and just at the right time,the FEDS grabbed ANTIFA and arrest their leaders.

在波特兰,联邦探员分成4组,间隔相当好。ANTIFA 不喜欢这样,因为他们不能对抗联邦政府。过了一会儿,ANTIFA 开始包围特工,所以联邦调查局使用催泪瓦斯把他们拉回来。然后,他们允许 ANTIFA 的领导人足够接近,在正确的时间,联邦调查局抓住 ANTIFA 和逮捕他们的领导人。

With ANTIFA separated from their own leadership,they didn't know what to do next.These FEDS are cleaning up the streets!This was a calculated plan because the FEDS have been tracking ANTIFA and their leaders for years.236 arrests!Great job!

随着 ANTIFA 和他们自己的领导层分离,他们不知道下一步该做什么。这些联邦调查局的人正在清理街道!这是一个经过深思熟虑的计划,因为联邦政府已经追踪 ANTIFA 和他们的领导人很多年了。逮捕236人!干得好!


Tom Cotton 汤姆·科顿

President Trump mentioned that our children are being indoctrinated in our schools.What did he mean?Senator Tom Cotton,introduced a bill which would ban federal funding to schools who are teaching that America was founded on slavery.What?


An activist movement is being taught to American children stating America was founded on slavery rather than on the ideals of our declaration.This distortion is being taught to children in public school classrooms via the New York Times 1619 Project.This is highly racially divisive and is left-wing garbage!Rewriting history is not acceptable!Tom Cotton is bringing awareness to this travesty!


Our Founding Fathers wrote that everyone was created equal under the law,our law!Racial division is being fanned by the Deep State,the media and those DS puppets.Sure,there are some pockets of racism but most Americans do not embrace it.The media would like us to think it's a bigger deal than it is,but the idea of racism is grossly exaggerated.

我们的开国元勋写道,在我们的法律之下,人人生而平等!深州、媒体和 DS 傀儡正在煽动种族分裂。当然,也有一些种族主义的地方,但是大多数美国人并不支持它。媒体希望我们认为这是一个大问题,但种族主义的想法是非常夸张的。

Americans just want to make a living,support their family and live in freedom and happiness for the rest of their lives without an enemy scaring them.Those in power,want us to remain in fear and be divided.


If the people come together,everyone will be able to see who the real enemies are…namely,the media.They are the ones who have been feeding the people lies.Social media has been responsible to remove Q Anon accounts from the internet because they don't like what they post.Not that it's incorrect info,but because it doesn't fit their narrative.Their censorship is biased.Do you see who the enemy is?

X22视频2234解读|国旗运动已经开始,那些反对美国的人将视我们为多数如果人们走到一起,每个人都能看到谁是真正的敌人...也就是媒体。他们就是那些一直在给人们灌输谎言的人。社交媒体已经将QAnon 账户从互联网上删除,因为他们不喜欢他们发布的内容。并不是说这是错误的信息,而是因为它不符合他们的叙述。他们的审查制度带有偏见。你知道敌人是谁吗?

Hundreds and hundreds are posting photos of American flags.What a wonderful sight to behold!Our flags represent Patriots,the Majority!Those who are against this country are the minority.The Majority has spoken and are silent no more!Flags out,Patriots!Flags out!



Opinion:JoLynn Live,C-VINE Contributor(Based on the X22 Report)

观点:JoLynn LiveC-VINE 贡献者(基于 X22报告)



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