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银河系的和平|光的注入Greetings!From heart to heart in this moment we speak,I am KejRaj(KayRy).The information expressed here is that of my perspective,my point of view.For all truth awaits you in your heart.Tune into the light within you.

你好!此时此刻,我们心心相印地交谈着,我是 KejRaj(KayRy)。这里所表达的信息是我的观点,我的观点。因为所有的真理都在你的心里等着你。调整进入你内在的光。

All is moving along in divine order.Humanity continues to awaken in waves,more and more,each day.The excitement is building for many.For they have realized that this whole process is about something much larger than all 3D games.And thus,one must move beyond the 3D games in order to truly experience the energetical changes,and offerings by the Universe.


The continuous infusion of light for all of Earth is causing some to crash and burn.While others are feeling the upliftment,as they turn within,feeling the peace,and joy.As well as the knowing of what awaits in the new world is beyond words.


The Light Alliance on Earth works tirelessly,24/7,preventing the clones from achieving any of their planned attacks.And neutralizing as many as they can along the way.All is in order for the great reveal.What is to unfold,cannot be covered by the mainstream media anymore.


With the new light infusions,change in every field is occurring.And this includes the old political,economical,as well as belief systems.We have stated previously,you move forward with the new,or you will be released with the old.


This is what is occurring with many people who have agreed to depart Earth during these times.You can look at it however you want,but the"cause"of their death is that their contract is up.As heartbreaking as this is for many,it is what the individual agreed to experience prior to their incarnating here in this lifetime.


Do not mourn those who transition during these times.It is understandable,accepting"loss"is difficult.Know that they have gained a new freedom,a new beginning.And you stand on the edge of a new reality,with a new collective of friends and family.


You have those who choose to take vaccines,and transition.While others through the different diseases,automotive accidents,wars,homicide in families,so on.You also have perfectly healthy people,with no previous signs of health issues,who are experiencing heart attacks,seizures(due to solar activities),and transitioning.


You have many who are simply fainting,without any apparent health issues.And regaining consciousness minutes later.This is basically a form of a reset of the physical vessel,without causing any brain damage.Much like rebooting a computer.


In the days ahead Earth will enter a new phase of the process,she will do what is necessary to cleanse and release more of the old energies,through changes in nature,quakes,volcanoes,many people may get caught up in these events,and depart in those ways.


Everyone must do their inner work of clearing,and"resetting"through rest and meditation,spending as much time as possible outdoors,in nature,sending light to the world,and the galaxy.


While just above you,there are millions of higher dimensional beings,yes,we will say pouring out their hearts for humanity and Earth.


Only in the last ten years,there have been many wars which have unfolded between the benevolent and the malevolent galactic factions.One way or another,all the wars are connected to Earth and humanity.


The benevolent ones continue to monitor all activity on and around Earth,and the other planets in this sector.For it has been the dark's goal to wreak havoc wherever they can in this part of the galaxy,since their realization of losing Earth.


What you are feeling now,the urge,the excitement,the inability to focus,is that the light is in full control,and this is overwhelming,as more photon particles enter the Solar System,and Earth.


What is unfolding in near space,and neighboring stars,are the final moments of the dark factions.This is game over for them.They either choose the light or leave this galaxy,or prepare for annihilation,should they interfere in the process of evolving worlds.


You continue to play a major role in this process of upliftment.Your thoughts,words,and actions,your undying hope,your ability to withstand all that has been thrown at you,have caused ripples throughout the galaxy and beyond.


How does it make you feel knowing that because of YOU many more have joined the Galactic Federation of Light?


We say to you now,prepare for another shift in gear,an acceleration in this process towards Galactic Peace.For this was the objective and desire all along.Continue with your daily meditations,affirmations,visualizations,of light filled realities,of a 5D Earth already manifest in your now.


All the light to You!



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