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周六秀新闻简报|James Gilliland (ECETI新闻)


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News letter notes from Saturday Show


The mainstream media and social media are shoving down our throats mis and disinformation followed by"fact checkers".Despite their attempts to install Biden he is not and I repeat NOT the president elect.


FACT CHECK The votes to this day have not been fully counted or certified.Several key states cannot be certified due to extreme irregularities in the voting process.


FACT Check 2 Despite the feeds going across all social media and parroted by the main stream news there has been extreme voter fraud and election tampering.Dominion electronic voting machines used in 30 states deleted 2.7 million Trump votes nationwide.Whether you're a democrat or republican one should find this extremely disturbing.Data Analysis finds 221,000 votes in Pennsylvania were switched from Trump to Biden,941,000 Trump votes deleted altogether by dominion voting systems installed in the Clinton/Obama terms with democrats and their family members heavily invested in the systems.A Biden slip revealed"We have the largest voter fraud system in place in America never before seen."Adding to this 100's of thousands of non-certifiable votes inserted after the polls closed all for Biden with no other politician marked on the ballet.States that when the polls closed showed a considerable lead for Trump.A Philly mob boss agreed to flip on Biden.He will testify how picked up 300,000 ballots,had several homes working around the clock filling them out then delivered them to the polls whereupon they were inserted again after the polls closed without any oversite by republicans.Republicans were also thrown out of the polls of key states where other ballots were being Inserted"counted".Bill Gates also paid many Antifa and BLM members to count the ballots,insert Biden ballots repeatedly at various polls,many Trump ballots were found ditched in dumpsters or burned as filmed on Youtube.

事实检查2尽管所有的社交媒体都在传播信息,主流新闻也在重复这些信息,但是仍然存在极端的选民欺诈和选举舞弊行为。30个州使用的 Dominion 电子投票机删除了全国270万特朗普选票。无论你是民主党人还是共和党人,你都会发现这极其令人不安。数据分析发现,宾夕法尼亚州有221,000张选票从特朗普转到了拜登,941,000张特朗普选票被克林顿/奥巴马任期内安装的支配权投票系统完全删除,民主党人及其家庭成员在该系统中投入了大量资金。拜登的一张纸条透露:"我们拥有美国前所未有的最大的选民欺诈系统。"在投票结束后,成千上万的无法证实的选票都投给了拜登,而且没有其他政治人物出现在芭蕾舞台上。声明称,当投票结束时,特朗普的支持率大幅领先。一个费城黑帮老大同意出卖拜登。他将作证如何获得30万张选票,让几个家庭昼夜不停地填写选票,然后把它们送到投票站,然后在投票站关闭后,在没有共和党人在场的情况下再次投票。共和党人也被排除在关键州的民意调查之外,因为其他的选票正在被"计算"。比尔·盖茨还付钱给许多 Antifa BLM 成员,让他们统计选票,在不同的投票站反复插入拜登的选票,许多特朗普的选票被丢在垃圾箱里,或者像 Youtube 上拍摄的那样被烧毁。

Here is a little heads up.


Tampering with an election or ballots is A federal offense.Eric Coomer Vice president of US Engineering with dominion voting systems has strong ties to Antifa and BLM with a visceral hatred for Trump.He actually posted the Antifa manifesto to Trump.They want to destroy America,burn it down create anarchy,they are Marxist another word for communism.He stated as others in the politically weaponized agencies under the Obama administration Trump will never be elected or reelected under their watch.Again the dominion voting system used in 30 states installed in the Clinton and Obama administration has software to change the vote adding to or deleting votes where ever necessary.The dominion servers were seized and revealed Trump winning 410 electorial college votes before the votes were changed.This reflects the rallies across America.Thousands attending Trump rallies dozens for Biden mostly staff and news crews.

篡改选举或选票属于联邦罪行。Eric Coomer 美国工程公司副总裁,拥有自治投票系统,与 Antifa BLM 有着紧密的联系,他对特朗普有着发自内心的仇恨。事实上,他向特朗普发布了 Antifa 宣言。他们想摧毁美国,烧毁它制造无政府状态,他们是马克思主义者,共产主义的代名词。在奥巴马政府的政治武器化机构中,他和其他人一样表示,在他们的监督下,特朗普永远不会当选或连任。此外,克林顿和奥巴马政府在30个州使用的支配地位投票系统安装了软件,可以在任何必要的时候改变增加或删除选票的选票。支配权服务器被查封,显示特朗普在改选票之前赢得了410张选举团选票。这反映了美国各地的集会。成千上万的人参加了特朗普的集会,几十人支持拜登,其中大部分是工作人员和新闻工作者。

Before you lose all hope in the Republic President Trump 2 years ago was aware of all of this.He signed a Declaration of National Emergency to deal with interference of foreign governments or individuals with the election.All assets and properties will be blocked,"seized".This includes the distribution of propaganda disinformation tampering with ballots or voting machines.This is the cliff note version.Russia and China,the CCP are heavily invested in the Bidens to the tune of 300 million.There is a warrant for Joe Biden by the Ukrainian Government.There are heavy investments into other politicians by foreign governments,CCP to push a socialist agenda.Lynn Wood Attorney for the President made it very clear CNN,ABC,NBC,social media moguls other news outlets,papers and magazines are also complicit in the distribution of propaganda,disinformation and censorship and will be held accountable.They have suppressed news concerning the destruction of laptops,cell phones under subpoena by the DNC,information on the Weiner and Hunter Biden laptops,and a host of other unlawful activities by extremely corrupt politicians the evidence of which made seasoned officers who viewed them,now mostly deceased,suicided get sick and cry.It was that vile and decadent.So vile I will not go there.

在你对共和国失去所有希望之前,特朗普总统两年前就意识到了这一切。他签署了《国家紧急状态宣言》,以处理外国政府或个人对选举的干预。所有资产和财产将被冻结,"没收"。这包括散布虚假的宣传信息,篡改选票或投票机。这是附注版本。俄罗斯和中国,**共在拜登的投资高达3亿美元。乌克兰政府对乔·拜登发出了逮捕令。为了推动社会主义议程,外国政府对其他政客进行了大量投资。林恩·伍德总统的律师明确表示,CNNABCNBC、社交媒体大亨其他新闻机构、报纸和杂志也参与了宣传、虚假信息和审查制度的传播,并将被追究责任。他们压制了有关销毁笔记本电脑、民主党全国委员会传唤下的手机、Weiner 亨特·拜登笔记本电脑的信息,以及极度腐败的政客们的其他一系列非法活动的新闻。这些活动的证据使那些看过这些电脑(现在大多已经死亡)的经验丰富的官员们感到恶心和哭泣。就是这样卑鄙和堕落。如此卑鄙,我不会去那里。

I would also follow the money,see who is funding Antifa,BLM,Open Boarders,and a host of other groups active in the take down America agenda.Those within these organizations have been duped,are being used as dispensable ponds many in jail facing ten years+after promises of no consequences for violence,rioting,even attacks on police mainly in democratic run states and agencies.Deputizing the police made these attacks a federal offense.Did you know if you contribute to BLM it goes to Biden?A man with a long history of racist comments ignored by the lame stream press.Let that sink in for a moment.Are you still on the plantation fighting for your enslavers?KKK were not republicans they were democrats,Lincoln was a republican,the republicans throughout history sponsored freedom and equal rights for all races,champions of women's rights as well with extreme resistance by democrats.Know your history and who has been lying to you.

我也会跟踪这笔钱,看看是谁在资助Antifa,BLM,开放边界组织,以及其他一些积极参与推翻美国议程的组织。这些组织内部的人被欺骗了,被用作可有可无的池塘,许多人面临十年的监禁,因为他们承诺不会对暴力,骚乱,甚至袭击警察造成任何后果,这些袭击主要发生在民主执政的州和机构。授权警方将这些袭击行为定为联邦罪行。你知道如果你为 BLM 做出贡献,那么就会归拜登所有吗?一个有着长期种族主义言论历史的人,被蹩脚的媒体所忽视。让我们来好好理解一下。你还在种植园里为你的奴隶而战吗?三 k 党不是共和党人,他们是民主党人,林肯是共和党人,历史上的共和党人支持所有种族的自由和平等权利,妇女权利的捍卫者,以及民主党人的极端抵制。了解你的历史,知道谁在欺骗你。

One key player and funder of all of this is the name one cannot say on any news outlet without extreme censorship or consequences.It sounds like Gorge,the eye or Sorran.A Jewish Nazi sympathiser who brags his fondest memories were as a boy turning in his own people.He said his greatest achievement will be the take down of America.He also is heavily invested in the DNC.Is it all coming together now?These narcissist global elite are not after Trump they are after you,he just stands in their way along with a group of white hats"17"generals and other high level officials that love America,the Constitution and Freedom.

所有这一切的一个关键参与者和资助者是一个名字,没有极端的审查或后果,就不能在任何新闻媒体上说出来。听起来像是 Gorgethe eye 或者 Sorran。一个同情犹太人的纳粹分子吹嘘他最美好的回忆是在他还是个孩子的时候出卖了自己的人民。他说他最大的成就就是拿下美国。他还在民主党全国委员会投入了大量资金。一切都准备好了吗?这些自恋的全球精英不是在追求特朗普,而是在追求你,特朗普只是和一群"17"将军以及其他热爱美国、宪法和自由的高级官员一起挡在他们的道路上。

Now as a recap there has been a monumental effort to take down America and everything for which it stands.Hostile foreign governments are involved and multibillionaire global elitists,war and disease profiteers who believe in eugenics and want the majority of you dead.This is not conspiracy it is playing out right before your eyes.Their goal is total dominion over every aspect of your life.In their own words they want you to remain sick,stupid,and poor.How does the Cov fit into this?These virus are not natural they are engineered.They had the patents on the virus and the test kits years before the outbreak.They boasted concerning the pandemic like prophets years before they hit.Recently in most democratic states they have just mandated masks,lock downs,closed thanksgiving and Christmas,weddings or funerals are limited sorry Brother Bob ya can't come in,shut down most businesses other than the giant chains in a last ditch effort to destroy the comeback of America.Over a virus that has been overblown,no worse than other flus which countries that did not enforce masks and lockdowns are already finished with.Despite the double speaking research impaired factcheckers.This is a plan that has been actively in force for over 50 years.It began with taking over the educational systems pushing socialism without teaching real history,what happens when you take all the power and wealth,consolidate it into the hands of a few which history have proven creates genocidal dictators.They have been corrupting the political systems,dividing America,destroying the family unit and creating division with race,religions,cultures and genders.There has been a monumental effort to demonize and censor Trump,conservatives and anyone that is awake,those that took the red pill.There are socially engineered,critical thinking and research impaired people participating in their own enslavement and demise thanks mainly to the main stream and social media which are owned by the global elite and 94 to 96%against Trump twisting everything to fit their false narrative.They also abhor any conservative platform that values the constitution,bill of rights and freedom.What many of those who have been socially engineered do not realize is Trump,the White Hats,the conservative platforms are all working to preserve their freedom as well until they wake up and see what is being done to them.They love America despite the constant character assassinations by the mainstream and social media which are following to the tee the Marxist agenda.Accuse others of what you yourself have done or are doing.Who were the real Russian conspirators?Hint Russian dossier funded by DNC,massive bribes by hostile foreign countries to the Bidens,other politicians.


There is a plan,it is multidimensional and the tyrants are not frequency specific to the awakening and healing of Humanity and the Earth.There are unseen negative influences that have manipulated the higher tiers of governments,religions and business institutions which are being removed.Their puppets are floundering.The source itself,God Creator Great Spirit whatever name you want to give it has given its best for these times and they are awakening.This includes some powerful women that have no fear in calling out the darkness.There are legions of higher dimensional beings bringing their consciousness and energy to the party.No man/woman can stop the planetary liberation of Humanity and the Earth.The action/reaction principle Karma will be amplified and accelerated."No rock shall be left unturned and all the inequities will be shouted from the roof tops."There will be chaos during the transition.Prepare for it spiritually and physically.Make your own personal God/Creator/Great Spirit connection,see the omnipresent'Creator in all Creation and act accordingly.As Quan Yin is known for,Wrathful Compassion and tough love is the order of the day.This show is brought to you in love and truth by the Creator and company,the multidimensional servants of Creator,the Galactic Federation,Star Nations,17,and all those who still believe in Freedom.There is a greater plan,they have it all,nothing will remain hidden.The question is where do you sit within this plan and how will you participate.Your denial and inaction with be directly proportionate to the amount of suffering and freedom in your future.Choose and act wisely.

有一个计划,它是多维的,暴君并不是人类和地球觉醒和疗愈的特定频率。有一些看不见的负面影响操纵着更高层次的政府、宗教和商业机构,这些正在被移除。他们的傀儡正在挣扎。源头本身,上帝创造者伟大的灵魂,不管你想给它起什么名字,在这个时代已经给它最好的,他们正在觉醒。这包括一些强大的女性,她们不惧怕呼唤黑暗。有大量的更高维度的存在把他们的意识和能量带到聚会上。没有人能够阻止人类和地球在行星上的解放。作用/反作用原理 Karma 将被放大和加速。所有的不平等都将在屋顶上被高呼。"过渡期间将会出现混乱。在精神上和身体上做好准备。建立你自己的个人上帝/创造者/伟大的精神联系,在所有的创造中看到无处不在的'创造者',并相应地行动。正如观音所知道的,愤怒的同情和严厉的爱是今天的秩序。这场表演是由造物主和公司,造物主的多维仆人,银河联邦(消歧义),星际国家,17,以及所有那些仍然相信自由的人们带给你们的爱和真理。有一个更伟大的计划,他们拥有一切,没有什么会被隐藏。问题是你在这个计划中处于什么位置,你将如何参与其中。你的否认和不作为与你未来的痛苦和自由程度成正比。做出明智的选择和行动。

If you want a free pass to all of this know the constitution.Stand tall in your own divinity.Many of the sheriffs are doing so refusing to enforce these draconian mandates honoring their oath to protect your constitutional rights.Get behind them and thank them.


Be well,Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas.Toast to the right to observe them and any other ceremony.


James Gilliland




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