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『柯博拉Cobra』2013年11月25日讯息『Aion门户开启报告』Opening of the Aion Portal ReportAion门户开启报告We have opened the Ai



Opening of the Aion Portal Report


We have opened the Aion portal!We have reached the critical mass! The videos alone had more than 200,000 views and countless thousands of people were activating the portal worldwide.

我们成功开启Aion门户了! 冥想人数达到了临界质量! 光是冥想短片就有超过二十万人点阅,而且全世界有成千上万的人参与了启动冥想。

It is not a coincidence that historic Iran nuclear agreement was reached within hours after opening of the Aion portal:



This demonstrates the power of our unified consciousness, which does have the potential of influencing the geopolitical situation. As we have been able to help preventing military invasion in Syria after the activation of the Peace portal on August 25th, now we have basically eliminated the possibility of any future war with Iran.


As a result of increased awareness, more and more people with money and influence are becoming aware that war does NOT bring profit, only misery. This realization will bring peace to this planet more quickly than all peace negotiations and talks in the past:



The energies of Aion and Iona are energies of eternal peace and global peace will soon become the geopolitical reality on this planet as a result of our unified decision.



Our group in Firenze has opened the way for the New Renaissance with this beautiful music, presented to our group directly by its composer:



We have activated the Firenze energy vortex and served as the main energy conduit on the surface of the planet for the energy flash which traveled from the M87 galaxy, through our Galactic Central Sun via our physical Sun and reached the planetary surface at the moment of the activation of the Aion portal.


My experience of the energy flash was profound and now I know from my own experience what the energy flash at the Event will feel like. You can read more about the Event and the new collective myth we are creating as the New Renaissance emerges, in my recent interview:




Our group in Firenze as a whole had a very powerful experience, as you can hear and read in this testimony:



It has been communicated from the Light forces that it would be very good for as many people as possible to ground and integrate the energies that came with the portal by continuing to connect with Aion, Iona, M87 galaxy and the energy of the Event flash itself. This subtle video can help you achieving that:

光明势力有件事情要我向大家转达: 请大家继续连结Aion、Iona、M87室女A星系和事件闪焰的神圣能量,把门户带来的能量锚定下来并且与地球整合。下方精美的短片会是很好的辅助

It might be interesting for you to know that the Event flash will originate from a certain currently classified cosmic source, travel first through M87 galaxy and then through the Galactic Central Sun of our galaxy into our solar system, where it will trigger the Event on the surface of our planet.


The next step after the Aion portal activation will be an important activation on December 21st this year. We will be having our main vortex activation in Glastonbury, England. More details will be available in about a week.

Aion门户启动之後的下一步是今年12月21日的启动仪式。仪式的主场地就在英国的格拉斯顿伯里(阿瓦隆圣境的遗址,传说中亚瑟王的安息地) 我大约会在一个礼拜内公开更多相关细节。

In the next few weeks I will release a lot of interesting intel which had to wait until the Aion portal activation was safely completed.


Victory of the Light is near!




翻译:Patrick Shih

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